The best pancakes. Ever. From scratch.

The best pancakes. Ever. From scratch.

There was a comment posted once criticizing me for saying that the recipe was made “from scratch” when it contained ingredients like ketchup and mustard. I replied that, perhaps, the commenter wanted to object to the homemade tomato sauce in the recipe too because it was not made from tomatoes that I had personally planted, tended and harvested. I can’t remember anymore in which comment thread it was posted but I do remember what was written because comments like that are hard to forget.

I wanted to start with that recollection to explain what “from scratch” in the title means. I made these pancakes with flour, milk, eggs and butter but, no, I did not plant the wheat and mill the flour, I did not milk any cow, I did not gather eggs from hens in the backyard and I did not churn the butter. “From scratch” simply means there are no pre-mixed ingredients in the recipe. In short, no pancake mix.

I have something against pancake mixes, is that it? Not really. I’ve used them in the past. I love Krusteaz. But it’s not available here in the suburb. We used to buy Krusteaz pancake mix at S&R but it’s only available in large packs. Considering how there is just Speedy and myself in the house five days a week and we don’t eat pancakes everyday, the chance that the pancake mix will go beyond the expiration date before we are able to consume it is more than probable.

What about other brands? We tried some. If the pancakes are not too sweet, they are rubbery or, worse, both.

So, I prefer to make pancakes from scratch. I can control the saltiness, the sweetness, the fluffiness and the amount of butter, and the wonderful flavor that it imparts. And since all the ingredients are pantry staples that are replenished regularly, there’s no need to worry about expiration dates. This is my pancake recipe. And this is how to make pancakes.

Recipe: Basic pancake recipe


  • 1 c. of all-purpose flour (do not press into the measuring cup)
  • 1/4 tsp. of salt
  • 6 tsps. of sugar
  • 2 tsps. of baking powder
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 c. of milk (see notes after the recipe)
  • 4 tbsps. of melted butter


  1. Stir together the flour, salt, sugar and baking powder.
  2. In a mixing bowl, lightly beat the egg and milk.
  3. Add the flour mixture and stir just until blended.
  4. Pour in the melted butter and fold in.
  5. Pour the batter into a hot pan. Yes, the pan should be already hot before pouring in the batter so that the steam immediately pushes the batter upward.  If not, the pancake will be too flat, too dense and too pale.
  6. The best pancakes. Ever. From scratch.
  7. How do you tell if the pancake is ready to be flipped? You watch for the appearance of bubbles. Ideally the center should have a few bubbles while the edges are almost covered with them. If you wait until the entire surface is covered with bubbles, the underside will be too brown.
  8. The best pancakes. Ever. From scratch.
  9. If the temperature of the pan is right just, the pancake should be ready to be flipped in about 45 seconds to a minute. The opposite side needs less time to cook.
  10. pancakes4
  11. Serve the pancakes warm. Top it with whatever you fancy. I like butter and honey (am not a fan of commercial pancake syrup) and, occasionally, whipped cream. Jams are also great with pancakes.

Preparation time: 10 minute(s)

Cooking time: 10 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 6 to 8 pancakes

Quick Notes

What kind of milk you use will affect the flavor and texture of the pancakes. For instance, evaporated milk will make them more dense while non-fat milk will not give the pancakes the ideal richness. Full cream milk is the best choice.

If using a non-stick pan, there is no need to use oil or more butter during cooking. The pancake batter has enough oil (melted butter) for the pancakes to cook well. If, however, you are using a regular metal pan, you many need to brush the bottom with a little oil before pouring in the pancake batter.

  • Karen Pascua

    Pinned! :-) Will be doing this soon. Thanks for the milk tip! And oh, I like your skillet! :-)

    • Connie Veneracion

      Bought it on sale. 50% off! :D

      • Karen Pascua

        Wow! What brand? :-)

        • Connie Veneracion

          Le Creuset. :D

  • lojet

    I add a tbsp or two of lemon juice to mine for a buttermilk flavor. (and 2 tbsp of sugar for less scooping, lol, lazy)

  • evelyn

    If I am not going to use all the batter, is it okay to keep the leftover batter in the ref?

    • Connie Veneracion

      Yes, for a day or two. :)

  • Hazy

    What brand of flour was used here?

    • Connie Veneracion


  • Marlette

    Adding lemon zest is good too. Adds that fragrance to the pancake.

  • Hannah

    I agree. There is no need to buy pancake mix when it is just as easy to make them from scratch. BTW, do you ever eat them with real maple syrup? In my humble opinion, pancakes taste best with maple syrup. If its not available near you, I’d be happy to send some to you…

    • Connie Veneracion

      Thanks, Hannah. Appreciate that. But I really prefer honey or jam for my pancakes. :)

  • natzsm

    I was suppose to officially start my diet today. Seeing those delicious pancakes simply means a slight postponement.

  • Alex

    Yummmm… I’m convinced!

