The most sinful chocolate cake The most sinful chocolate cake

Among all the chocolate recipes I have tried — and I have tried a lot — this is the one I like best. It isn’t a chiffon cake but it isn’t a batter-type cake either. It is more like a custard that just melts in your mouth. The best thing is the contrast in texture — while the inside is soft and moist, the top and sides are crisp and flaky. How in the world is that possible? I don’t know. Must be the very little flour in the cake — only one tablespoonful, believe it or not.

Last weekend, my daughters had some friends over for dinner and I made this chocolate cake for dessert. Well. The cake got devoured and I wasn’t even able to take photos. And I have been wanting to update a 2006 entry with one that is closer to the original recipe. So, a few days later, I was baking another chocolate cake. And I did take photos.

So, this is an updated version of a recipe originally published on December 7, 2006 based on a recipe from Chocolate & Zucchini.


200 g. of dark chocolate
200 g. of butter
1 c. of sugar
4 eggs
1 heaping tbsp. of flour

Have all the ingredients at room temperature.

Preheat the oven to 350F.

In a double boiler, melt together the chocolate (broken into smaller pieces) and butter together. Cool for a few minutes. Cooling is faster if you transfer the mixture to another bowl.

Add the sugar to the chocolate-butter mixture, whisking as you pour.

Add the eggs, one at a time, mixing after each addition.

Take the heaping tablespoonful of flour…

… dump in a sifter and sift directly over the chocolate mixture. Stir until smooth.

Pour into an eight-inch round pan (line with non-stick paper if you’re not using a non-stick pan).

Bake in a preheated 350F oven for 30 minutes (no peeking!). Turn off the oven but the leave the cake there for another 10 minutes (this prevents the cake from sinking at the center).

Place the cake on a wire rack and cool completely before inverting on a plate. The most sinful chocolate cake

Slice and serve. Definitely no frosting required. But pairing it with coffee is a great idea.

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218 Responses

  1. mai says:

    just 1 tablespoon of flour???

  2. Connie says:

    yes, mai, just 1. :) amazing, huh?

  3. joey says:

    I make this cake too! It is super easy and super good :) And it’s always a hit…especially with my brother who loves it :)

  4. Connie says:

    Hi Joey, the cult of chocoholics grow… :twisted:

  5. jane says:

    hi connie,

    would like to try this one.

    where do i buy the blocks of unsweetened chocolate?


  6. Connie says:

    Jane, you can try Chocolate Lover (P. Tuazon in Cubao) and Cooks Exchange (SM Megamall). There is also a stall in SM Hypermart (beside Tiendesitas) that sells all kinds of chocolate for cooking and baking.

  7. jane says:

    thanks so much connie! it’ll be my first time to bake if ever. hopefully successful naman :)

    i love your site, btw.

  8. Connie says:

    you’re welcome, jane. i love it that you love my site. :razz:

  9. ogz says:


  10. Connie says:

    LOL @ ogz :lol:

  11. mayann says:

    :smile:i remember betty crocker brownies coz they look the same,pero siguro mas masayan yan. i will try this one for sure, pero chocolate crinkles muna. thanks connie you’ve been so inspiring sa mga tulad kong walang alam gawin sa kusina kundi kumain:lol: and by the way, we sooo love your yema balls!

  12. Janemdr says:

    Thanks a mil for this recipe.
    My first time to bake a cake. My friends are coming for a sleepover so I thought, the more the merrier for tasting my first bake. They just love it. Daughter and hubby love it. I baked 2 cakes, so I brought the other cake in the office and the BRITS(my officemates) loved it too. They are even asking for a copy of the recipe :)

  13. issay says:

    what if unsweetened cocoa powder is used instead? how much is the measurement? really sound sinfully delicious!!! hayyyy…

  14. Connie says:

    issay, cocoa powder alone does not have the fat and sugar content necessary for bake this cake. there is a conversion ratio though. cocoa powder plus butter as substitute for unsweetened baking chocolate. you can try searching Google for the exact amounts.

  15. rush says:

    hi, connie! im just wondering, sa mga comments ng followers mo, parang ang tagal-tagal mo na. im sorry to admit, but honestly, it’s the first time i heard your name, sabi ko nga sayo, im just looking for a pata tim recipe when i found your site. im just so blessed, ang dali kasi ng mga recipe mo eh, unlike sa ibang site na mahirap hanapin yung ingredients. sabagay, karamihan ng sites na tinitingnan ko, mga american foods, italian and chinese. yan kasi ang hilig kong lutuin, pero ngayon mas inspired na ako to try all filipino foods bec. of you. where can i find yung iba mo pang recipes they’re mentioning? feeling ko, and dami kong na-miss sa site mo eh. tnx again! God bless you and your family!

  16. Connie says:

    Hi rush. This is my second food blog. You might want to see the old subdomain where the food blog began.

