The Sunday burrito story

Sunday. At the house on a hill, that means it’s the man of the house’s turn to cook. Sunday is daddy's turn to cook.

And my turn to play paparazzi. Making burritos on a Sunday

I turned on the lights (Speedy’s such a cheapo he actually cooks without turning on any lights. Duh!) and started taking photos. Folding tortillas to wrap the burrito filling

I was happy with the details I was getting, the lighting was good, then Sam came sashaying down the stairs with her camera in her hand and stopped about five steps before reaching the bottom. The second paparazzi started getting to work and declared, “Beh, I have a better view from up here.” I re-assessed my position, climbed up one step short of where Sam was and started shooting from the stairs.

The girl was right. I started angling for the best frame and, as a total coincidence and truly quite unintentional on my part, started inching Sam away from her vantage position. And she started complaining. She was there first, wasn’t she? Bah, this is how I make my living, right? So, shoo! Meanwhile, and I don’t know if it’s in typical Brad Pitt fashion, Speedy started complaining about too many paparazzis. Burritos for lunch at the house on a hill

The angle was so good that the camera caught Alex stealing fried potatoes while Speedy was assembling the burritos. Speedy making burritos for lunch

The angle was so good, the drops of perspiration on the kitchen counter (notice the white arrows that point to them) was visible. Whether that’s because it is a warm day, or because Speedy perspires more in the kitchen than in the garage while polishing every nut and bolt in his car, I don’t know. I suppose that for some people, cooking is emotionally traumatic and a mental torture. Perspiring to make burritos

But Sam’s really right. The view from the stairs is much, much better. :mrgreen: Don’t know how many photos she managed to take.

The burrito recipe has been posted in Pinoy Cook.


  1. marielle says

    gross comment alert…

    harhar… is it just a half or a table spoon of perspiration on the ingredients list?….

    sabi nila pag papabili daw ng makakain sa suking bakery– pag masilip mo ang panadero na topless…. masarap ang pandesal