How to make: Special puto |

How to make: Special puto

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. lemon says:


    I had to stifle a giggle over the Carnation thing. hahaha. Really. Recommending a particular brand of ingredient is tacky, not to mention that it puts newbie cooks in a bind, thinking that if they use a different brand, they won’t produce the same results.

  2. Connie says:

    brenda, yes, they are plastic molds. there is a photo in the leche flan entry. re your hubby… when my husband makes comments like that I tell him, “sige ikaw na magluto.” eh di tigil na sya. :mrgreen:

    Welcome, Vicky. :)

    Lemon, you know that’s why I don’t watch local cooking shows on TV. Parang incidental na lang yung cooking; puro endorsements.

    • prosinger says:

      Ang bilis mo naman Connie, I just checked this site last night and now you have a new entry! Hehehe… puto naman gagawin ko bukas :wink: .

    • Jen says:

      Hi Connie, how to cook puto in the oven ? Your site is very helpful and i love to try to make puto and since we don’t have the steamer…can I ask you how to cook in the oven? thanks & more power to you…

  3. auee says:

    Oh nearly forgot, how come you have no “print me” link for your recipes anymore? :smile:

    • Connie says:

      prosinger, and I’m about to post a new one hehehe

      Cookie, at Cooks Exchange, SM Megamall.

      Uy, auee, perfect match – puto and dinuguan! re “print me” – ’cause I couldn’t make the plugin work. When I was using Expression Engine, it was such a simple thing. After the switch to WordPress, I was lost about the printable pages. :sad:

    • Lourdes says:

      Hi – terrific puto photography & recipe idea! Can you pls kindly tell me where exactly did you find / buy those plastic puto molds? I wonder if they’re available at the Marikina bayan market?? My family lives in Marikina & I’d like to ask my brother to buy them for me. You’re right, those plastic molds are just perfect for puto! Thanks again for sharing your recipes & ideas. More success to you in 2007!

      • karen says:

        that just look yummy, miss sassy. i shouldn’t really come here when i’m hungry :mrgreen:
        makagawa nga ng puto this weekend — without using carnation evap :lol:

  4. Connie says:

    Thanks, Lourdes. :smile: The molds were bought at the Antipolo public market.

    Karen, “makagawa nga ng puto this weekend Ã?¢â”?‰â?¬Â without using carnation evap”

    Good for you. You go, girl! :cool:

    • Connie says:

      sam & marissa, i used to make puto ONLY with rice flour. this is my first batch of puto using all-purpose flour. The difference — puto using rice flour is whiter and heavier. but then again, the “heavier” characteristic may be because I didn’t use stiffly beaten egg whites with my rice flour puto in the past.

      Marissa, it’s always a challenge to make something better and better. Glad you like it. :)

    • amanda reyes says:

      This applies to foods that contain fat. He said that the combination of fat, high heat and plastics releases dioxins into the food and ultimately into the cells of the body. Dioxins are carcinogens and highly toxic to the cells of our bodies.

      Instead, he recommends using glass, Corning Ware, or ceramic containers for heating food. You get the same results without the dioxins. So such things as TV dinners, instant ramin and soups, etc., should be removed from the container and heated in something else
      Study made and won award pls go to siteeffect of heated plastic on food and men

      Very bad to your health.Using plastic container in cooking

      • sam of Kuwait says:

        Hi Ms. Connie! :D i did tried your puto recipe last weekend and it was a success. i did top half of the lot with hard boiled eggs and half with cheddar cheese. And yes, i use muffin pan since wala namang available na plastic puto molder here in least not as i know of. ala baine marie nga lang yung style na ginawa ko. i have baking pan under my muffin tray half filled with water.
        it works wonderfully! thanks ms. connie! :)

        • cel of singapore says:

          hi connie i just found out ur blog and its quite interested. i tried to make the puto yesterday…. hmm the taste is fantastic but it didn’t rise as i expected and i wonder why. can u give me some tips. thanks in advance

    • ROEVY A. ESTRELLA says:

      I JUST want to know, what kind of flour you use for puto?

      • Connie says:

        All-purpose flour.

        • ria says:

          I’m excited to try this recipe as well as the leche plan. I have done leche plan before but im having difficulty in caramelizing sugar, sometimes i had sugar crystalizing before i could pour it in llanera. I also want to ask the shelf life of puto, coz i’m thinking to sell it to have some additional income.


          • ria says:

            Hello Ms. Connie,

            Ask ko lng po kung may recipe din po kayo for puto pao? I dont have idea how to make the filing and its ingredients. Hope you could post it.

            Thanks po.

          • Connie says:

            Sorry, Ria, I don’t like puto pao.

          • ria says:

            I only tried it once sa burial po pa po, naging interested lng din po aq kung pano ginagawa. I will try to make your leche plan and puto recipe on Sunday after my exam. Hope do it well.

            Thanks for all the informations..2 days p lng po ako nagvivisit sa site pero im really enjoying reading your tips and procedures. photos helped a lot to understand better the procedures, i mean how it will look like, if we’re doing it right. Khit nandito po ako sa office nasilip p rin po ako sa site. Nakaka adik po magbrowse dito.

            Thanks po..

  5. sam says:

    i love puto, especially the white kind you just made. have you tried making it with ground rice flour? i am just curious about the difference in texture. the dinuguan pairing is already making me drool:mrgreen: ishould head out for brunch and try to find some puto and dinuguan.:grin:

    • Connie says:

      amanda, not everyone believes everything they read or hear. Polluted air can cause lung cancer — let’s just not breathe at all.

      Ann, the batter is very heavy. Palagay ko, the foil will get deformed (flatten) before the puto rises. Muffin pans might be a better alternative.

      • Ann says:

        hi connie! i like ur puto… it’s kinda embarrassing but you know i tried to make puto just last weekend and it turn out..hhhhmmmm…well.. you know… hehehe!!! i am trying to cook & bake now a days kasi kawawa naman si hubby laging prito with a smile :grin:ang nasa table namin!… and most food i cook i got it from the net…it’s kinda helpful naman but most of the time alam mo na… the thing is it’s more easy here in Saudi to pratice cooking kasi mura ang food and gamit… unlike dyan sa atin manghihinayang kang magpractice lalo na baking… i want to make puto again.. (try lang ng try!) and i will do your puto recipe… kaya lang im having a hard time looking for a poto molder here in Saudi… pwde ba yung muffin aluminum foil? it’s kinda big nga lang pero can i make it like kalahati lang ang ilalagay ko na mixture dun sa molder? didikit ba sya pag aluminum foil ang gamitin ko?… please help this rookie cook! thanks!

        • sheila says:

          hello, connie!
          i do not have puto molds or muffin pans on hand. i wonder if i can use the regular cake pans. make one gigantic puto instead of several small ones..

          • Connie says:

            Grace, I have no idea as I have not tried using leche flan molds for making puto. Muffin pans work though.

            sheila, i have never tried doing that either. i wouldn’t want to guess.

  6. Marissa says:

    Your blog site was great but now it’s even better! Nice photos.

    I’ve never made puto because I don’t have a steamer. Yours looks pretty snazzy. Maybe I can get my husband to get me one when he goes to Manila.

