Making dessert on Mother’s Day? Try tiramisu, party style |

Making dessert on Mother’s Day? Try tiramisu, party style

Happy day to all the moms. Weird writing that considering that, in my opinion, every day should be Mother’s Day. But if you’re into occasions and you like the once-a-year thing, here’s a dessert recipe from the archive that’s guaranteed to win a lot of love. It’s easy to buy a cake to tell your mom she’s special but nothing can beat something that you created with your own hands. Originally posted on November 15, 2008, I am republishing this to inspire.

Serving a cake during a party means placing the cake tray on the table, cutting it and placing individual servings on dessert plates. What if the cake can be apportioned several hours before without sacrificing on looks and presentation? What if all that the hostess has to do is take the individual servings out of the fridge and hand them out to the guests? Wouldn’t that be more convenient? Wouldn’t that be so much less stressful?

I love tiramisu. And I wish that I can serve it on New Year’s Eve when my husband’s family, and mine, come over for an all-day, all-night party. But with the number of people coming, I think my straight hair will turn frizzy if I have to attend to the cake cutting and individual servings right there and then. What about my right to party, eh? So what I’m going to do is serve the tiramisu in wine glasses. They can be prepared well ahead of time and when it’s time for dessert, it’s just a matter of bringing out the glasses and passing them around.

Serves 4.


1 block of cream cheese1, 225 grams, softened to room temperature
1 c. of cream, chilled
2 eggs, separated
4 tbsps. of sugar
12 lady fingers, broken into small pieces
1/4 c. of espresso or strong coffee
shaved or grated chocolate tiramisu-in-wineglass2

In a bowl, beat the egg yolks.

In another bowl, beat the cream cheese. Stir in the egg yolks until blended.

Spread the pieces of lady fingers in a plate large enough to hold them in a single layer. Sprinkle the espresso over them.

In a mixing bowl, beat the egg white until soft peaks form. Add the sugar, little by little, and continue beating until stiff.

In another bowl, beat the chilled cream until soft peaks form. Fold in the egg whites.

(Oh, I know, a lot of bowls means so much washing afterward. But think of the comfort that lies ahead when you have to work less during the party and you can have a chance to enjoy the company too instead of being the kitchen slave.)

Fold the cream-egg white mixture into the cream cheese mixture, taking care not to overmix and break the air bubbles in the beaten egg whites and cream. These bubbles, invisible to the naked eye, are responsible for making the tiramisu as light as a cloud.

Place two heaping tablespoonfuls of the mixture into wine glasses2. Cover with the coffee-soaked lady fingers. Top with two more tablespoonfuls of the cream mixture then sprinkle with grated or shaved chocolate. You can keep this in the fridge for up to six hours. For best results, place the wine glasses in a covered container so that the cream mixture does not absorb any of the smells of the other food in the fridge.


1It should really be mascarpone cheese but it’s just so hard to find.

2You can use any clear glass, really, but stemmed glasses add so much more panache to the presentation. I usually don’t bother with presentation but, for a party, why not?:)


  1. Maruh Bordage says

    Yes! yes! yes! its TIRAMISU
    Its my Favorite! nice presentation Ms. Connie
    Very nice! i used marcarpone when i do tiramisu its easy to find here in paris. i even tried ricotta it was really good too. Actually i had my first recipe of tiramisu from my aunt now i have yours. thanks!!

  2. Pearl says

    Hi Connie! You are correct, mascarpone cheese is hard to find. Maybe it is expensive, too. I thought of using cream cheese also but haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for this recipe! I love your presentation…sassy tiramisu!

  3. says

    wow, Ms. Connie, ang galing.

    Now if only we have househelp during the holidays, I’d love to do this for guests. Pero since pareho sila magbabakasyon, I guess it will just be store-bought cake again for us. And no guests please.

  4. says

    Mruh, lucky you, you have all kinds of cheeses there. :)

    Pearl, Santi’s Deli sells mascarpone; also, Shopwise in Libis. But they’re so far from Antipolo. :razz:

  5. maria says

    I LOVE THIS!!!! Looks very elegant! It’s gonna be on my menu for sure! So the eggs would not be actually heat cooked, like the carbonara you featured. Haay naku, the things I learn. Akala ko eggs have to be cooked always!

  6. Blessil Siele says

    This is my first time here… and I love it!!

    Miss Connie, if I couldn’t find Lady Finger, what can i try to use?

    Greetings from Heidelberg, Germany…

  7. anthonette says

    thank you ms. connie for sharing your recipe and ohhh congrats on your book…actually nasa wishlist ko na sya for this Christmas…meron po ba nyan sa bookstore? will buy one before i leave the country for i know your book will come handy in times of eating emergency…lol God Bless to you and to your family.

  8. says

    Online ordering only, Anthonette. And better order it when you’re outside the Philippines. Cheaper shipping rates in the US and Canada.

  9. hershey says

    Hi Connie,
    Am just wondering, can all purpose cream be whipped even if it is not chilled? i tried making your tiramisu and the cream couldnt go to a point to get a soft peak! my tiramisu ended wet haha looking forward with your reply *also, do I get the risk of getting salmonella in this recipe since the egg yolks and egg whites were not heated at least?*


  10. says

    This is a genius take on tiramisu. Not only it looks presentable but also very convenient to serve. I will definitely try to make these beauties.

  11. Cecil says

    hi Connie. i havent tried tiramisu yet so i really dont have an idea how this taste like. i’m also not into coffee so i’m wondering if i could use coffee-in-can instead? – this one isn’t strong like espresso.. or can i mix a local powdered coffee with water instead? should i use the 3in1’s? please advise.. thanks :)

  12. Connie says

    You’re talking about sweetened coffee. It will make the cake too sweet and not give enough coffee flavor.

  13. Cecil says

    How about i’ll just melt an instant coffee with water instead? Say 1:1 ratio? Will that work the same?

  14. myra says

    i have a question regarding the egg whites and yolks mixed and not cooked. i am worried of salmonella. is it safe to eat them raw?

  15. Chas says

    Combining equal parts cream cheese and ricotta will make an approximate substitution for mascarpone.