The temperamental mango tree indulges us with bunches of fruit kalabaw mango (super mango) tree

Someone spent a long time craning his neck to take photos of the mango tree in the garden. Speedy said it was hard. I bet it was especially since the lens he used is the heaviest we have in the house.

He took photos anyway, perhaps, to immortalize the moment because the mango tree in the garden has been a temperamental one since the day we moved in and it isn’t often that it bears fruits despite persistent pausok to get rid of pests that feed on the fruits. The irony is that the times it did bear fruit, they were too high to pick by hand and they just fell off the tree before they were fully ripe.

Anyway, about the mango tree… kalabaw mango (super mango) tree

I always thought we had an Indian mango tree. Speedy says not. It’s kalabaw mango, he says. You know the large ones that are sold globally under the label “Super Mangoes.” kalabaw mango (super mango) tree

Well, whatever mango variety it is, whether or not we’ll get to eat mangoes from our very own tree this year is something we’ll have to wait and see about. For now, we can only look up, gaze lovingly at the fruits and hope that we get them before the birds and the insects do.


  1. anna says

    we have lots of mango trees at the provincial home of my mom. when they bear fruit they can be pretty high. they have a “pansungkit”. it’s a long, thin but sturdy wood, with a wire and a net at the end. think of the nets used when you try to catch fish in aquariums and make it longer. there is also a piece of something sharp attached to the round wire to “cut” the mango fruit from the the branch then it falls in the attached net so as not to fall on the ground and get bruised.