    I always thought that puto is made with rice flour. But you use regular flour here. Can you use them interchangeably in puto? Does it make a difference in the cooking process or taste?

  7. Connie says:

    That’s great, sam!

    Cel, three things: 1) creaming the butter and sugar; 2) beating the egg whites until STIFF and 3) folding the batter without breaking the air bubbles. Or you may be using expired baking powder. OR condensation from the steam may have fallen into the puto.

    • Grace Maybituin says:

      Hi Coney,
      can i use stainless puto molds sa mini leche flans? pwede ko din bang gamitin sa puto o mas maganda kapag plastic molds? pls. let me know asap… Thanks for sharing your recipes and ideas! :razz:

  8. leng from netherlands says:

    hi connie! is it ok if i bake my puto? if yes, for how long and what tempt?

    thanks so much! doin the embutido now :grin:

  9. Connie says:

    leng, i’m not so sure about that. but if you really want to try, i suggest using a baine marie.

    • leng from netherlands says:

      hi connie!i tried cooking puto again tdy together w/your beef asado noodle soup. i cooked the puto in the oven with a water bath for 20 mins at 200 deg celcius and it turned out very well. i covered the muffin pans with aluminum foil to prevent moisture.
      im getting the hang of cooking hehehe!
      have a nice day!

    • Luz says:

      Hi Connie,I tried to cook your special puto,but i do not have your plastic puto molder so I used the aluminum that i use for making Ensaymada ,Kaya hindi sila katulad ng Puto mo sa picture,Pero masarap at nung nilagay ko yung cheese sa ibabaw nung naluto sila yung cheese napunta sa ibaba hehehe,Thank you sa recipe mo.

      • Connie says:

        Luz, lumubog yung cheese, Luz? Ouch!

        You know that happened to me before but I was using a different recipe then. No stiffly beaten egg whites.

        • Kei of dubai says:

          hi connie!
          im a regular visitor of your site. i’ve tried a lot of your recipes, and i can say most of my attempts are successful. but for the past 2 days, ive been trying to make this puto recipe. my puto always turns out flat as soon as i remove it from the steamer. its deflating right before my very eyes! :) what have i been doing wrong? i use a muffin cup (metal) instead of the plastic ones, and i also use a metal steamer. i even put a cloth on top of the puto. but still, my puto doesnt look the same as yours! despite of it all, it tastes GREAT! but i still need your advice… HELP pleaseeeeee! :)

          • arlene says:

            Hi Ms. Connie,
            My 1st time to leave a comment in your blog :) But I visit often and try the recipes (esp the easy ones) cos am a beginner …
            I want to try this puto recipe. Got no steamer. How do I go about it using baine marie? Tnx a lot.

  10. leng from netherlands says:

    hi connie! i did the puto today and used cake flour instead kse in the area i live in we dont have plain/all-purpose flour they only have self-rising flour. im afraid that it would make my puto hard if i used the latter so i opted for the cake flour and it turned out ok naman. i cooked it using an improvised steamer which is a wok and put some water in it and a chefs ring to hold the muffinpans from tipping. the only mistake i made was putting the cloth (to absorb the moisture) on top of the puto that made it moist but i will certainly do this again! :grin:

    have a nice day! missing the heat in manila!

  11. Connie says:

    kei the only thing i can think of is condensation. the steam did not escape but condensed and dripped onto the puto during cooking.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Connie!

      I just love your website. I always get my recipes from here. Just yesterday, I cooked your puto recipe but it was a disaster. The puto did not rise. I used muffin pans pero nung pagtanggal ko nung puto eh nakadikit sya. hay… Tips on this especially ung nakadikit?
      I wanna try to cook this again coz it’s delicious naman kahit disastrous looking.
      Thank you very much ha for always sharing your recipes. :)

      • Connie says:

        Bought mine in Antipolo, Jackie.

        Fe, if you’re not using a bamboo steamer, a cheesecloth will help. The condensation falling into the puto while steaming prevents it from rising.

        sam, yung sapin-sapin, isasama ko kasi sa cookbook kaya di ko mai-post.

        Kathy, if they’re not non-stick, try brushing them with softened butter before pouring in the puto batter. As to why they did not rise, that can be due to several factors. Insufficiently beaten egg whites, condensation falling into them during steaming…

        • Malou says:

          Hello Ms Connie
          I have been an avid reader of your site and have been wanting to try your recipes. I might try this and the leche flan recipe. I would probably try adding salted eggs to the puto for variety :).
          I was just wondering, would the cooking time be the same if I would cook the puto in a much larger container like a 9″ cake pan?
          More power and looking forward to hearing more adventures and recipes.

        • aprille says:

          hi miss connie!i am a regular lurker in your site.i am a newbie in cooking and i find your recipes very easy to follow. and in fairness nagugustuhan naman ng hubby ko ang mga sinusubukan kong recipes mo.
          i want to try this puto recipe but i dont have a steamer.can i use my rice cooker?since may steamer din naman sya? :)

  12. armi says:

    il do this today ate Connie. wish me luck!

  13. joy says:

    imagine, nagbabasa lang ako ng mga comments, napapagod na ko.. ikaw pa kaya na sinasagot mo sila ng paulit-ulit… yung ibang questions nung reader, nasagot mo na, tinatanong pa ulit ng iba… hay! bait mo, ms.connie.. as usual, try ko po itong recipe na ‘to.. goodluck sa kin!

    • Connie says:

      kaya mo yan, joy. :)

      • leah says:

        Hi Connie — First of all, I really like your website. It is one of the few that I regularly read. However, I was quite surprised by your rather dismissive answer to Amanda Reyes’ concerns about using plastics for cooking. It may be worth checking the facts — I don’t think it is a matter of belief. As a chemist, I can tell you that she may be up to something. People look up to you as an authority figure. Unfortunately, that carries some responsibility. Thanks for a great website.

      • Connie says:

        I never claimed to be an authority on anything, leah. how people perceive me is beyond my control. instead of telling me what my responsibilities are, you should think about what the responsibility is of every reader who is capable of thinking for himself especially when the information is at his fingertips.

        readers of this blog are adults — they can check whatever information there is and make their own decisions. I am so sick and tired of all the hazards and the dangers, none of which has been proven conclusive. Pork is bad, fat is bad, carbs are bad, plastic is bad. It’s just businesses competing and consumers are caught in the middle. I don’t even believe anymore that science is scientific and objective considering how many “studies” are funded by business entities. Nothing personal, you being a chemist as you say.

        It is quite noteworthy that whoever was being quoted by commenter amanda reyes recommended specific brands of cookware. that is the most relevant factor as to why i was dismissive.

        so, i’ll say it straight — if plastic cookware is hazardous to the health, all microwave plastic cookware should have been banned by now. they haven’t, have they? :)

        • Leah says:

          No, of course not :-)…. that would have resulted in failure of communication, wouldn’t you agree? This exchange actually gave me an idea for an article. There is a running request to write a short article in Star Science but I have not found the right topic. I’m just curious, would you say that Science has this “bad” reputation in the Philippines?

      • kristel says:

        hi connie
        well im makin puto right now.
        but instead of steaming it i baked it. i hope ill turn out like yours.
        thanks for the tips.

