The Breakfast Club

Cream cheese and mango jam breakfast sandwich

Cream cheese and mango jam breakfast sandwich

It is a sandwich. The fillings are cream cheese frosting and mango jam. But I took a photo of it like this so that anyone looking at it can see what the fillings are exactly. Had I spread the cream cheese frosting and mango jam on a slice of bread and topped it with another slice of bread, it would be a little difficult to appreciate just how gorgeous this breakfast sandwich is. Any kind of bread will do and, if you’re a believer in the saying that butter makes everything better, you can optionally smother the bread slices with butter before assembling the sandwich. »

Longsilog (Filipino sausage, egg and rice breakfast), repackaged


Not too long ago, I posted a recipe with sausages as an ingredient and it confused a Filipino reader who thought I made a mistake because, according to her, sausages came out of a can and what I used in the recipe looked something like longganisa. I told her, of course, that highly seasoned meat in tube form, with or … »

Choco(late) coco(nut) and (pea)nut pancakes


When people want variety in their pancakes, the most popular solution is to stir in fresh fruits in the batter. You know, apple pancakes today, banana pancakes tomorrow, blueberry pancakes after that... Or, the syrup that is traditionally drizzled over the pancakes is infused with different flavors.Pancakes are a good … »

Creamed bacon and spinach toast


So many ways to serve toast, so many ways to cook bacon, so many ways to enjoy veggies... Sometimes, we just need to think outside the cooking parameters that we grew up with.This creamed bacon and spinach toast is what would be called an open faced sandwich in some cultures. Knowing the etymology of the word … »

An eggs and sausages breakfast tip


One of my favorite breakfasts -- eggs and sausages. Well-browned spicy sausages and fried eggs, sunny side up, to be more accurate. Spicy sausages? Yes, garlicky and hot, if available. Not canned Vienna sausages nor hotdogs, definitely, but real sausages. The Italian and Spanish kind are really the best. Among local … »

Chili chicken. Late breakfast.


I'm not really a breakfast person but working all night last night was terrifically stressful and, by the time the sun rose, I could literally hear my stomach grumbling. We were out of bread, I'd bake but it takes several hours for bread dough to rise and, by the time the bread is ready for the oven, I might have passed out … »

Oats and chocolate chips confetti muffins for a holiday brunch or for gift-giving


Sometimes, we get so caught up preparing for that special holiday dinner that we forget we need to eat breakfast and lunch too. These festive-looking muffins with their burst of colors are perfect for that quick breakfast or brunch. They look so good that they amplify the holiday mood even more. And they are healthy, … »

Vegetarian all-day breakfast sandwich


Vegetarian girl, Sam, is home and a vegetarian breakfast is in order. Taking a cue from something she always says -- that a good vegetarian dish has multiple textures and flavors -- this sandwich that I prepared for her consists of four layers of filling, each with a distinct flavor and texture: a bed of lettuce (fresh and … »

Birthday pancakes with lime glaze


Since the first time I came across a recipe for birthday pancakes, I’ve been dying to make my version. But the next birthday in the family won’t be until January when Alex turns 20 and I don’t think I can wait that long. So, I made birthday pancakes today even if it’s no one’s birthday. I’ll just pretend it’s mine.There … »

Herb-garlic butter breakfast toast


The breakfast I can whip up the fastest is toast. Buttered, of course. I love the smell of toasted bread and I do adore butter. But, sometimes, well... I want something more but without a lot of extra work. The best solution for me is to flavor the butter. Adding grated garlic, salt and pepper does the trick well but adding … »