Lemongrass and pandan stuffed roast turkey plus how I cooked the leftovers

casaveneracion.com Turkey and mushrooms with gravy

Recipe: Turkey “steaks” with creamy mushroom gravy


  • 8 slices of turkey meat (used breast meat), about 1/4 inch thick
    1/3 c. of butter
    2 tbsps. of flour
    1 can of mushrooms (I used straw mushrooms), drained
    1 to 1-1/2 c. of turkey broth or mushroom water or a mixture of the two
    freshly ground pepper
    1/2 c. of cream


  1. Heat two tablespoonfuls of butter in a frying pan. Quickly pan-fry the turkey slices just until lightly browned. Arrange the browned turkey on a serving platter.

    Cook the mushrooms in the remaining butter just until heated through. Scatter the mushrooms on top of the turkey.

    Add the remaining butter to the pan. Dump the flour all at once, stirring to prevent lumps from forming. Cook, stirring occasionally, for about five minutes or until the mixture is golden brown.

    Pour in the broth (or mushroom water) in a thin stream, stirring as you pour. Cook the gravy until smooth and thickened (use more or less liquid for the consistency that you prefer). Season with salt and pepper. Turn off the heat. Pour in the cream. Stir the gravy once so that trails of cream remain distinct.

    Pour the gravy over the turkey and mushrooms. Serve at once.

Cooking time (duration): 15 minutes

Number of servings (yield): 4

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  1. misao says

    hi ms. connie! this is timely. just had thanksgiving dinner 2 nights ago.

    i’ve done quite a few things with our leftover as well. i did something like your “steak” with gravy. also made turkey sandwiches for my husband’s “baon” and i stir-fried some of the odd slices.

    i will try to make the soup (if my mother-in-law has not yet thrown the bones away).

    thanks for the idea!

  2. Ian says

    hi Ms. Connie,

    I would really like to try the “Turkey steaks with creamy mushroom gravy” =) they sure look tasty and yummy.

    By the way where did you get your turkey? I live in Bulacan so I’m guessing that the malls there don’t have a turkey sale or even turkey for that matter =)

  3. lainey says

    Hi tita Connie,

    This is awesome. Thanksgiving is coming up and you just gave me good ideas for the leftover meat. One can only have too many turkey and cranberry sandwiches! Two years ago, I used the “sinigang mix” as a rub for the turkey. I also injected it with lemon juice, and put lemons in the cavity before baking it. That’s the most popular fowl in our family (so far).

    I think your blog is wonderful, it’s a great way for me to keep in touch with my roots. My mom passed away last year and she didn’t write down her recipes. Though I was her Sous chef, I’ve had to keep guessing the proportions since she never measured anything. But I found your lengua recipe and it tasted just like my mom’s!

    Thank you so much and I bid you and your family good health!

    PS – can you give Carla my email addy? I miss her…we were friends in SPCP (my maiden name is gaza). But I’m in North Cali now and I can’t find her on FB. Thanks again!!!