      • Connie says:

        hope you’re using a water bath, kristel. :)

  14. Leah says:

    Hi Connie, thanks for your reply. :-) I agree, we all are tired of all the seemingly contradictory research on this and that. Science does have its limits, and certainly that is why we have to toil on, as they say. But it also does not mean that it should be dismissed. In defense of the objectivity of science, there is such as thing as peer review, where experts in the same field evaluate the work of their peers before it even gets published in scientific papers and journals. Of course, when business and politics get in the way as you correctly observed, that’s when things get messed up. And then the media sifts and picks at the science for the sensational topics that will ensure viewers and readers. In other words, science per se is not to blame, it’s the rest of society who uses science for its own ends. It is very sad indeed. Just to cite an example, cigarettes are by all accounts harmful, and yet like microwave plastic cookware, cigarettes have not been banned. It’s not because the science is defective, it is because the tobacco lobby is very powerful. And so, I agree that as educated adults, we should take responsibility for our choices. Woe to those who have no means to make these educated choices. Sigh!! By the way, FOR ME you are undoubtedly an authority in pinoy cuisine. :-) Keep up the good work!

    • Connie says:

      thanks, leah. and i’m so happy that our exchange did not degenerate into a personal thing, you know? :)

      • Yui says:

        Hi! I`m new here and I would really like to try your recipe^_^ I`m so thankful I found this site. While just reading the recipe I thought- this woulld really taste good.I noticed you didn`t used vanilla though. I was planning to cook this since last week and I brought my ingredients today. The most expensive was the vanilla and the I found out its not important.*SIgh*
        Would it really change if i put some vanilla? i wouldn`T want to waste it.

    • jessica says:

      I Really want to cook.. not just because it help me to earn some extra income. but the fullfilment of myself…as a mother and as woman.. thanks for admiring me…

      • Elle says:

        Ms. connie,
        hellow! i want to try this on my birthday..hehehe..i want my family to taste something new on that day instead of pasta or pansit..or maybe this will be an additional one, though..btw,would any fresh milk do? thanks..Godbless

        • Lucy says:

          Hi Ms. Connie! Guess what I tried the Peach Pork Hamonado and CReamy Beef with Vegetable something hehehe eveything turned out great hhmm superb my husband actually was asking where did I get all those recipes sabi ko wala lang hahaha….:)) anyways, ask ko lang po I want to try this time is the PUTO I have been craving for it since lastyr. wala kasi dito sa Finland na mimiss ko na talaga kumain ng puto..puede kaya Rice flour gamitin ko? would that be possible? Thanks po.

          • olive says:

            Hi Connie,

            I could only find self raising flour and glutinous rice flour here… English (the rest of the flours are all in chinese, and I don’t want to take a chance) Could I use either one of them? I can’t wait to make puto for my kids and hubby…………Xie xie! More power!

  15. Connie says:

    Only in some circles, Leah.

  16. lilay says:

    your website is super!!!i just tried puto and use rice cooker since wala akong steamer, shempre as a result disaster pero it tastes sooo good and my husband loves it. Dumikit yung puto sa mold since i used metal mini leche flan molds tapos di rin sya tumaas pero atleast nag stay yung cheese sa ibabaw. Ngayon pressured ang friend ko sa manila to send plastic puto molds dito sa germany coz i need it badly na challenge ako eh, since newbee ako sa cooking and baking. Anyway, is there other way of steaming?wala kasi akong bamboo steamer,parang ang laki nya ata kung magpapa ship din ako ng steamer

  17. Connie says:

    lilay, non-stick muffin pans will do too. am sure that’s available in germany. otherwise, you can try brushing the metal molds with a little vegetable oil to prevent the puto from sticking.

    re steamer. There are metal steamers available but you’ll have to cover the puto with cheesecloth or towel to prevent the steam from falling back into the puto.

    • lalaine says:

      ei im new here………sana makuha ko sa inyo ang mga recipe like this………and teach me more……

      • lilay says:

        Gosh thanks Connie, pasensya na puro tanong ako..diko talga alam promise =P I have muffins pans pero i dont know how to use it for steaming, sa oven din ba???pls help..thanks thanks

  18. Connie says:

    lilay, no. on the stovetop.

    jessica, get lost.

    Yui, if you decide to add vanilla, let us know how it turns out, will you? :)

    Elle, sure, any brand.

  19. mimi says:

    hi ate connie! i fell in love with your website since the first time i visited it, which is yesterday..hihi i was looking for tofu recipes kc it’s my boyfriend’s mom’s favorite and i can’t wait to cook it for her.. i’m just starting to “practice” cooking ulams and i’ve been trying to bake maybe 2 years now and i seriously need help (i always ended up with chinese fighting brownies!) so your site will definitely help me..i love reading blogs here, i learn a lot from them. thanks ha! i’m gonna try your puto now. my mom insists of buying instant puto mix but i told her i’m confident that the puto from this site will be the bomb! hihi after this puto i will try choc crinkles naman.. i love those e. sana it will turn out the crinkles i bought from my officemate which she won’t give me the recipe kc it’s super secret daw. what she just gave away is that she is using the real vanilla bean and not the extract..even if she sells brownies expensive i still buy them and eat it slowly and savor every bite trying to discover the secret inside.hehe other crinkles i’ve tried are too hard, too bland, too sweet and hers are perfect so i was hoping ur recipe is what i’m looking for.. i think it’s hard to try to adjust the taste with baking. i baked chocolate cake before and when i tasted the batter it was just right but when its done from the oven, it doesn’t have enough sweetness..i was really hoping for more baking tips from you and also kid friendly recipes because i wanted to involve my nephew in the kitchen.. thanks a lot! KUDOS ate connie!

    • Rowenda says:

      I just want to know if you could show me how to cook the puto.

      • gracia says:

        hi connie, your puto looks very yummy.. i have a muffin baking sheet.. pero wala akong steamer =(.. pwede bang gawin ito sa oven??

      • beth says:

        hi,connie!!!tried d puto recipe.didn’t turn out so well.

        yes,i’m guilty of one factor that you mentioned—insufficiently beaten egg whites. i don’t own an electric mixer na kaya i had to rely on my wire whisk.but my arm could’nt handle d stress.kaya,flop ang puto ko!! :(

        but d leche flan ,saraaap!!!! ok pala to put some lemon zest in d caramelized sugar.i used lowfat milk coz my daughters are health buffs (kuno!) i used d plastic molds so that everybody gets her share.mas practical and not nakakasawa agad kc petite servings lang,diba?

        re d electric mixer—a week ago,my sister from texas sent me a hand mixer.i plugged it in coz i was gonna make choco chip know what happened??? IT EXPLODED!!!d funny thing was,my second daughter who was helping me out,blurted “Ma,no wonder it exploded!!!It’s made in china..

        Maybe it was just a coincidence…maybe not….maybe,i won’t use an electric mixer anymore!!!hahahaha

        More power to you,connie!!!!