  17. Liz says:

    wow!this is the chocolate cake ive been looking for!Easy to follow instruction. I’ll let you know if I am successful in my first ever baking task.. lol

  18. karla says:

    just finished baking this recipe… first time ko siya ginawa and so far sucess naman siya kso bukas pa namin siya kakainin kasi sabi nila mas masarap daw ang chocolate cakes hindi sa araw na bin ake mo ito kundi next day pa. ang ginamit ko pala na chocolates ay ricoa ung blue ung packaging wala kasi ako makita nung binangit mo na brand. with ricoa kelangan ko gumamit ng 3 cups of sugar kasi mapait talaga siya. pero success naman ang cake ko plan ko to top it with fresh straberries bukas or whipped cream pero kung di makatiis ang mga kapatid ko baka as is ko na lang siya is serve… thanks for the recipes… ang haba na nito hahaha :)

  19. lea says:

    Hello Ms connie!

    cant find a unsweetend chocolate here, I only found cooking chocolate with flavor na yata yun….is that ok? do I have to put sugar on it or just use as is in melting then follow the recipe? and also may I ask what is the equivalent of oz. in grams? thanks so much?

  20. Connie says:

    lea, if you click the link to the original recipe on the first sentence, eating chocolate was used. i’m not too good with conversions but there are free services online.

  21. kat says:

    im baking mine ryt now.. it looks like its not baking at all.. do i turn the heat up or is it suppose to be like that? pls. help. tnx…

  22. Connie says:

    It won’t rise too much. And don’t worry if the center appears soft after baking. After chilling, it will be just right.

  23. beth says:

    hi,connie!! i was also surprised to know that there’s only 1 tablespoon of flour in that choc cake recipe.But i’m willing to take the challenge.wish me luck!!!

    btw,do you have a recipe for making turrones de kasuy and barquillos? Thanks a lot in advance!!!!

  24. gena says:

    pls.connie im begging u… pls.kindly give to me ur recipe..kindly email to me as soon as possible..thank you so much

  25. Connie says:

    beth, you’ll do fine. it’s one of the simplest baking projects i’ve ever tried. :)

    gena, LOL, it’s there. Just click the link to page 2.

  26. beng says:

    hmmm… this would be a good gift idea this christmas….

  27. Valerie says:

    hi connie. i’m really fascinated reading your blogs. i hope i can be a better cook with your help. :)
    by the way, can this be done using a convection oven as well? (sadly, i don’t have an oven). tnx

  28. Connie says:

    Valerie, I use an Ariston convection oven. Since November 2004. :)

  29. KC says:

    I’m sorry, I’ve never been baking…ever. I think I’ll be using an oven roaster on this one since my family never bakes and they never will. I want to be the first one to bake here at home. I I’m going to throw a couple of questions and I hope you won’t get pissed at me because of this.

    by “you have to line it with baking paper,” you mean? You have to put the baking paper all over the baking pan then it’s where you pour in the batter?

    and does “large heatproof bowl over a pot of simmering water” mean that we can’t melt the butter and chocolate straight over the fire?

    thank you very much in advance for answering probably the dumbest questions ever. thanks. :D

  30. Connie says:

    KC, yes, line the bottom and sides of the pan with baking (wax) paper.

    No, you never melt butter directly over the fire. It’ll scorch.

  31. KC says:

    Now I will try doing this tomorrow! Thank you so much! Wish me luck! :D

  32. Bhyng says:

    hi Connie! i baked this cake last Christmas, di ko man lang natikman, naubos agad!
    Anyway, thanks a lot!

  33. eiram says:

    can you suggest a good quality dark chocolate? is hershey’s dark chocolate ok or is there anything else in the groceries better than this? thanks.

  34. Connie says:

    How did it turn out, KC?

    Bhyng, bake another and get your share first next time! LOL

    eiram, Ghirardelli is by far the best for baking.

  35. eiram says:

    yikes, Ghirardelli sounds expensive….how much kaya to? i read somewhere that this is what Vicky Belo uses whenever she bakes…(in a Yummy mag ko ata nabasa to). anyhoo, if ever hindi ako makabili nito, can i use hershey’s dark chocolate instead? yung dark eating chocolate nila…
    thanks, more power.

  36. Connie says:

    Dunno the price these days. I used Ghirardelli only once (grabe ang sarap) but never again kasi nga pamatay yung presyo. Nakakatakot pumalpak. Hershey’s is okay. I even use a local brand these days (photo in the chocolate crinkles recipe).

  37. eiram says:

    hey i tried this and it’s good. i used yung special dark chocolate ng hershey’s. ganun ba talaga yun? parang hilaw sa gitna. the center was wobbly talaga after baking pero when it cooled down (tinapatan ko din ng fan—atat kc), mejo hindi na masyado. nilagay ko sa ref for about an hour, i tried it again and still delish naman pero parang molten cake noh?

  38. Connie says:

    it’s really fudgy rather than bready.

  39. happy joy says:

    Sana magka oven na ko!!! Gustong gusto ko tong maluto, pati yung baked mac… Please Food Goddess, magka budget na sana ko for an oven!

