Toasted garlic bits for garnish

Sprinkling toasted garlic bits over cooked dishes is something very common in Asian cooking. Toasted garlic is sprinkled over rice, soup, fish dishes and meat dishes. Toasted garlic bits for garnish

So, I figured that instead of repeating the procedure in every recipe that calls for tasted garlic bits, why don’t I just post a stand-alone entry devoted exclusively to how to prepare toasted garlic bits for garnish. Toasted garlic bits for garnish

Separate the garlic cloves or segments. Toasted garlic bits for garnish

Crush the garlic with the side of a knife, hold by the skin and shake to separate the skin from the flesh. Discard the skins. Toasted garlic bits for garnish

Chop the garlic. How large or small the chopped pieces should be depends on your preference. Toasted garlic bits for garnish

Heat enough cooking oil to coat the bottom of a frying pan.

Add the chopped garlic and cook over medium-low heat, stirring often. If the heat is too high, the garlic will burn fast. So, remember, medium-low heat. And don”?t forget to stir often. Toasted garlic bits for garnish

Cook the garlic bits until golden. Toasted garlic bits for garnish

Line a plate with paper towels. Scoop the garlic and allow to drain on the paper towels to remove as much of the oil as possible.


  1. peterb says

    ahh…simple pleasures…i used to have this ready all the time….to add to rice, adobo, fried fish…or on its own…sarap!

  2. says

    My husband is crazy about this. I had a friend once who was so obsessed with garlic chips, he used a Gillette blade (still unused of course)to slice em up nice and thin.I just chop em like this. Yummy!

  3. ruth says

    Learned this from my Mom who believes toasted garlic is a must for most Filipino dishes she makes. However, i am doing it the lazy way- i buy peeled garlic , use the food processor on pulse setting for the crumbly effect but not mushy then deep fry this in enough oil just until golden brown. Later on, i use the garlic infused oil to cook my peanut adobo. One holiday party at our house the take home treats were a small jar of toasted garlic and a jar of peanut adobo for each family-very unique. Just placed them in Christmas bags.

  4. lhiz reyes says

    ms.connie…is it okay to store toasted garlic in a jar..for future use…thanks…