Sausage and apple sandwiches

Sausage and apple sandwiches

There is a program on Asian Food Channel called Return to River Cottage hosted by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. An old show, actually, that originally started airing in 2000 but which we’re only getting to see now here in Asia. I don’t see it very often but Speedy adores British cooking (he’s a fan of Andy Bates’ Street Feasts) and River Cottage offers a plus — cooking with “real food” from the host’s home grown farm.

The trouble with foreign food shows that focus on local produce is that, for us on the other side of the world, chances are we won’t have access to produce grown and harvested, for instance, in England. It can get frustrating watching and drooling over dishes that look so good you just want to lick your TV screen, and knowing there’s very little chance of being able to reproduce them at home.

Sometimes, though, we get introduced to dishes that use ingredients that are generic enough, or have counterparts in Asia, to be cooked at home. Like these sausage and apple sandwiches which, according to Fearnley-Whittingstall, is a popular street food in the UK. Speedy prepared his version for lunch the other day with Spanish chorizo, China-grown Granny Smith apples and grocery-bought hotdog buns. They were great! »

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