Summer is mango season

I hate the summer heat. I find it oppressive. But if there’s one thing about the summer that I love, it’s the fact that summer is mango season. Oh, never mind the press releases that say agriculturists have found a way to harvest mangoes all year round. We get mangoes all year round, yes, but before and after the summer, mangoes are either sour or bland and they cost twice their summer prices too. So, I wait for the summer. Hating the heat but anticipating biting into those sweet luscious mangoes. But the best thing about this summer? Let me show you. Mango tree in the garden

That’s the mango tree in our garden growing about three meters from our bedroom. It’s taller than the highest point of our roof and it was trimmed soon after we moved in to give way to the painting of the house’s exterior walls. Now, let me show you a photo of the same tree from another angle. Flowering mango tree

All those flowers! Well, it looks like we won’t need to buy mangoes this summer. We just have to take out the ladder and pick the mangoes off our own tree. The vision of us picking mangoes off the tree makes me smile. Imagine, I’ll be making mango cream pies and mango shakes from our own mangoes. And the vision of me harvesting herbs growing right under the shade of the mango tree makes me smile even more. How cool can that be, eh? Aaahh, summer — I hate you and I love you.

P. S. If you want to see a more dramatic photo of the mango tree, click here.