Strawberry pancake syrup Strawberry pancake syrup

Due to a strange twist of fate, I’m on cooking vacation from now until the New Year. My husband, Speedy, will be doing ALL of the cooking although I am not sure if that includes the dishes for the New Year’s Eve family reunion. Of course, it’s going to be a man-in-the-kitchen kind of menu, pork chops and rib-eye steaks are on the list, but the fact that he’s serving them with side dishes means he will definitely have to do more than simply grill the meat. But that’s for later today. Let’s start with what we had for breakfast. Speedy’s version of Christmas Eve breakfast? Pancakes with strawberry syrup. Not store bought pancake syrup but home made using fresh strawberries.

It’s not complicated. When my husband cooks, it can’t be anything complicated, you know. :wink: You just cut some fresh strawberries, place them in a pan with white sugar, then you gently boil the strawberries and sugar. The sugar melts and caramelizes, mixes with the juices of the strawberries and you have your syrup. So simple but pouring the syrup and slices of strawberries over the buttered pancakes is such a wonderful thing. And if you make sure that every bite of pancake has at least one slice of strawberry and the all-too-common pancake breakfast is magically transformed into a five-star meal.


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    Lisa, happy holidays! See on the 30t. Re food: Naku, he cooked great for two days, and on the third day, we were eating hotdogs. HAHAHAHA