  20. minela says:

    hi ms. connie! i have been trying out some of your recipes for over 2 months now. they are all great! however, this one proved to be difficult for me. at first everything was turning out well. but the after the 20 minutes of steaming was up, the puto deflated the moment i opened the steamer :( i don’t really know what went wrong. i used stainless cupcake molds with paper cups, and used a rice cooker steamer. i also put cloth over the puto to catch the steam. do you have any idea where i could have gone wrong? thanks and more power to you!

  21. lilay says:

    minela, pareho tayo ng problema =(

    • mich says:

      hi tita connie. i tried to make puto once, but the cheese (quickmelt) that I used ended up just melting over the puto. I used a small steamer but I don’t have it anymore, so IS it possible to use the over bain marie style? what temperature would that work with? yours look so yummy and the cheese kept its shape! after my last attempt, i didn’t bother trying to make puto again but maybe i’ll try one more time hehehe… oh, btw, my yema turned out yummy with the addition of bits of langka, but i still have yet to achieve the hard exterior and soft inside part of it.

  22. mary rosalie bastard says:

    bonjour ms connie!

    just a short tip on beating egg whites. here in france, chefs recommend to add a pinch of salt on the egg whites before beating them to make the best results.i’ve tried and it’s true.the have a wonderful result. i will try making leche flaan tonight but will do it au bain marie as i don’t have a steamer. hopefully it works. bon appetit!

  23. Lilli Ann says:

    Hi Connie!
    I’ve tried your recipe twice and really followed the procedure in cooking and it’s really good! My family loved it. Now I want to make even more puto but I’m afraid to add measurements to the ingredients. I hope you can help me with the additional measurements. What if I use 2-3 cups of flour would I apply the measurements just by mere adding as in the 1 cup? Thanks for your help and your other recipes are really great. I’m learning to cook more recipes now.
    God bless!

  24. lovelee says:

    hi connie,

    can i have the recipe of your puto.


  25. jon says:

    hi, i see u have lotsa fan here. Just added ur site to my fav site. nwei, i can’t comment now about the puto, but iguess it will come out really great as i already made one with similar procedure. Except for the butter (i creamed the yolks with the sugar).

    Made it last week for my preggy wife. She feasted on it as her breakfast, topping it only with * margarine.

    experimented on “gata” instead of milk (which i 4got to buy).

    I used to bake goodies before. Now i hardly can caress my equipment due to a very big responsilbility in the office.

    Keep blogging!

    • roselyn says:

      Good day connie! I just want to ask if how many days will puto last?we are going to have a party on saturday afternoon and I want to cook puto on friday night (that’s tom)Is that ok?

      • joejoe says:

        hi connie! i wud like to ask about “rounded tablespoonfuls”… i’m a bit confused… do you use ordinary spoon or measuring spoons and do i have to scrape the top after measuring… thanks for your generosity to share an easy recipe!

  26. Connie says:

    roselyn, you can refrigerate them and reheat by steaming.

    joejoe, although it is always safest to use standard measuring spoons, when you’re confident enough with a tried and tested recipe, you can do without them. “Rounded” means you have a mound so you don’t scrape the top.

  27. shanjie says:

    hi connie,
    mukhang masarap yang puto mo ha,sa hitsura pa lang gigil na gigil ko ng makain, the way,pede po ba me makahingi ng tips dyan kung paano lutuin yan?at anong mga recipe/ingredients sa puto mo?pls naman help me…


    • Myra says:

      How do you use that kind of steamer? Ganyan lang kasi ang steamer dito mabibili sa walmart, but I did buy metal steamer nun umuwi ako ng pInas. Just curious. may water ba dun sa kawali, bago ilagay un bamboo steamer? di nabasa yun steamer.hindi pa kasi ako nakagamit ng ganyan.

      just found out about your website, galing subra. will try the molasses in leche flan? did you every try to use splenda on a leche flan, diabetic na kasi ako, gusto gusto ko pa naman ng leche flan.


  28. rie says:

    hi ms. connie,
    it’s me again, just want to thank you for this recipe i cooked it already and am now enjoying eating it eto yung hinahanap kong puto malambot at walang maasim n after taste tama k for using fresh milk instead of carnation evaporated milk hehehe. lalo n cguro kung carabao’s milk ang gagamitin dito sobrang creamy n nya pag naluto. although i have made some mistake, na excite kc ako maluto agad i doubled the ing. kc 1 dozen yung eggyolks n niluto ko for leche flan yesterday smehow i forgot to double the sugar kaya ayun mdyo hindi cia matamis hehehe… tapos sobrang namelt yung cheese kaya ayun dumikit cia sa towel nevertheless masarap p rin cia. nxt tym i’ll do it perfectly na tulad ng leche flan mo. more power to you ms. connie!

  29. ate sienna says:

    as usual, panalo ang recipes mo! i’m thinking of making them for a neice’s birthday this saturday and some for a company retirement party naman on monday. thank you as always, my friend :)

    • Ann says:

      I tried this recipe but my puto looked like more of a cuchinta rather than a puto. And the plastic moulds melted too.
      Anybody knows what is not enough why my puto did not rise well?Thanks!

  30. Connie says:

    Ann, can you at least identify the different stages in beating egg whites? Second, were the moulds you used specifically intended to withstand heat. Just because they are moulds does not mean they can go into the steamer.

  31. Che B. says:

    Hi there, I’m intrigued with your puto innovation above. But where can I find the recipe you used? Or could you pls send it to me exactly as you used it? Also did you try baking puto before? If yes, could you give me the temperature and time involved? I’m in Switzerland and there’s no way to get puto here except to cook it yourself. Many thanks

  32. Connie says:

    Che, click the link to page two. They are in large font and the links are below and above each entry.

    • didi says:

      hi connie! my aunt gave me her recipe of puto which i tried making but the end result “it’s not siksik and medyo durog” and where do you think i lack ingredient of what specific ingredient has been too much. can you please help me make a perfect puto. i’ll be looking forward to your advice and suggestion.thanks a lot!

  33. didi says:

    can you send me the recipe of your own puto? (as well as putong ube and pandan too) thanks a lot!:)

  34. didi says:

    i’m sorry i forgot to leave you the recipe. here it is, 1 kl flour, 1 kilo suger, 1 whole dari creme butter, half pack of baking powder in a sachet, 4 eggs, 2 cups water. thanks!

    • Connie says:

      Didi, that’s not a recipe. That’s a list of ingredients. And I don’t understand what you’re asking. You want me to do your aunt’s recipe and tweak it and deliver the result to you? DOn’t you think you should do the tweaking? I’m quite happy with my recipe and experimenting with a kilo of flour and sugar is too rich and wasteful to me.

  35. didi says:

    that is the recipe she gave me. no other procedure but of course, you have to mix all the ingredients. so i don’t know why you are saying it’s not a recipe? i’m not asking you to tweak it but to give advice on how to make a perfect puto.

  36. Mayen says:

    My, those putos look delicious with big pieces of cheese. I’ve got to try this recipe.

  37. Connie says:

    Around 18. But the yield really depends on the size of the molds and much you fill it up.

  38. mich says:

    hi tita connie,

    i tried to make puto with the “as close as i can get equivalent” to quickmelt cheese here in the states: velveeta. it melted all over the place and did not come out looking perfect like yours did! so i tried using white american… same results. the puto as great but i know it would be absolutely delish with the cheese… any suggesitons? thanks!

