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Chicken, peas and mushrooms in sour cream

My intention was to cook the chicken a la stroganoff. The result far exceeded my expectations. This dish is now among my family's favorites. So, what did I do with the chicken? I chopped it into serving size pieces, … [Read more...]

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Turkey tails stir fry

When we were in the supermarket last Sunday, there was this tray of turkey tails... being a fan of chicken tails (or chicken ass as they are popularly called in the Philippines), I couldn't resist. My husband said they were … [Read more...]

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Sweet and sour chicken fillets

Will you believe me if I said that the breast of a 900-gram chicken can feed three people? My 12-year-old and 11-year-old daughters and I had this for lunch today. It is still basically the classic Chinese sweet and sour … [Read more...]


Butter – fried chicken with basil

Sometimes, getting disappointed with restaurant food makes me a little more imaginative than usual. Like that time when PinoyBlog had its Christmas party at Cabalen restaurant and the food was just awful. The following day, I … [Read more...]


Cliff sandwiches

When I posted my ham and cheese stuffed french toast, reader Jacky commented that it was actually a Monte Cristo sandwich that is sometimes served with powedered sugar. Reader and Pinoy blogger Richard, on the other hand, … [Read more...]


Spicy chicken breast fillets

It's been hot lately that cooking has become quite an effort. Until the weather becomes a little more comfortable, I'd really prefer to stay away from dishes that require a lot of preparation. The shorter the time I spend … [Read more...]

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Lemonade – salabat chicken

If the name of the recipe sounds strange, that's because this is a rather strange, and wickedly flavorful, dish. My 11-year-old wanted chicken with sweet and sour sauce for lunch but we did not have the vegetables to go with … [Read more...]


Chicken, tomatoes and cabbage soup

I don't want to brag but this soup is something you really ought to experience. Not just taste it but experience it totally. Savor the aroma, enjoy the texture and the subtle flavors. This new recipe did not exactly come … [Read more...]


No waste chicken and rice meal

A whole chicken was the one and only item left in our freezer this morning--a clear reminder that we had to go either to the wet market or the supermarket later in the day. I was actually dreaming of lechon kawali but it … [Read more...]

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Roast chicken asado

A whole chicken is marinated for at least twenty-four hours to prepare it for roasting. Meat is braised in a salty-sweet sauce to make asado. I combined the two to create a new way of cooking roast whole chicken. I call it … [Read more...]