  40. kerole says:

    I baked this for my niece’s birthday on Saturday, and it was really good! I really like it a lot! It’s more like a fudge but with softer texture. I’m baking it again this weekend, I had lots of Ghirardelli baking dark chocolate bars sitting in my pantry, so I have to use them before they expire. Connie, thank you so much and I do love your site-

  41. joejoe says:

    wow! the ingredients are so simple… definitely i’ll try to make this! i hope mine will turn out well… do you have caramel cake recipe? tnx!

  42. Matt says:

    miss conie, i tried your recipe and did evrything (xcpt i used 1/5 proportions to evrything n i didnt hv baking paper:P), mine burnedT_T it rose like really high and the crust burned.When i cheked d inside, it ws all soft n gooey. cn u xplen y?O_o tnx a lot!

  43. Connie says:

    Matt, lots of possibilities. Oven too hot (not all ovens heat up uniformly), wrong size of baking pan, insufficient reheating of the oven… If I had been there, I’d be in a better position of assess. As it is, I can only guess.

  44. Omar says:

    Hi Connie,
    Would you have the recipe for the “custard-like filling” that is found in Cookie Monster chocolate cakes? What is that thing called? If you do have the recipe, please post it. Thanks.


  45. angel says:

    hello Miss. Connie,
    I’m an avid fan! I’ve tried cooking some of your recipes and it turn out a success! I’ve never baked before so when i see this recipe i think it’s about time for me to try. I just wanna know what do you mean by rounded tbsp. of flour? and can i use powdered chocolate instead of blocks of chocolate? And last thing is i don’t know how to turn my oven into 200 degrees.Is this in between the high and low?By the way i am using La Germania oven.Please help.Thanks a lot and more power!

  46. Connie says:

    Angel, when measuring with a spoon, the standard means “level”. So “rounded” means heaping. :)

  47. Mark says:

    Hello ms. connie, i’ll just likt to ask the type of chocolate you use is it same with the one in making chocolate candies that sold in chocolate lover, yon parang malaking chocolate bar.

  48. Connie says:

    Mark, yes. Actually, most plain eating chocolates can be used for baking. I also use morsels sometimes, depending on what I have in the pantry.

  49. jeimz says:

    hi…blocks of chocolates?do you mean 1 oz when melted na po yung chocolate,tama po ba?gaano po kalaki yung blocks?..thanks po…

  50. dang says:

    hi ms connie!

    so happy going through ur site…
    this will really help me a lot w/ my cooking adventures…LOL
    i really have to try this one!

  51. Kathy says:

    Hi Ms Connie,

    Just tried this recipe. Definitely sinful:) Its the best chocolate fudgie I have ever tasted

  52. michelle says:

    hello Miss. Connie,

    why do i have to wait till the cake return to room temperature before serving? Thanks again!


  53. Elona Gay says:

    Hi,Miss Coney
    Been a time I haven’t check your site.When I open today wow.. the most sinful chocolate cake caught my eye.And I tried to use Hersheys Dark Chocolate(Mildly sweet)using six square on it.I add 21/2 cup of sugar seems so sweet.My problem is there are few crack on my cake.What I gonna to check this.I would love to bake this again…
    Also I can’t open the original recipe the one with Dark Chocolate.
    Thank you…

    • Connie says:

      The cracks are normal.

      The chocolate you used is already sweet so you should have used less than 2-1/2 c. of sugar. 1-1/2 probably.

  54. joy says:

    Hi Miss Connie,

    I tried cooking this yesterday then placed it in the fridge for a day. The outside looks good but when i cut it today the texture seems heavy, ganun ba talaga yun? Or did i overcook it coz the center didn’t appear soft after cooking as described here.

    • Connie says:

      Did you see how little flour is included in the recipe? Naturally the cake is dense. I already said that in the entry. It says right there in the second paragraph:

      Now, this isn”?t the “airy” kind of chocolate cake you can buy from commercial bake shops. This is a rather heavy cake. However, because of the proportion of the ingredients, the resulting texture is like a fudge except that it isn”?t runny. The cake is firm but when you put a piece in your mouth, the crust just kinda crumbles while the inside melts on your tongue…

  55. michelle says:

    Miss. Connie,

    Did you used salted butter on this recipe or unsalted? Thanks a Lot!

  56. zara says:

    hello ms. connie. m planning to bake this for valentines. just wanr to ask regarding the eggs. did you use whole eggs or just the yolks? tnx so much! hope it will be successful since it wud be my first time… ;)

  57. ron says:

    Can I use Dutche Premium Chocolate for this recipe? It’s the brand you recommended for the crinkles. Thanks!

  58. ron says:

    Hi, it’s me again :) I’m baking this right now and I used the Dutche premium chocolate. I used 2 1/2 cups of sugar. Do you think it’d be so sweet? I just realized it now that I have already put it in the oven..

  59. Niq says:

    just want to ask – can this be baked in microwave? tnx…

  60. Lhet says:

    hi con, i will try this later for the merienda… i really love your site.. my day is not complete without looking at your site. tnx

  61. Miling says:

    Hi Connie
    Baked this for my husband’s birthday last month. Sinimot ng anak kong dalaga. Nasira diet nya (ako rin pala!)Will definitely bake another one soon as my daughter never stops asking me to make one again. Many thanks! Amateur baker na rin ako :)

  62. karen carder says:

    can’t wait to try it!!