  39. Connie says:

    Mich, the cheese is really supposed to melt. The only reason they still look solid in the photos is because we have low-quality cheeses in the Philippines. This is a rather aged recipe entry, we don’t use local cheeses anymore. When I made puto with good quality cheese (we use Land O’ Lakes now), the cheese really melts and just kinda colors the top.

  40. Lucy says:

    hi connie!

    i tried this recipe 3x LOL well, the first 2 was great we cooked it for newyear´s eve last yr. twas perfect indeed hehe.. lastweek gawa ulit kami for my baby´s 1st b-day. this time we put anis instead of the cheese its tasty ang sarap din. Kaya lang kasi di ko alam ano nangyari sa puto ko first batch perfect pagkaluto di ko na alam ano nangyari for the next batches para syang di naluluto yong sa gitna eh. di ba paglutong luto eh ang gaan? pag hindi masyado medyo mabigat u know what i mean? hayy naku.. anyways, gawa ulit ako for xmas naman haha i never give up! salamat sa recipe.

  41. mabel says:

    Hi Ms. Connie,

    First of all God bless you for sharing your recipe.
    I tried this special puto for our merienda and it was successful. Then the following week, my friend ordered 50 pcs. and my son brought some in their christmas party. You know I used powdered milk with water and I put few drops of vanilla and it was very good. The first batch did not rise maybe because when I fold the eggs to the flour mixture, I mixed it thoroughly then the next batch was very carefully folded and turned out perfect!

  42. Arlene says:

    Ms Connie,

    Hi! Its my first time here… im obsessed in making perfect puto. I still haven’t found it yet. I tried your recipe this morning and i was not successful kasi bagsak sya. Pero the taste is good. I just want to ask how does it happen? Could it be sa folding? how can i do right folding of eggs to flour mixture? kailangan bang incorporated sya? Or dapat po bang mag init na muna ng tubig before putting the puto molds? Or sabay na sya sa pag papainit? Tapos bawal po bang tingnan yung puto to know what is happening? or should i wait until 20 minutes. Kasi eto yung ginawa ko and i suspect that is the reason why my puto did not end up so well. Please reply…..

  43. Connie says:

    Arlene, for someone who did not actually see how you did it, it’s impossible for me to say. One tip: stages in beating egg whites.

  44. Ada Montes says:

    Hi you can call me Ada. Im very fascinated with the comments for making puto. I will surely try it one of this days. Will give you feedback soon.

  45. arturo says:

    Hi Connie, Good day!

    Tanong ko lang: With regards to FOLD: when will be the time for me to stop mixing between the egg and the flour mixtureS. Should i stop when all the egg mixture is emptied from the bowl mixed or I still need to continue for another extra minute?


  46. Connie says:

    When they are blended (i.e., the mixture is of uniform color and texture all over), you stop folding.

  47. arturo says:

    Thanks so much.
    I’ll try to make it tonight.
    Thanks again, Con.

  48. Joseph says:

    Hi Ms.Connie,

    I am searching everywhere for the Perfect Puto recipee, and i think your modidfication of Noras’ puto looks great and i will try this recipee on weekend, coz its looks yummy..just an info to others.. you can use a normal TEFAL or any other brand steamer for the puto..


  49. Hi,Miss.Connie

    Your PUTO recipe make me and my Husband to try it,sounds so yummyyyy. Just one thing we want to know since you only mention eggwhites. Does it mean that we will not include the eggyolk on it?
    And we wont add any cup water?
    Please make us clear with regards to it.

    Thank you very much.

  50. Connie says:

    Elona, it is as it says in the recipe. Egg whites means excluding egg yolks, of course. If water is not in the list of ingredients, then, no water is needed.

  51. beck says:

    hi ms connie!
    first of all i’d like to thank you for sharing your yummy recipes! =) and thanks to you i have already perfected my leche flan hehe… but sad to say i’m always frustrated with my puto… =( it wouldn’t rise, and there was one time i substituted ordinary flour w/ rice flour and it turned out like a paste… =( it really frustrates me bcoz my son loves puto, so as his friends… i follow all the steps, i wonder if the heat setting has to do with it? do you use high, medium or just low heat? thanks thanks so much ms connie….

  52. beck says:

    and one thing more ms connie, the boys were all waiting for the puto last christmas party but sad to say i was so ashamed of my puto i didn’t bring them to the party coz it didn’t LOOK good but the taste was ok…. ;-)

    • Lyn says:

      Hi Ms Connie, Can I use Rice Flour instead of Plain Flour and do I still have to put baking powder if I use Rice Flour? Hubby is Gluten Intolerant and we can’t use regular flour in any of our cookings or anything with Gluten in it. I love making Leche Flan (of course I used your recipe, Thanks!) and have no idea on what to do with the leftover eggwhites. Now I can make puto so no more waste Yay!! Any suggestions on using Rice Flour? Thank you so much & God Bless..

  53. Connie says:

    I’ve never tried that, Lyn, so I really don’t know.

  54. shiela says:

    hi ms connie…it’s my first time here… can you suggest other filling or toppings on puto? pls help.. thanks…

  55. mj says:

    hi,just want to ask if i can use a wire whisk in folding the egg whites into the flour-milk mixture?

  56. mj says:

    tnx for the reply..i’ve tried some of you recipes and my kids loved really are a great cook and thanks for sharing your talent with us..

  57. nina says:

    I am trying to find ways to use egg whites from my leche flan and ensaimada experiments. I’ll try this puto recipe. My puto recipe uses whole eggs.

    I am surprised the cheese did not melt all the way on top because in my experience, the cheese melts and spreads on top when I put it before steaming.

    I should buy this type of steamer. I think, this is better than the metal one because the steam can escape and condensation is prevented.

  58. mae says:

    ms. connie,
    i don’t have a steamer.. what can i use to improvise??

    • Connie says:

      A wok and a heat proof plate. Just make sure that you cover the puto with a cloth during steaming so the condensation does not fall back into them.

  59. mae says:

    hi ms. connie
    just wondering if you have a puto pao recipe??

  60. louie says:

    ms. connie, what kind of flour should i use for this puto recipe.

  61. edwina says:

    hello connie! first of all, thank you for sharing your recipes with us. i’ve tried some of them especially the pang-merienda. what i love most about your recipes is they are so simple and easy to follow. at least ngayon i don’t have to buy kakanin kasi medyo pricey din kung bibilin. connie, i hope it won’t upset you if i ask if you could sell puto molds to me. i love the molds that you use. besides being colourful, you can put a lot in the steamer sa isang salang. hind kasi kasya yung muffin pan sa steamer ko. pasensya na and sana you don’t find me very bold for asking you to sell kaya lang desperate ako to have them. thank you and God bless. happy easter also.

  62. charotte says:

    hi connie,

    as i read those comments posted nalilito ako. Dami talaga gustong matuto gumawa ng steamed puto mo. I wish i could make this recipe tomorrow so i can make again a comment if my cook puto is as nice as yours.
    thanks a lot.

  63. yel says:

    Thank you so much connie!

    I tried it and they are so good!!! I was just looking for the crater, the crack on the top, just like the one on your pic. Yung sakin kasi flat.

