Pork and herbed dumplings stew

Say dumplings in Asia and it means steamed or fried dough with meat or sweet filling. In other parts of the world, dumplings look different, taste different and may be prepared differently too. But all share something in common -- the dough.Dumplings are cooked balls of … [Read more...]


Sausage and apple sandwiches

There is a program on Asian Food Channel called Return to River Cottage hosted by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. An old show, actually, that originally started airing in 2000 but which we're only getting to see now here in Asia. I don't see it very often but Speedy adores … [Read more...]


Scotch eggs: dinner for two plus midnight snack

Defined as shelled hard-boiled eggs covered in sausage meat, dredged in bread crumbs and deep fried, Scotch eggs are usually served cold but Speedy and I prefer them hot -- with a gravy of melted cheese. Okay, make that cheat-gravy -- I just microwaved half a cup of … [Read more...]


Beer-battered fish and chips

Speedy cooked this delicious dish of fish and chips. The batter used for coating the fish was made with flour, salt, pepper, stout beer and yeast. No eggs, no bread crumbs. Amazing just how light and crisp the coating was. Not bread-like at all. And not thick that it absorbs … [Read more...]


Eton mess (strawberries, whipped cream and meringue)

One of the simplest and most luscious desserts ever invented. How does one make an Eton mess? By making a strawberry syrup and folding it with the whipped cream and crushed meringue to get a marbled look. Some cooks prefer to simply puree the strawberries with sugar in a … [Read more...]


A la Irish boxty (potato cake)

If you like Swiss Rösti (a.k.a. fried grated potatoes), you will like a similar Irish potato pancake dish -- the boxty. While Swiss Rösti is made with grated potatoes, the Irish boxty is made with a combination of mashed and grated potatoes.Most boxty recipes include … [Read more...]


A la Welsh cawl (boiled lamb and vegetables soup)

My culinary acquaintance with lamb has largely been limited to grilled lamb chops and lamb stews. I have never boiled lamb and served the meat in a clear soup. Then, I came across a description of the Welsh cawl, my interest was aroused but not enough to make a determined … [Read more...]


Irish-style beef stew

Traditional Irish stew is made with lamb or mutton. This is a beef stew so I'm calling it an Irish-style stew so as not to mislead that it is traditional Irish stew.There are claims that the benchmark of a real Irish stew is the unbrowned meat -- meaning, the meat is … [Read more...]