  63. lhiz reyes says:

    this is similar to Flourless Chocolate cake….

  64. Hi Miss Connie!

    Can I cook this cake in a turbo broiler?

  65. Joy says:

    That looks so rich and wonderful.

  66. Mark says:

    Hello can i ask where did you buy the chocolate that you use the one in the photo above. coz di masyado ok ang taste ng chocolate from chocolover or any local store….

    • Connie says:


      If you want good quality but inexpensive chocolate, try the house brand at Bakers’ Depot (brands all over Metro Manila). I usually buy there but eh nearest branch is an hour away.

  67. Apple says:

    Hi! I love all your recipes… I will try this one for sure. :)

  68. Sydneylyn says:

    once i get an oven, this will be on top of my list.. simple and looks good :D thanks for sharing with us.. :)

  69. Maricel says:

    Have never baked in a silicone pan. Does it require an adjustment in temp vis-a-vis baking in an aluminum pan? Is there a significant difference in the texture of the finished product? Silicone is pricey and I would like to hear your inputs on this before I splurge on silicone pans. I would however love the idea that it is non-stick without having to worry about the toxic stuff on regular nonstick pans. Thanks

    • Connie says:

      The darker the pan, the faster the baking. So, dark gray non-stick pans usually require a shorter baking time or a lower temperature. Not much, just a bit. But while silicone pans are colored, they are never black or dark gray. In my experience, the baking time and temp are normal, no need for adjustments.

  70. A says:

    Ms. Connie, may Baker’s Depot na sa basement ng ROBINSON’S EAST, yung katabi ng Sta. Lucia Mall. It’s near you, I think…

    • Connie says:

      That’s where I go. :) But it’s still an hour’s drive. 45 minutes if there’s no traffic.

  71. Catzy says:

    Hi Miss Connie :)

    I just have to tell you that Hubby and I love all your recipes! :) we are newly weds, and boy, those recipes are easy to follow and yet, yields absolutely fantastic dishes :) Keep it up!

  72. Dyna says:

    hi, we make something like this too but no flour at all. and we separate egg yolk and egg whites then beat egg whites till soft peak before adding the chocolate mixture. i wonder if it will have same result. will give it a try =)

  73. boogie says:

    oh my goodness! that looks soooo rich! …i wonder what it would taste like with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!!! mmm!

  74. aissa says:

    OMG Ms. Connie! I tried this 3 years ago and it was sooo good! I liked the “thickness” of the cake and yes, it’s really the most sinful cake ever. I like eating this while warm rather than cold. I dont know why…

    • Connie says:

      ‘Cause you can’t wait for it to get cold? When I served a whole cake to my daughters’ friends, it was still warm. hehehe

  75. ansel says:

    hi, ms. connie!

    i just saw your website by googling recipe for choco crinkles. and i saw this recipe the choco cake. i definitely want to try this. i’m just new here in canada and i just moved in a our new house. i just baked blueberry cheesecake (it’s my first time to bake cheese cake and 1st time using the oven in baking.) so i want to bake again and i want to try this choco cake.
    your website is so cool and it rocks!
    mas madali makarelate kung filipino yun ngcreate ng recipes.

    hook up na ko sa website mo…:)

    • Connie says:

      New country, new house, new life, new adventure! How exciting! :)

      • ansel says:

        Ms. connie, very exciting talaga! i’m not into cooking also, but i have to cook kasi magugutom family hahaha! back in pinas, me tagaluto kami, me nanny, dito ako lahat, tapos kelangan mgwork syempre, with 3 kids pa pala…hay! well, that’s life in foreign land in exchange of better future daw, hehehe!
        your website will really help me in cooking. ang hirap kaya mg-isip kung ano lulutuin at kung kakainin nila!syempre with a taste of pinoy.
        di naman masyadong mahirap humanap ng pinoy ingredients dito marami sa chinese store.
        and like ko talaga, kasi dami tips and yun questions answered talaga…by YOU. very nice of you…
        well, thanks and God bless!
        can i email you?or i just missed it? don’t see any email add here, para kung me type ko sabihin ayaw ko broadcast. hehhe kung ok lang?

  76. Maruhya says:

    i just bake a heart shaped chocolate cake last night mmm.. sinful talaga :)

  77. Liz says:

    Love your site! The cake looks so good, I want to try making it but I have difficulty with grams. what is 200 grams to oz or cups?

  78. Renee says:

    I love chocolate cake and this looks delicious! Have you ever tried the Chocolate pudding cake in America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. Divine. It’s so rich and delicious you can actually eat a small amount to be satisfied. Pair it with some fresh raspberries and you’ll swear you’re eating at a five star restaurant!

  79. emyM says:

    OMG..Connie,I baked this last night right after reading it.I used a bar of
    bitter chocolate and a bar of white
    chocolate(Nestle Tollhouse)because that’s all I have in the pantry
    and it turned out so good.
    I took it out of the oven at 1040pm,
    went upstairs and fell asleep.
    My family and house guests enjoyed eating it while watching a movie.
    Hindi ko tuloy nakunan ng photo.

