Oatmeal and lime custard bars

Something like lemon squares but with a lot more texture in the crust because of the inclusion of rolled outs. The crunchy texture is repeated on top in the modified streusel … [Read more...]


Choco peanut butter bars

Two layers of butter cookie crust and, in between, a blanket of dark chocolate and peanut butter morsels swimming in a river of sweetened condensed milk. They are already … [Read more...]


Vanilla melting moments

The first eggless cookies I've made -- unless I count the no-bake bake chocolate–almonds–cream cheese cookie squares. Melting moments cookies require baking. I searched for … [Read more...]


Dulce de leche cookie bars

How do I describe these sweet nuggets? Two layers of butter cookies -- firm and compact underneath, and crumbly on top -- and, in between, a generous layer of homemade dulce … [Read more...]