Tea milkshake

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  1. noemi says:

    is twinings locally available now in the market? would you know other tisane brands in metro manila? thanks so much!

  2. Blackwidow says:

    I grew up drinking tea with milk. My parents only served tea and/or milk to us kids, no coffee. So I grew up thinking that tea is served with milk. My friends find this weird. Then I learned that that is how the British drink their tea- with milk. I felt snobbish.

    Then milk tea became a fad. My kids love the lai-cha, the tea with milk served in Thai restos, and the pulled tea of the Indians. One order is about P28 pesos. Expensive. So when we went to Singapore last year, I bought a pack of such tea. And that little pack have gone a long, long way. The tea is different from the tea in tea bags. This one is more earthy in taste, leafy and very black. What I do is, I brew two teaspoons of it, add evaporated milk and ice cubes. The color changes from black to orange when you add evap milk. My kids are so happy I found a way to make their favorite milk tea without spending a fortune.

  3. Anne says:

    I’ve found that milk goes best with black teas instead of green tea. I heard that the English Breakfast tea blend was specifically made for adding milk to tea. Earl Grey’s are also good with milk. Green tea on the other hand is great with a dash of lemon and some mint.

  4. Blackwidow, the ambisyosa in me thinks I can learn to make pulled tea hehehe

    That’s very formulaic, Anne. All tea, from white to black, are good with lots of things. Exclusivity is very limiting.

  5. Blackwidow says:

    I agree with Annie. There are just kinds of tea that go well with milk.

    Good luck Panyera in “pulling” the tea. I tried it and the result was disastrous: I ended up with a dirty floor and half of the milk tea gone. Better leave the “pulling” to the experts, which is also a show in itself, just like those Chinese noodle makers.