    • Connie says:

      hehehe Try it with a little whipped cream. Sam topped it with melted marshmallows. :razz:

  80. maricar says:

    hi connie!

    if you’re using a convection oven ( mine is the imarflex 4 in 1 convection oven)what setting do i use in terms of heating direction? up, down or both?

    also, is it ok to use cake flour instead?

    thanks! excited to do this :)

  81. Lourdes says:

    I’d love to try this. Definitely for chocoholics <3 I'm thinking about spreading Nutella on top while the cake is warm or maybe just before serving:-) Have you tried baking this in a 9" round cake pan? Do you think I need to reduce the baking time? Thanks!

    • Connie says:

      No, I haven’t. Using a different pan (size or shape) almost always calls for adjustments in baking time.

  82. ansel says:

    hi,ms. connie!

    baked this cake last wednesday for my son’s 5th bday. the moment it was inside the oven and started filling the house with the good chocolatey smell, my 3 kids went nuts! they wanted the cake already. sabi nila, mom gusto na namin nyan, sarap!
    when it was cooked already, gusto na nilang kainin kahit mainit pa…

    my hubby liked it and it’s really yummy, sinful nga…hehehe

    mgbake nga ulit ako e…

  83. mel says:

    hi ms. connie! i really wanted to bake this cake!! i am so much into your recipes and i dont care if i spend all day looking into your dishes! i would just like to ask if bittersweet chocolate (of the local brand you are using) is also compatible with this recipe? thanks a lot!!

  84. miA says:

    thanks a lot!! :)

  85. Chingbee Digamon says:

    hi Connie im your fan and a fan of chocolate cakes as well. do you have a recipe for a chocolate moist cake…how do you do the frosting? and any simple ways to make icing? im just a beginner and would like to learn to bake. i enjoy your site and in fact has cooked some of your recipe and they are all yummy and fav! thank you and more power! God bless!

    • Connie says:

      For the cake, yes. Haven’t blogged it though. Frosting, no. I’m not a fan of icings and frostings.

  86. Issa says:

    Hi Connie! I am so inspired – I want to make this cake now na! But I still have to get the chocolate – I was wondering what you used – could not read it (sorry, malabo mata). But from the comments, you think Hersheys would be okay ha? I will try it.

    I met you during Anton Diaz’ Maven Secrets seminar last year (at the AIM). I am also a lawyer from UP and you have so inspired me to blog, so I did. I also applied to BlogHer and they accepted me (I got that tip from you – thanks!).

    More power and thank you for making our lives a little special and sweeter each day!

  87. lesley angeles says:

    i hate it! why does it have to taste so good!? my cholesterol level is a bit high pa naman :))amoy pa lang inviting na. thanks for sharing. masarap tlga ang bawal ;)

  88. Jing A. says:

    Hi ms connie! I’m a fan. I started reading your blog last year. Have tried several of your recipes and they were all yummy! Hubby specially love your tapa :). Bwat subo sasabihin nya, “hmmm, sarap!”. Hehe
    Been reading this particular recipe for weeks! Kabisado ko na nga ata yung bupng article :). Gusto ko kasi itry kaso naduduwag ako… para kasing intimidating magbake kahit gano kasimple. I just bought the ingredients this morning and hopefully I’d be able to muster the courage to do this. Thanks for inspiring me to cook. God bless you and your family more and more :)

  89. Natz SM says:

    Ms. Connie,

    Based on most of the comments here, this recipe seems to be really very rich and fudgy.(YUMMY!!!)

    Would you think it would be ok to use this in a triffle- further layering it with chocolate pudding, whipped cream and chocolate syrup or should I use a “less rich” chocolate cake?

    Baka OVERKILL na kasi if i use this recipe?

  90. keikei says:

    can i ask po Ma’am connie kung ano pang alternative brand for chocolates na pwedeng bilhin? at ano po yung pinakamasarap na gamitin. how much po. thx

    • Connie says:

      I like Ghirardelli and Hershey’s. And there’s a French brand but I forget the name, Belle something. But if you want to cut down the expense, use the Baker’s Depot house brand.

  91. bk_baker says:

    hi. it’s my first time to leave a comment but i have printed out a lot of your recipes and most of the recipes na na-try ko pasado sa taste buds ng “takaws” ko. anyway, i have a question, i am really not a fan of dark chocolate (as well as my “takaws”), so will it be too sweet if i use semi-sweet chocolate instead?

  92. bk_baker says:

    hi again ms. connie. i tried this recipe and my “takaws” liked it. i decided not to use semi-sweet chocolate bka nga maging sobrang sweet. and i thought i’d try the original recipe muna before experimenting. and it was good! madali lang gawin. iba naman try ko. hanap ako ulit dito. thanks!

