Life as a food blog

My friend Joel is right when he says that Filipinos like to be spoon fed. I only have to look at many of the comments in this blog, and many of the PMs and e-mails that I receive, to realize how well he sums it all up.WARNING: This is a pretty long post. If you're a … [Read more...]


The caffeine-estrogen connection

If you follow health and medical research news, you might be interested in findings that drinking coffee regularly can lower the risk of depression among Asian women. It has to do with the effect of caffeine on the level of estrogen. Among Asian women, those who consumed 200 … [Read more...]


Fried breaded okra

Okra has a bad reputation in our house. So bad a reputation that I’m the only one that eats it. Speedy’s and the girls’ complaint? Okra is slimy. Okra makes them think of snot and that’s not edible. But okra is so good and I’ve been trying to … [Read more...]


CASA Veneracion on Streamified

Two weeks ago, I told you about my partnership with Ziplist and how, through its wonderful service, you foodies and home cooks can now create recipe boxes and shopping lists that you can access anywhere via your phone or tablet -- yes, even when you're already inside the … [Read more...]


Access-anywhere recipe box and shopping lists

Imagine you just came across a recipe on this blog that you really, really like and feel is right up your alley. The next time you're in the grocery, you remember the recipe you promised yourself you'd make but since you don't recall all the ingredients needed to make it, … [Read more...]