Tamtanco’s ube and Good Shepherd’s strawberry jam

I don’t remember buying ube jam in Baguio City when I was a child. Perhaps, it’s because we made ube halaya at home so often we never really considered it a treat. To be more accurate, my grandparents used to make ube halaya in oversized carajays over burning wood in the backyard. The ube (purple yam) would be bought fresh and was ground using the meat grinder from the old grocery my grandparents used to have. In short, we didn’t grow on commercial ube jam so we never associated Baguio with ube.

casaveneracion.com TamtancoÕs ube jam

It wasn’t until I was married that I was introduced to bottled ube jam. On a trip to Baguio when the girls were still toddlers, my husband said we had to reserve one morning for a trip to the market because Tamtanco’s ube jam was only sold there.

We were in Baguio last weekend but we never made it to the market. It was the third Panagbenga weekend and Baguio was packed (click here if you want to see the photos). A friend, Nico, a resident of Baguio, went to the market for us (thanks very, very much, Nico and Lisa) to buy Benguet coffee and Tamtanco’s ube jam. The ground coffee and jars of ube jam were packed and sent via Victory Liner the day after we drove back to Manila. Speedy picked up the package at the bus terminal in Cubao a day later. I do have a lot of Baguio food stories to tell and I submitted a long article for the Life & Travel section of Manila Standard Today. Whether it sees print or not, rest assured I will post the article, and the photos, in this blog later.

I don’t know who bought the strawberry jam from Good Shepherd. I just saw it in the fridge this morning. Perhaps, Speedy did on the afternoon I was soundly asleep after spending the entire night chatting with Lisa whom I hadn’t seen in four long months. Hehehe Like four months is forever). What can I say? We had a lot of catching up to do. I’ve known Lisa since the U.P. College of Law days. She is Alex’s ninang and we have more interests in common these days—she has become a blogger too. Gee, I’m digressing big time. Goes to show that I probably left half my brain in Baguio. We were actually talking of the possibility of moving there.

casaveneracion.com strawberry jam from Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd’s strawberry jam comes in different varieties. I prefer the one with whole chewy strawberries. So much better with ice cream. We’ve been customers of Good Shepherd for decades but it’s the first time I noticed the message on the cap of the strawberry jam (above). Good reason to keep buying jam from them. If you can’t make the trip to Baguio, there is a Good Shepherd outlet along Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City, beside St. Bridget’s Academy.