  • Yhonna

    I love pancakes, and my kids do too! I get them everywhere, from fast food joints to pancake mixes from the grocery store. Most are really too artificial-tasting while some are just OK. However, when I do have the time, I bring out all the ingredients and make pancakes from scratch also…. and no, i don’t milk cows either hehehe.
    Looking forward to more great recipes and to reading silly comments from your numerous “fans”!

    Happy New Year, Ms. Connie!

  • Alice

    Love the photo, especially of the ‘hanging’ syrup!

  • nina

    I also have a go-to basic pancake recipe. Since im using a regular pan, I melt the butter there and wipe off excess butter after pouring to the batter. I don’t need to add more fat or oil when cooking the pancakes.
    And for variety, I add shredded or grated apple, cinnamon and raisins to the batter to make cinnamon apple pancakes. Or grated carrots on other days. Makes for healthier breakfast :)

  • Tere

    Hi Ms. Connie! I’m an avid fan of your blog since i saw you in “Moments” (Ms.Gladys Reyes’ show). I’m a mother of six lovely kids and you really made me realize that “home cooking rocks”. You really inspire me everyday to cook and bake and most of all, experiment..hehehe..I just want to share something about this pancake thing. I just cooked 2 1/2 dozens for my kids last saturday as they got bored eating champorado and sopas on weekends. I have some apples left in the fridge after New year so I thought of making what I call “applesauce” as topping for my home made pancakes.I just peeled and chopped an apple into small cubes and boiled them in a cup of water until they become tender. I poured 1/2 cup of washed/light brown sugar and I used cornstarch to thicken the sauce. I also added a dash of cinnamon powder.
    And my kids loved it! They even asked me to cook another batch of pancakes and of course the “applesauce”.Yeheyyy!!! It’s really music in my ears when they ask for more of what I cook.Thank you for inspiring me Ms.Connie. By the way I visit your blog more than my facebook account now..hehehe..;-)
    Thank you so much and Happy new year!!! God bless!

    • Connie Veneracion

      2 and 1/2 dozens? Wow, that’s a lot of pancakes! :D Happy new year to you too and to those six lovely kids.

      • Tere

        Yes, 2 1/2. Not a typho error.Lol. They really love pancakes that day because its been a long time since I last cooked homemade pancakes for them and not with the same old pancake syrup.. Our househelp used to cook the store bought pancake mix for my kids and they have it for breakfast and snack when I was out of the country. Kaya nagsawa na sila. Now that I’m here they keep on requesting for my “real” i mean not store bought pancakes..:-D

        • Connie Veneracion

          30 pancakes divided by six kids = 5 pancakes per. Wow, I love their appetite. And your pancakes must be really good. :)

    • kaye

      Hi tere! Your applesauce sounds good! Gaano karami ung cornstarch na nilagay mo?? How long can i store the syrup in my fridge?? Thanks also for sharing your recipe..

  • crisma

    Yes, I also love the first photo! Great pouring of syrup na ang effect is like it is being pulled up! ;)

    • Connie Veneracion

      Oh you know how obsessed I am with liquid pour shots hahaha

      • crisma

        I think it is not only you who is obsessed with the liquid pour shots– even Sam is into it, right? haha!

        • Connie Veneracion

          She’s obsessed with splashes — opposite direction! hahaha

  • Daddy

    I also prefer honey over pancake syrup, which is too sweet for me. They are healthier, too.

  • anna

    eversince i learned how to make pancakes we never bought those boxed commercial pancakes ever again. I often use buttermilk but if nagtitipid =) water will do just fine. we spread butter and top it with grated cheddar cheese, parang ensaimada =)

  • u8mypinkcookies

    oh myyy. best with peanut butter! <3

  • Beatrize

    First time to try this for today’s breakfast. Hubby & I have 2 teenagers with awesome appetites so I doubled everything… and what do you know? They were asking for more! Btw, I made my pancakes 3 different sizes so I served them layered-style. I also used muscovado, making my version a bit bland (kids poured syrup, hubby poured honey). Last word on this morning’s pancakes: cook ‘em again next week! … Thanks, Ms. Connie!

    • Connie Veneracion

      I rest my case. :) You’re very welcome.

  • Shelley

    OMG-I have been searching HI and low for a pancake recipe and by george YOU’VE GOT IT! These pancakes where easy to make and taste divine. I can’t wait to make them again and add blueberries, bananas, etc.!!! Thank you!!!!

    • Connie Veneracion

      You are very welcome. :D

  • softy

    hahahaha! natawa ako dun sa “from scratch” na comment.

    Thanks for posting this recipe, Madam. I dont have to buy pancake mix ever again. :)

  • MartyG

    Oh my Ms. Connie! This looks really delicious! Makes me hungry for pancakes! I will definitely try your version!

  • John Dotson

    I have the ingredients out but have yet to make the pancakes. Years ago, I made some, ‘from scratch’ pancakes in a blender and I liked using that appliance. Is this a viable option or is some harm done to the finished product?

    • Connie Veneracion

      I think a blender would be overkill. A wire whisk should do the job. You really don’t want to overmix the batter. :)

  • Laura

    My new best pancake recipe!!! Thank you! They’re delicious! Made in Belgium