  93. Elli says:

    hey!i’l try this recipe..hope i’l be successful..I really love quality chocolate cakes!!!thank’s

  94. bimba says:

    i’ve tried this and yummy talaga. madali lutuin mabilis din maubos hahaha.
    thanks for sharing d recipe…..

  95. Barbie says:

    Thanks for this recipe! :)

    I made this for Christmas, and although the top didn’t look smooth, ang sarap sarap! Naubos ko ata in one seating hahaha.

  96. laarni agustin says:

    ms connie pano po kung hanggang 280 degrees lang ang maximum ng oven?

  97. Bev says:

    Hi Connie!
    I’ve been referring to your website since I started to be interested in culinary and baking.
    And you’re site has been very useful in my cooking!
    I’m a fan, really. :)

    Thank you for inspiring foodies like myself.
    God Bless!

  98. Bev says:

    I’ve tried baking a chocolate cake 2 years ago, and it was a failure. It was dry, and doesn’t even look like a cake to me at all.

    So this time around, I’ll try baking a chocolate cake patterned to your entry. Hopefully it’ll be better this time :)

    If I may ask, can I use the cream cheese frosting from your entry onto this cake?

    Do you think it’ll work well with it?


  99. Bev says:


    I apologize Connie.

  100. Issa says:

    Connie, where did you buy your red baking pan? Is it silicone? I tried to look for something like it in Rustan’s but they only had the measuring cups. Please advise. Thanks!

  101. Issa says:

    Great! Thanks, Connie. More power!

  102. Vicvic says:

    Ms. Connie,
    Thanks for sharing your yummy and great recipes, this is the 2nd recipe of yours that i tried…and it rocks..

  103. Sam says:

    Hi Mrs. Connie. I just want to ask kung same din ba dapat ang temp if using an electric oven? Also, if I use the normal dark chocolates – eating ones – should I still add one cup sugar or should it be less? It’s my first time to bake :)

    • Connie says:

      Same temp, of course. :)

      What do you mean by “normal” dark chocolate? Those are “eating” chocolates in the photo which I used for this cake.

      • Sam says:

        Hi, thanks for the reply. When I said “normal” dark chocolates, what I meant are those chocolates that you can get in sweet section is supermarkets tagged as dark chocolate. I dunno whether you will only find these in baking section. Newbie in baking, that’s why. Apologies ;)

        • Connie says:

          You have to get chocolates that contain at least 70% cacao. Lots of chocolate bars in supermarkets have too much extenders and they just won’t work. :)

          • Sam says:

            Mrs. Connie, I baked it last night and was a success! Thanks for your wonderful creation,hubby loved it. I used Lindt Dark Chocolate with 85% cacao.

          • Connie says:

            Great! Now that should encourage you to try and make more and more often. :)

  104. Sam says:

    Thank you so much for the help. I will try to bake it tonight and see hope it goes well. Crossed fingers…

  105. chocoholic says:

    OMG! this is heavenly! I can’t get over it! I made this earlier and everyone who got to taste it, including me, thought that it was super yummy! I’ve been looking for something like this since last year. I went to a party and tasted a brownie that melted in my mouth; this is definitely it! I found a treasure in your recipes! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  106. raquelnzo says:

    hi ms. connie. i tried this last night. very sinful indeed…. kaya lang i put the whole butter kaya parang mamantika dating nya… hehehehe…. but the taste was great! siguro next time, lessen ko na lang yung butter.
    thanks for sharing this recipe!

  107. ai says:

    i baked this today for my hubby’s birhtday. indeed it was very chocolaty, soft and moist. loved it though my husband didn’t like it so much (anyway he’s not a chocolate lover). also made him lasagna, i used your recipe for the toppings and yours turned out creamier, no leftovers. and also made lechon kawali sa hurno. thanks for the instructions, i made the lechon so crispy. so happy and thankful that i found your site, couldn’t wait to try another recipe of yours which i know will be another blockbuster for my family..
    regards to your family..

  108. ailene says:

    i wonder what happened with my post yesterday evening, kc my connection wasn’t good. anyways, baked this for my hubby’s bday yesterday, though he did not like it so much (kc he is not a choco lover).. well never mind him as long as my son and tatay loved it so much, and i to enjoyed it. super chocolaty, yummmy! also cooked lasgna and liempo sa hurno. hubby loved this. couldn’t wait to cook again one of your recipes which i know will be another hit for my family.. thanks again, keep your recipes coming.. more power!

    • Connie says:

      I’m sure that after posting it, the message “Your comment is waiting moderation” or something like that appeared. I wasn’t home last night to moderate comments.

  109. ailene says:

    it’s okay ms. connie. i knew it! i brought the cake in the office and let my friends taste my first chocolate cake. and it’s a thumbs up… so happy.. it makes me want to bake more.. :)

  110. misha says:

    Hi Ms. Connie!

    I tried your chocolate recipe and my mom loved it. I’m just wondering why the texture of my chocolate cake is more cake like and not fudgy at all. Was it because I used a hand mixer instead of mixing the ingredients with a wire whisk? Also, the cake had a hole in the middle when I inverted it, was it because I opened the oven while the cake was being baked? Other than that, the cake is really yummy!

