The Breakfast Club


Bacon, asparagus and cottage cheese breakfast muffins

In my ideal world, breakfast consists of freshly baked bread or freshly baked savory muffins, or both. There is herbed butter that, when smeared on the still-warm bread, transforms into a glistening creamy liquid that the bread soaks up with cheerful readiness. Beside the … [Read more...]


I had dessert for breakfast today

It's been a long time since I had breakfast at the traditional breakfast hour. Although I've been getting up before noon these past couple of weeks, my taste buds remain on strike until after I've had my second cup of coffee, checked my email and mapped out the day's photo … [Read more...]


Churros cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting

To my mind, churros and the holidays are siblings. Twins, even. I associate freshly fried churros dipped in hot chocolate with nippy December mornings. I don't know why exactly. It can't be some long-buried childhood memory because we never had churros when I was a child. … [Read more...]


Breakfast muffins with broccoli, mozzarella and chilies

After almost nine months, I've started baking again. Both ovens were out of commission during all that time and I wasn't exactly in a hurry to get them fixed because switching one on turned the entire ground floor of the house into a huge oven, and... Well, Amihan (the cool … [Read more...]


Oatmeal porridge with Goya chocolate hazelnut spread

Been meaning to write something about Goya chocolate hazelnut spread for months but every time we bought a jar, the gooey spread would be gone before I could even think about angles, lights and backlights.A little something about Goya. It is a local company founded in … [Read more...]


The accidental granola breakfast

Occasionally, I make granola bars for vegetarian Sam. We've tried different versions, we've cut them into different shapes and we've experimented with different combinations. Most times, I pack the granola bars so Sam could take them to the condo. They're a quick and … [Read more...]


Cream cheese and mango jam breakfast sandwich

It is a sandwich. The fillings are cream cheese frosting and mango jam. But I took a photo of it like this so that anyone looking at it can see what the fillings are exactly. Had I spread the cream cheese frosting and mango jam on a slice of bread and topped it with another … [Read more...]