Chicken Recipes

Baked chicken, roast chicken, grilled chicken, fried chicken, chicken stews, chicken stir fries -- they're all in this section.


Ultra crispy soy-honey chicken fingers

Tropical summer is so hot and humid that cooking is such an effort. I must have written than a dozen times before, if not more. But here's something I've never said before: ... »


One-pot chicken and rice meal

We're back to brown rice. Sam had been asking for months why we were eating white rice at home when we had already agreed long ago that brown rice would be our staple. The ... »


Adobo, the ultimate Filipino comfort food

I brought my family to an out-of-town gig where we were served pork and chicken adobo with lemongrass for lunch. The meat had been fried before braising and the texture was ... »


Chicken rice: a taste of Singapore

No, the chicken is not boiled. Neither is it steamed. The chicken is poached. Low, low heat. And never for too long. Hainanese chicken is never overcooked. This isn't one of ... »


Chinese steamed chicken and mushrooms

After so many attempts, I have finally found the right way to cook steamed chicken and mushrooms. It's not how much seasonings you add, it seems, but marinating the chicken ... »