  111. Amanda says:

    Hi Connie!
    Could I use either the unsweetened chocolate or the dark chocolate of Dutche (the brand you used for the crinkles)? In either case, would the amount of sugar remain at 1 cup? Thank you!

    • Connie says:

      Change of brand is no problem. But unsweetened is not the same as dark chocolate. If you use a different kind of chocolate which, naturally, has a different sugar content, you’ll need to make adjustments.

  112. dewsi says:

    just got a bite of this sinful cake but i’ve tasted a little bit of heaven…heavenly yummy! bake it is for now!

    thanks again, ms connie!

  113. Judith Garcia says:

    Hi Connie!
    I baked this last May and it was such a hit. Thanks! I was wondering if I could use the native tablea balls instead of the dark chocolate. What then would be the proportions? Thanks again

    • Connie says:

      I wouldn’t know. Haven’t tried that. If you do, would appreciate letting us know how it turned out.

      • Judith Garcia says:

        Hi Connie! Experimented on using pure native chocolate tablea, 200 grams, melted it 1st by dropping the crushed tablea on pre-boiled 1/3 water over a double broiler, added 225g butter, 1 1/4 c sugar. Eggs and flour remained the same. Lo and behold.. it worked! it was moist and fudgy just like your original recipe except that it had more of the bittersweet tablea undertones. I must say it was a success and an instant hit. :)

  114. Jhazz says:

    Hi Ms. Connie! Is it ok if I put a choco fudge frosting to cover this cake? Thanks! I love your site!

  115. Jhazz says:

    Hi Ms. Connie. I’m back and I will share my 1st time experience of baking with your most sinful chocolate cake. Because of my boyfriend who always controls my budget, I end up with a hard choco fudge cake. LOL! I used 300g of Dutche Tablea but I only purchased a 225g butter. And I only used 1 cup of sugar. Its not that sweet, but its not to bitter. Just the right taste for a dark chocolate.

    Dapat talaga kasi I’ll add up more sugar kaya lng natakot ako kc nung nilagay ko ng yung sugar, ang hirap n nyang haluin, kasi nga kulang sa butter. Akala ko nga di na sya malu2to ng maayos. Pero ok naman ang kinalabasan, a little too hard nga lang.. haha. As in pwede ko sya ipambato sa kaaway ko. Then I covered it with a Betty Crocker Hersheys Milk Chocolate Frosting. And it turned out good naman with the taste. But I’m not a fan of that frosting, it was just like a sweet melted chocolate. If only the cake wasn’t that hard, I think it will really taste so good. =)

    • Connie says:

      The recipe calls for 200 g. of butter… if you had 225 g., how can it be “kulang sa butter”?

  116. Jhazz says:

    Nag add po kasi ako ng ingredients kaya po nagkulang sa butter. 300g po kasi dark choco ko, so dapat 300g din po yung butter ko. malaki po kasi yung pan na ginamit ko kaya nag add po ako ng ingredients. Sa butter lang talaga ako pumalpak. But infairness, naubos din siya sa ref! Haha! =)

  117. trish says:

    Hello Ms. Connie! :) I made this cake and it was oh so good!! I made another batch and shared it with my choir friends at church. I told them that this is the most sinful chocolate cake and after devouring it one of them even said “Forgive me Father for I have sinned :)” Sooo good! So easy to make, ingredients are easy to find and cheap.. :)

  118. Risa says:

    Hi Ms. Connie! I feel so blessed to chance upon your site. You’re such an inspiration to someone who loves to bake and cook like me. I just love your site! Truly, you’re amazing!!!

  119. raquel says:

    I’m always your fan Ms. Connie… God bless po…

  120. Claudine says:

    maam, you didnt use baking powder? thanks and super nice site. will try this recipe soon.

  121. Claudine says:

    thank you just making sure… :P wonderful site. have a wonderful holidays maam.

  122. Claudine says:

    tried your recipe today. it was awesome…i just added vanilla and salt… :P posted pics on my site.

  123. Lasty says:

    Yehey! Gagawin ko ito mamaya BUT using my Turbo Broiler. Update ko if successful! Thanks Mama Connie.. hehehe nakiki Mama ;)

  124. Lasty says:

    Yehey! Successful naman ang choco cake ko salamat po sa recipe. Kaso ang nagamit kong pan eh 10inch round pan.. hehehe kaya medyo manipis at malapad.

  125. Gay says:

    Good, no baking powder. Wala akong mahanap na baking powder dito sa kinaroroonan ko sa Thailand. Or baka in Thai kaya di ko mabasa ;)

  126. Chowqueen says:

    Do you think if I split the recipe in half and placed the mix to bake in ramekins I would reduce the baking time by half also? Tataba daw ng gusto hubby ko if he ate most of the cake on his own. I figured just making a batch just for us :)

  127. rochelle says:

    i’m thinking of doing this today since it’s my restday, kaso sira pa ang oven namin..all i have right now is an oven toaster..tsk tsk.. can i use that?or since pra nmn siyang custard, can i steam it instead pro covered with foil lng yung pan?… takam na aq dito.. :)

  128. rochelle says:

    hi ms connie!woke up this morning & thought of doing this before i go off to work this 2pm..i will try using our oven toaster (sira pa rin yung oven ng gas range nmin) and just hopes it will turn out fine…

  129. Linda Joyce says:

    What kind of chocolate is best to use in this recipe? What percentage cocoa?

