The difference between a shot and a shooter

I was searching for a recipe for Blow Job intending to make one at home. I wanted to try my hand at making one of those flaming drinks and I thought I’d start with a Blow Job since I have a curious fascination with it. To be more precise, I often order it at a bar… or, to be even more precise, I ask Speedy to order it for me just to watch the facial expression of the female servers whenever Speedy says, “Blow job, please.” The difference between a shot and a shooter

It turns out that there is more than one kind of Blow Job. There’s the Blow Job Shot and there’s Blow Job Shooter. A shot is a drink made with alcoholic ingredients; a shooter has alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients. Whipped cream is the non-alcoholic ingredient of a Blow Job Shooter.

The Blow Job Shooter is more delicious than the Blow Job Shot and easier to make as it involves no layering.

Use a small glass (a shot glass or a demitasse). Pour in one part of amaretto and two parts of Bailey’s. Top with whipped cream. Drink straight up.


  1. Michael Balingit says

    Hi there. This is fun and educative… I’m a bartender and I just want to add some things. Layering shooters, you have done a great job providing us a chart, the key is to check the sugar or alcohol content of the liquer. The higher the proof (in percent) the lighter it is, the sweeter the heaviest… I have done lots of experiments myself and made layered drinks with just 2 hard liquors (local gins, light and strong) and lots of different juices (litro packs). The concept of the sweeter the heavier also implies to mocktails (non-alcoholic concoctions). Nice site you have here… I love the way you give recipes and pointers, cause I also love to cook… Thanks and keep it up…!