The vegetable patch

It’s kind of serendipitous to write about our tiny vegetable patch in the garden now that Tangled is showing in local movie houses. Tangled is, of course, a spin on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel, a story about a pregnant woman who was pining for the rapunzel (a vegetable) in the neighbor’s garden. In case you’ve forgotten the story, the neighbor was a witch who caught the husband stealing her rapunzels. She forgave him on the condition that the unborn child would be given to her after birth. Well, I’m no witch (although in the Harry Potter sense, I dearly wish I were) and if I caught someone stealing vegetables from my garden, I wouldn’t demand for any unborn child. Instead, the thief will go straight to jail.

Vegetables from my garden? Yes, although we’ve had herbs for a long time — even back in the old house — and we have some fruit trees that are thriving, we are now growing vegetables too. Talinum.

Talinum is native to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America and it goes by many names including Philippine spinach.

Speedy isn’t familiar with it but I’ve eaten talinum as a child because it was among the vegetables that grew profusely in my grandmother’s garden. So, I know that the small and tender leaves can be made into salads while the more mature ones are better when cooked. We bought the seedlings at Manila Seedling Bank a couple of months ago, they were replanted and I had forgotten about them until, well… they just grew and multiplied. And I’ve been harvesting the leaves for two days.

But the very latest addition to our garden are these lagundi seedlings. After I read that the leaves can be brewed and the brew can be drank with very beneficial effects to the health, Speedy bought a couple of seedlings which, right now, are still too small to be replanted. I expect that in a few months, we’ll have to uproot more ornamental plants to give way to the edible ones. I do love beautiful plants, especially those with flowers, but I’ll take those with edible leaves anytime.

So, I just wanted to share all that with you.

Oh, and there’s one other thing too. Net 25 TV crew

There was a TV crew in the house two weekends ago. Speedy and Pepper are going to be on TV. I’ve been told that the episode would be aired early tomorrow night on a local channel. I can’t tell you which show and channel though. If you’re a long time reader, you’d know about my bad experiences with TV networks. Some years ago, I announced that Pepper would be on national television and then the episode was never aired. Of course, I wrote about the bad experience.

Although this last shoot was for a totally different show on a totally different network, I’d still rather not give details until the episode has actually been aired. I just don’t want to risk putting myself in another potentially embarrassing situation. I took the same attitude when Journo’s crew came over to the house last November. I said nothing about it. But you can watch the episode at Probe TV’s website. In three parts here, here and here. To be fair, Journo didn’t cause me any headaches. It was a joy working with the Journo people. A real joy.

And the episode that was shot here two weekends ago? If it airs tomorrow, it airs tomorrow. I’ve been told there would be a replay later tomorrow night and another replay on Sunday anyway. If the first airing goes through, I’ll update this entry with the details so you can catch one of the replays.

UPDATE at 9.20 p.m.

Okay, it was aired. The show is MOMents on Net 25. There’s a replay at 10 p.m. tonight and another one tomorrow.


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    Wonderful post! I wish it weren’t so cold and snowy in NY and we too would be able to enjoy a lovely garden! Can’t wait for the spring time!

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    About three years ago, the Probe production crew also visited my house for an interview. It was for their segment on the growing number of broadband customers who are frustrated with the crappy connections and crappier customer services from local telcos.

    The episode was never aired, much to my embarrassment and disappointment. Hopefully, Speedy would not suffer the same fate as we did.

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    Thanks for the links Connies, I enjoyed watching Journo’s episode on Mai Mislang. I am very impressed with their editing and the graphics, it’s up to par with what I see here in the US ha, I am sure mas limited pa yung budget nila compared sa dito. Bow ako!

    You look and sound younger on tv =) I’m curious whatever happened to that Mai case?

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    Hay, exactly our impression — wonderful, wonderful editing. Galing.

    I heard that Mai was transferred to another post. Still in the Office of the President, I believe, but not as speech writer anymore.