  130. Kae says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Ms.Connie! This is my treat for Mother’s Day! Almost ate half of it! So sinful! Thanks for sharing! :)

  131. neetha nelwin says:

    i loved ur receipe. i have one doubt that can i use cocoa powder instead of chocolate bar? how many table spoons are required?

  132. neethanelwin says:

    your information was very helpful.thanks a lot.

  133. Roadrunner says:

    i tried this today and i used a Lindt dark chocolate. it turned out a bit bitter but still good. i think i should’ve added more sugar or less dark chocolate. i will try this again and use a different brand of dark choco. anyway, Lindt was given as a “pasalubong” by a relative and no one would attempt to eat it in the fridge for months even if my kids are chocoholics…that’s why i thought of baking your recipe. thanks for your wonderful recipes!

  134. Valerie says:

    Hi, Miss Connie! I’m a newbie baker, attempting my first cake; I hope you don’t mind me asking basic questions. What is the size of the eggs to be used for this recipe? Also, for a convection oven like an Imarflex 3-in-1, would you recommend sticking to the conventional oven temperature of 350F or lessening it? Thank you :)

    • The standard size for eggs is large unless otherwise stated.

      I don’t know what an Imarflex 3-in-1 is or how it operates so I can’t answer that question. :)

  135. softy says:

    I will try this recipe but I will use Baker’s unsweetened chocolate baking bars, I will just add more butter, maybe 50 grams more, and maybe additional 1/4 c sugar. I will let you know what happens. ;)

  136. Kaye says:

    Hi Ms.Connie!

    im becoming the stalker of your blog site.. hehhee.. i hope you dont mind me asking.. im using an electric oven and it doesnt say its temperature.. its knob setting is 50-250 where up and down burner is being used and a knob where you can use only the lower or upper burner..
    when im baking its usually a hit or miss.. what i do is i check my goodies if its already baked..but since you said that this choc cake is a “no-peeking” cake..will i use the upper and lower burner at the same time for baking this cake? or otherwise? thanks thanks..

  137. Richy says:

    Ms. Connie,

    Thank you for blessing me with this very good recipe, I have tried it and I could say my husband ‘forgot his name’! hihihi

    God bless you and your family more!

    – Richy

  138. Sandra says:

    Hi Ms Connie,

    Can i use this recipe for cupcakes? hmmm.. Iused to bake cupcakes and they sink in the center… that is why I am quite scared to try this for the recipe.. but very tempting …

    Hope to hear from you soon…


    • Only way to find out is to try. :D

      • Sandra says:

        Ms Connie,

        OH MY!!!! I tried baking cupcakes last night.. cannot wait for the weekend hihihi… the taste is REALLY SUPERB!!!! AS IN!!! but….. they sunk in the middle…could you please advice on what I could do to attain the dome shaped top?

        I totally followed your recipe but when the cupcakes cooled, they literally sunk… =(

        Thank you so much!!!


  139. Polay says:

    Hi Connie,
    Thank you for this recipe. I have prepared all the ingredients, and will bake this tomorrow morning. I hope it’ll turn out good. This is my first baking experience. :)

  140. cathy says:

    Hi ms. Conie,
    i’m a big fan , i love ur website love the recipes, your a heaven sent. I’ve done many of ur recipies and its always a hit. This sinful chocolate cake is my family’s new fav.. Thank u so much! God bless

  141. Christina says:

    I made this today to test out the chocolate baking blocks my sis in law manufactures. I did 1 with bittersweet & 1 with semisweet. The result was heavenly. I have 15 kilos of baking chocolate blocks to give away as samples. Ms.Connie would you be interested to try? Message me 09177392367 -Christina Gosteli

  142. Thea says:

    After i chilled it, the consistentency and taste is like that of goldilocks brownies. Tastes So good!

  143. Janee says:

    hi i tried this a couple of time and it’s always a hit, do you think adding a teaspoon or two of espresso powder will make the taste richer or will it ruin the recipe altogether? thanks!

  144. hi ms.connie.. i have a question how to make frosting for chocolate cake for my son bday on wenesday i hope you can help me.. i tried twice making frosting it always failed…

  145. Marlette says:

    Hi Ms Connie,

    I’ve tried this recipe twice already! And my husband loved it so much, that he decided to claim this as his cake, hahahaha.. We call it ‘Emino colac’.. Agreed that this is the most sinful chocolate that is so easy to make and does not require much ingredients! Last time we made this, we decided to put 2 tbsp of flour so that it is not that much sweet. And its just right, perfect for coffee or tea. Wow! Even our guests loved it!
    Could’t wait to make this again next month when my husband arrives from work abroad. I am so thankful I found you (your blog and recipes)!!!