    Is this because I added egg yolk with the flour mixture? Sayang kasi e!

  64. Sultana says:

    Hi, Connie! i was looking for puto recipes and i stumbled upon your site. looks yummy!!! i am just wondering if you can use rice flour for a puto recipe. what’s the difference between using all-purpose flour and rice flour? i haven’t cooked puto myself but i have rice flour and i don’t know what to do with them. thanks! keep cooking!!!

    • Connie says:

      I haven’t tried making puto using rice flour. If you do, get regular — not glutinous — rice flour. I found a new recipe though using ground rice. Will try it soon.

  65. Jeanette says:

    Hi Ms.Connie,

    I would like to say ‘Thank you’ for sharing this great Puto recipe. Yesterday gumawa ako ng 3 batch ng puto, more than 50 puto ang nagawa ko. Ireregalo ko yun sa kumare ko dahil bday ng anak nya at may party sa bahay nila tonight. As in yun ang request nya na iregalo ko. Nasarapan kasi sya last time sa puto na pinatikim ko sa kanya nung first na gumawa ako using your recipe.

    Mini Leche Flan
    Bukod sa puto, gumawa din ako ng mini leche flan (45 mini plastic cups), bale 3 batches ng recipe mo ng leche flan (x2 ng ingredients). Bumili ako ng medyo firm na reusable/disposable na maliliit na plastic cups na katulad ng microwaveable na plastic containers. Wala ako makita na mollases syrup dito, panay powder e, kaya nagtunaw pa ako ng white sugar sa kaldero then transfer sa plastic cups. Sa plastic cups ko na mismo in-steam yung flan.

    After ng flan, gumawa din ako ng kutsinta. Wala kang recipe ng kutsinta kaya humanap ako sa ibang website. 6 na versions ang nakita ko pero ang pinili ko yung may pinaka-simpleng ingredients at pinakamadaling version: Ingredients: 1-1/2 cup water, 3/4 cup brown sugar, 1 cup flour, 1 tsp. lye water. Procedure: Bring water and sugar to a boil. Let cool. Add to flour, stir until smooth. Add lye water and mix well. Fill greased muffin pans 3/4 full with mixture. Steam for 25 minutes.

    Nag-start ako magluto ng 3pm, natapos ako ng 9:30pm. Grabe nakakapagod! Mag-aalas-dose na ng gabi pero hindi ako makatulog dahil sa pagod. Mamaya yung party… mahuhusgahan na yung gawa ko, hahaha. Update kita soon sa reviews nila sa Puto, Mini Leche flan at Kutsinta. :)

  66. Jeanette says:

    Me again… as closure sa recent comment ko about Puto, Mini Leche Flan and Kutsina.. well, last night sa party… TAOB ang mga dinala ko. Nag-enjoy ang mga pinoy na bisita sa party sa pinoy foods. Palibhasa miss na nila ang mga pagkaing-pinas, halos lahat nag-take home pa ng mga pinoy deli.

    Nga pala, maybe na-mixed up ko ang puto recipe mo sa ibang sites na puto recipe, dahil all the while I am using rice flour and not the one you recommended na all purpose flour. But still the puto using rice flour looks and tastes as great.

  67. Aissa marie b abajero says:

    hi gud day miss connie naghahanap me ng recipe ng special puto kc,gusto ko sana mg luto kso d ko alam kng pano.nabasa ko ingr. mo madali lng pala. kaso yng gatas po anung clase?anung claseng flour?pls email me

    • Connie says:

      Any kind of milk works — whole, skimmed, evap.

      • Jovi van der Kallen says:

        Hi tita Connie,

        Many thanks for the recipe! I substitued plain flour with half plain flour and half rice flour (kasi puto is traditionally made from rice, so I wanted a rice flavour) and they turned out so delicious! Just perfect! Light, moist and fluffy.

        Cheers, Jovi (from Australia)

  68. Aissa marie b abajero says:

    pls email me

  69. lali says:

    in my country, puto is a gay man.
    read all the comments again now. :P

  70. emyM says:

    no kidding…i hope i didn’t offend anyone
    when i bring and share puto at work…
    i have co-workers from south america,mexico,
    lali,thanks for letting us know…

    • Inna says:

      Hi Connie,
      Thanks for this amazing puto recipe. I tried to make puto many times but I failed, they didnot rise and soggy. But this time I tried your recipe, Turns out right but not perfect. I used electric mixer in mixing everything.Then,I did not beat the eggs first but beat them altogether with the other mixtures.Will it make a difference if I beat it manually and not using electric mixer or not?And covering with a clothe is excellent but it sticks on my puto. How did you cover yours? Please advise. Thanks so much.

  71. Jescel says:

    Hi Connie,
    I just made this recently. I don’t have a big steamer (just a rice cooker that can cook 4 at a time), i thought of steaming this in the oven, baine marie (water bath) style. It worked out perfect!

    Thank you for a wonderful recipe.

    • Ann says:

      i have tried several recipes and even use cheese cloth with my steamer and the puto is coming about flat. when i take the cover off the steamer thats when they go flat. do you have any recommendations. ang sarap naman ang puto pero they turn out flat. salamat po.

      • Connie says:


        Check stages in beating eggwhites.

        Make sure that the water is boiling before putting the molds in the steamer rack.

      • Jean says:

        I will try your version of puto as it looks way better that I used to do. Do you mind telling me the brand of your bamboo steamer? It looks durable unlike the ones that I see at oriental stores. Thanks!

        • Connie says:

          I don’t think it is branded. Bought it at Cooks Exchange years ago. And it’s still alive. :)

  72. Jeck says:

    Hi Ms Connie,

    Thanks for this recipe. I just tried doing this one, and it tastes good. Phew! I need to read all the comments/questions first as to make it a “little” perfect. Like I follow what Leng of Netherlands had adviced “cooked the puto in the oven with a water bath for 20 mins at 200 deg celcius (395 deg F), then covered the muffin pans with aluminum foil to prevent moisture” and it turned out ok (coz I don’t have a steamer here). Though lumubog lang ung cheese, pero masarap pa din sya. I only just have one question, how long should I beat the egg whites (using an electric (hand) mixer)? Guess I made a mistake on that one, I didn’t reach the “stiff peak” mixture :(. I was like beating it for 15 minutes already & all I got is the “soft peak” :(.

  73. Rhoda L. says:

    I tried this special puto a few days ago and I thought I’d let you know they’re indeed moist, soft with light texture, much better than the puny ones sold at Goldilock’s several miles away from here! I improvised using a flat steamer tray inside a large metal pot and used cheesecloth to cover before the pot lid. I only had swiss cheese & molasses in the fridge, puede na masarap din! I hate wasting the egg yolks so I also made the leche flan on 2 of my heart-shaped non-stick tins. I called them Artee-Hearty leche flan. Thanks for all these kitchen tricks, Connie.

    P.S. A bamboo steamer & puto molds from the stores you mentioned are on my to-buy-in-Mla list for my Dad-in-law ;)

  74. Lhet says:

    hi con… i really liked your site talaga.. kasi i’ve learned a lot na sa mga recipe mo.. nakakatuwa pang basahin ang mga comments. actually, kapag nga upset ako at nabasa ko lang ang mga comments sayo, nalilibang na ako how much more when i cooked your recipe… natutuwa ako… i really liked your style… btw, i’ve done this already and my kids loved it… you’re not only a good cook, your really a good mother and wife talaga… thanks a lot… God bless always…..

