Homemade scented oils for the diffuser

And so, it finally happened. The scented oil that came with the diffuser that I received as a Christmas gift from a friend has evaporated. It’s time to make my own scented oils. Why not just buy? Because most of the commercially-available scented oils are too diluted with alcohol and that makes them evaporate faster. I want scented oils that will last longer.

I’ve read and read, checked out different processes, paid attention to so many tips, and I’m ready… Continue reading »

The best part of herb gardening is harvesting


I cooked spring rolls yesterday that called for a substantial amount of herbs. Mint and basil. And I thought it was as good a time as any take photos to show how much our mint has grown over the past two months.Above, one of the two pots of … »

Use vinegar to clean surfaces minus the stink


We’re leaning more and more toward organic solutions at home. Two reasons. They’re safer and they’re cheaper. We’ve experimented a lot from vodka bathroom cleaner to a few other things that often involved vinegar. It’s … »

I thrive so well in the cool weather. Amihan is my good friend.


Amihan is the cool northeast wind that blows during the cooler months or what is popularly referred to in the Philippines as the Christmas season. The months when Amihan is blowing from around November until the start of summer are, for me, the best … »

Re-using glass jars: how to easily remove the sticky labels


This is a story that begins with mojito and ends with dulce de leche with a murder video in between. Yes, there is a direct and incontrovertible connection between them. The mojito story, I’ve shared with friends on Facebook before. But because it … »

The cat in the mango tree


By nature, cats are prolific climbers. They can jump nimbly from great heights too. Speedy assured Alex that the cat was probably just hunting for birds and she could come down without issue. I didn’t think there was any problem either... (more) … »

A heliconia flower and two Cordyline fruticosa rubra leaves


I made this flower arrangement last week but couldn’t post the photos immediately because I had to find out first the name of the plant where I got those red leaves from. The flower is easy. It’s from the Heliconia psittacorum plant, one of the … »

Citrus peels keep cats away from the herbs in the garden


I read somewhere that cats don’t like citrus. And I started noticing how the cats never seem to go near the lime and kalamansi trees especially when overripe fruits have fallen to the ground. Interesting…So, after limes and kalamansi have been … »

Scented oils and oil diffusers


The oil diffuser set has three components — the bottle of scented oil, the container for the oil and bamboo sticks to diffuse the oil. How does it work? You pour the scented oil into the container then you drop the bamboo sticks into the oil. The … »

Triple burst: sunflower and Chinese bamboo


When I decided on this flower arrangement thing, the whole idea was to use materials that I won’t have to buy. You know, make use of what we have in the garden, and flowers and foliage growing wild in the neighborhood. For starters, at least. If this … »