The refrigerator that’s right for you

I grew up with a huge frost-free Kelvinator. When Speedy and I bought our first fridge back in the 1990s, we ditched the “frost-free” feature to save on power consumption. It was a 12 cubic foot two-door Kelvinator. That was the fridge we brought when we moved to the suburb in 2001.

In 2004, when we added a kitchen wing to the house, we sold the fridge and bought a smaller one thinking we didn’t need such a large fridge anyway. We got a 7 cubic foot GE fridge and we’re still using it today.

Unfortunately, we made a mistake in thinking that a smaller fridge would be more economical. As it turned out, we cram the fridge silly, overworking the motor. The water dispenser feature on the door that we thought was so cool turned out to be a disappointment. The tube that dispenses the water from the container to the outlet got clogged too often. Filling the two gallon container twice a day became a headache as well.

So, we’re selling the GE fridge and we’re buying a new one. I was looking at the large side-by-side door models, found a Whirlpool model just like this but without the water dispenser. Speedy and I loved its sleek finish and the spacious interiors. The girls thought it was pretty cool. But the price tag of P72,000.00 was a little steep. Still, I was willing to go with it since I would be able to get it on a 12-month installment zero-interest scheme.

But the power consumption is not something that can be solved with a 12-month installment zero-interest scheme. Speedy didn’t look too excited when he found out that it was a 400-watt unit. But, you know, we figured we ought to get the best we can afford and that was that.

Then, yesterday, we found this.

Kelvinator’s designer series. Nine cubic feet, 135 watts, spacious interiors and… well, the woodgrain laminate did it for me. I loved it! So, that’s what we’re getting. The price? P18,999.00. A far cry from the price of the Whirlpool side-by-side door fridge, eh?

What lesson did we learn? Okay, if you’re thinking of buying a new fridge, consider the following:

1. The size of the fridge. The capacity should be just right for the size of your family and shopping routines. If you’re the kind who shops for food everyday or every other day, you won’t need such a large fridge. If you shop only once a week or so, you’ll probably need a model with a large freezer.

2. The dimensions of the fridge. Wide or tall? That depends on the kitchen space available.

3. Check the wattage. New models are constructed to save energy but the energy saving feature varies from brand to brand and from model to model.

4. Metal or plastic? Metal exteriors may seem more durable but they rust. The newer plastic and laminated exteriors may save you a lot of headaches later on.

5. Check the shelves including those on the door. Are they adjustable or not?

Of course, there may be more considerations depending on your specific needs. For us, those are the things that matter.