    • tina says:

      ms connie, where can i post the picture of puto i made using your puto recipe?


        • Sanii says:

          Hi Connie,

          I’ve been searching for a puto recipe for ages, so thank heavens I came across yours.


          …I think I fail at baking. For some reason, my puto tasted like pancakes, ahahaha. Do you know of a recipe that incorporates rice into the puto? I think puto made with rice was the first I ever tried, and it was delicious! =)

          • gemma pascual says:

            i know how to make puto using flour but i want to learn the old puto like bfore when my lola stil alive “puto using giniling na bigas can u pls nd me recipes and techniques how to make it maalsa… thanks thanks thanks im realy hoping for ur response god bless and thanks for sharing more recipes…

          • rogel says:

            Hello Ms Connie;

            I’ve also heard there is a puto ube, may i know what is the difference on the one you have.


          • Connie says:

            The ingredients, of course. :)

  75. nina says:

    ms connie, did you sift the flour before mixing? I did browse your other recipes and it’s usually not specified. but i assume you usually do, as it is a standard in baking :)

    • Connie says:

      If I specify, that means I sifted. If not, then, I didn’t sift. :)

      • nina says:

        hi miss connie, i tried the recipe this morning and everything went well except when i removed the steamer from the wok- my puto sank/collapsed :( do you leave the puto to cool in the steamer while it is still in the wok/pan?

        I’m sure it’s not the egg whites or the baking powder. the only reason i could think of is that the sudden change of temperature caused the puto to collapse. anyway, i’m not discouraged. i will try this recipe again until i get right.

        on another note, i saw the original nora daza recipe (perhaps even posted verbatim) in the food blog of a “famous/known” blogger without credits! Nakakahiya naman!

      • nics says:

        hi Ms Connie,

        I was wondering about the portion of this recipe. For how many people or pieces of puto is this recipe good? thank you!

        • Connie says:

          That depends on the size of the mold you use and the appetite of the people you’re feeding. :)

          • nics says:

            I think I have the same size of molds as the one you used. How many pieces did u have out of that recipe?

          • Connie says:

            18, I think.

          • nora says:

            hi con, when you measure the butter do you soften it first? what is the equivalent of 1/2 cup butter to grams. nag try akong gumawa nang marami like 5 cups of flour. i also increased the measurement of the ingredients but my puto turns out flat. I doubt i did not correctly measure the butter and perhaps sa egg whites ako nagkamali. nasayang tuloy ang mga ingredients fo tinapon ko nalang.

          • Connie says:

            A block of butter is either 225 grams or 250 grams — roughly one cup. I just cut the butter in half if I need half a cup.

            If the puto turned out flat, the problem is often due to insufficiently beaten egg whites. Or the water in the steamer not hot enough when the molds are put inside.

      • Michael says:

        Hi Connie,
        nice recipe, but do you know of anyway to make traditional puto, made with rice, not flour?

        And by the way, where did you find that steamer? I’ve been searching and searching for a bamboo steamer with metal on it, like yours, but I can not find it.

        • Connie says:

          Tried it, the puto was too sticky. I prefer the more bread-like texture. :)

          Bought the steamer years and years ago at Cooks Exchange, SM Megamall.

        • catherine says:

          can i use rice cooker with steamer instead of the steamer you used?.if not what can i use instead.i dont have steamer.tnx,

  76. nora says:

    what kind of milk po ba ang ginamit mo? thanks.

  77. Eesha says:

    Hello po. Thanks for all the recipes! I’ve been trying some and they are mostly successful. Pero when i tried this puto recipe, i got confused when i got to the “folding” step. Hindi ko po naintindihan how to do that. I did the really stiff egg whites and then thr flour/butter mixture but when its time to put thrm together, di ko na alam how exactly is it done as you say, without losing the bubbles? Kasi i tried folding slowly pero nawala p rin po ang air kaya in the end nagsink yung puto and hindi umalsa. Please help po!!! Thanks in advance!!!

  78. abby says:

    I tried this and it was really good. Now I am curious I bought a cupcake in LA and it tasted like our puto, do you think this recipe can be oven baked or have you ever tried it? Thanks

    • Connie says:

      Not sure how it will turn out in the oven but you can always try.

      • Ms E says:

        Hello po,i just made a batch of puto recipe from the net which the ingredients are the ff:

        • 4 cups all-purpose flour
        • 2 cups white sugar
        • 1 tablespoon baking powder
        • 6 eggs
        • 1 (12 fluid ounce) can evaporated milk
        • 1 1/2 cups water
        • 2 1/4 cups Edam cheese, shredded

        Instead of cooking them in individual molds, i used an 8-inch cake mold. The puto turned out to be so dense…

        what did i do wrong?

    • Hi Connie,

      I’ve been an avid “browser” of your site. I am a no-good cook but living abroad, I have no choice but to try and cook Filipino food otherwise, I’d die of missing Filipino food too much :-D.

      Anyways, I am going to try this puto recipe of yours… but I have one question though.. my steamer has 3 layers.. is it ok to use all of them at once? Would that change the steaming time?

      Let me know please so I can surprise my hubby with this recipe :)

      Thanks and more power to you!

      • Connie says:

        “is it ok to use all of them at once?”


        “Would that change the steaming time?”

        Not for the ones in the bottom rack. As soon as they are done, remove the bottom rack, steam for 2 minutes more, then remove the middle rack (which is now the bottom), steam another 2 minutes…

  79. Anna says:

    Dear Ms. Connie,
    You’re an angel to me… when it comes to cooking/family food tripping… Salamat po! If I may ask..pwede po bang mag steam ng puto ng maramihan, like sabay yung 2-layer steamer? and if i will use food color, will it affect the taste & texture of the puto?.. and last po.. pls suggest me a store where I can buy kithen/cooking utensils, ie., measuring cups/spoons, wire whisk, rolling pins, puto molds and the likes, with reasonable/cheap price..Thanks so much po. and more power!

  80. yayo says:

    hi ms. connie,

    i tried your recipe at first time ko, masarap siya pro medyo matigas. me mali ata akong ginawa e sinunod ko po. but il try again :)


    • len says:

      Hi Miss Conie…

      nung nakita ko ang website na ito naalala ko ang papa ko gusto niya ako matuto magluto ng puto dahil paborito niya ang puto pero until now hindi ko pa na try…ngayun wala na siya nasa kabilang buhay na sayang hindi ko na try na ipag luto siya ng of this days ma try ko itong recipe na ito.Thanks

      • eva says:

        hi connie
        i just want to ask regarding steaming procedure, do i have to boil the water first then start steaming puto or do i have to steam at the same time till gets boil, which is which. thanks and love your recipe.

        • You have to boil the water first.

          • eva says:

            thanks connie for your quick reply, susubukan kong gawin ngayon ang puto para maiba , for sure mala like ito nga kids ko… like your site..keep it up.

          • eva says:

            hi connie,
            tinry ko aang puto,although di cia 100% perfect kase nga yung iba namuo yung egg whites sa gitna , umalsa naman nung nag steam pero nung tinanggal ko na sa steamer nawala yung alsa he he, pero ang sarap naman at steamy siya eto nga yung puto hinahanap ko he he, salamat at nakita ko website mo chaka next time cguro konting practice pa para ma perfect ko… :)

  81. Vanessa says:

    Hi Ms. Connie,

    I tried this recipe but I failed :-(. The puto rises when it was in the steamer but went back when I put them out of the steam.
    My suspect is, because I used Cake flour.
    Do you think it’s the culprit?

  82. Catherine says:

    Thank you Connie.

  83. Onang says:

    Hello Ms. Connie,
    lagi ko po inaabangan ang mga recipes nyo..nagawa ko po itong puto and Perfect nman po. kaya lng naubusan na ako ng Baking powderand wla ako mkita sa mga grocery na pinuntahan ko.may nabas ako na pwede daw po pang alternate ng baking soda ang Sodium bicarbonate. kung pwede po yun paano po ang measurements kasi po nag try ako using same amount when using baking soda, mapait po ang kinalabasan…paano po ba ang tamang paggamit ng sodium bicarbonate? salamat po..


  84. Lou says:

    Hi Ms. Connie! Thanks for this recipe. The first time I saw the picture, it really looks yummy and fluffy! One more thing is, u never added water. Instead, you added more milk! I want to try your recipe today.. :) Happy father’s day to all dads!

    • Corrie says:

      hi connie. can you share the recipe for puto using rice flour? i got so many bags of rice flour and i want to use it. actually, i don’t like puto using the APF. I like the rice flour better, like the puto in manapla. thank you in advance.

      • Connie says:

        Corrie, I think you misunderstand the nature of my blogs. I post what we actually eat at home — I don’t repost recipes I’ve never tried.

        • mitch says:

          hi ms. connie. what kind of milk po ba yung dapat gamitin? pwede po yung ready to drink na nasa carton po na nabibili sa grocery?

  85. ena says:

    Hi, Miss Connie!

    I tried your recipe kanina and it turned out okay…But i do have a question because I’m tasting a bit of gumminess in my puto…Was it bec of overcooking? I used #3 aluminum puto mold and i’m guessing 15 mins is way too long for such a small puto?Or maybe it is in the baking powder?

    • A variety of things could have caused that — from the quality of the flour to the mixing to the temperature. I can’t make an informed guess since I wasn’t present when you make your puto. In fact, I’m not even exactly sure how your mouth perceives “gumminess.” If you mean a bit “chewy”, that would be normal since the texture of puto is steamed and not baked cake.

      • ena says:

        I tried another recipe of puto kanina ulit, miss connie (bec i don;t want to stop til i perfect something hehe)…and this time it called for oil instead of butter, and it doesn’t even use eggs…and it was the perfect softness and moistness that i’m looking for…i could post here the recipe if u want, miss connie and maybe you could create a blog about puto without eggs :)

  86. Maela Alano says:

    Hi Ms. Connie!

    I cooked puto yesterday but my children doesn’t like it. Palpak, hindi sya umalsa at ang lambot ng loob even if I steamed it f0r 20-25 mins, and aside from that, ang pait ng lasa, yon po bang mapakla, bakit po kaya nagkaganon? Please help me, I want also a mocha flavored puto, would you please give me a recipe of that?

    Thanks and best regards.

    • Aba eh hindi ko alam kung ano nilagay mo.

      Mocha puto recipe? HIndi mo pa nga nagagawa nang maayos yung basic, gusto mo pa ng mas advanced?

      • Maela Alano says:

        Hi po!

        Alam ko na po, instead of baking powder ang nailagay ko ay baking soda, so stupid. I’ll try again and i’ll try your recipe.


  87. Maela Alano says:

    Ms. Connie,

    Hello po! I tried your recipe at sa wakas na perfect ko na din po. Request naman po, post naman po kayo ng recipe ng mocha puto.

    God bless and more power.

  88. alen says:

    hello po Ms. Connie, thank you po for your recipe. nagkaroon po ako ng konting kumikitang kabuhayan here in doha since stay at home mom po ako.. big help po talaga sya. thank you so much po. Will try your other recipes. *winki*

  89. farina says:

    Thanks a lot Connie! You and your site has been a tremendous help to a newbie in cooking like me. There’s a horde of recipe in the net but i find yours well explained and have already anticipated what could go wrong and I appreciate your tips. In other recipes they have lots of “corrections” in the comments section that’s why I trust your recipes more. I’ve been trying your bread recipes and i’ve gained some confidence in my cooking for they’ve all turned out well and delish! hehe I just finished cooking this puto and they’re so soft and yummy. Although a bit “eggy” for me which made me think of adding some vanilla next time…Or it could just be my first-trimester-hypersensitive-nose lang. Didn’t matter though, i almost finished them all by myself. Thanks again!

  90. Jasmin says:

    mam,wla na b water na iadd sa recipe mo?ksi i made puto with add evaporated milk it turn out na mdyo basa cxa or parang na over cxa then may 2 cups pa na recipe mo mam wala akng nkikita na water?pls reply.thanks

  91. katrina says:

    hi itanong ko lang po pwede po ba ilagay sa karton ng walang bilao ang kakanin? yung parang katulad po ng karton ng pizza hot?
    salamat po..

  92. Ian says:

    Good Day!

    Ms. Connie,

    I tried cooking puto cheese last week but I was down with the result. It does not came out as I expected, it was dirty yellow color, dry, it smells more of a baking stuff and it looks like hindi tumubo ng tama and puto ko.

    I expect to have it very white and succulent as most special puto in the market today. So I search the e-engine to look for suggestions to make my puto really white and soft. I happen to browse over your web site and I’m glad to see your menu on puto cheese. I plan to have another try. Thanks for this…

  93. Gayeth says:

    Hi Connie,
    I would like to ask what will happen if I am not able to beat the egg whites until stiff?


  94. Gayeth says:

    Hi Connie,
    I would like to ask what will happen if I am not able to beat the egg whites until stiff?


  95. emil says:

    Hi ms. connie im an entrep student and i want puto to serve as my product what ingredients can i use to make my puto cake be special i also want to dip it into chocolate, is it possible?

    • Ang title na nga ng recipe ay special puto, itatanong mo pa kung paano gagawin special?

      Kung gusto mo i-dip sa chocolate, dapat gawin mo para malaman mo kung ano kakalabasan.

      Assignment mo yan, so, dapat mag research ka by experimenting.

  96. weng says:

    Ms. Conie thanks for sharing your recipe. Gusto kong gawin yong puto mo recipe kaya lang sana may you tube ka na paano gawin ito. Kasi sa mga tylad kong 1st time na gagawa mas madaling masusundan kung paano ang tamang steps sa pagawa dahil makikita namin ng actual. Pasensya ka na kasi gusto ko lang matutunan yong recipe mo kaya gusto ko itong sunfan ng tama. Salamat at God bless.

  97. Donna says:

    Hello po. I tried ur recipe but my puto didnt rise. I did everything in the recipe accurately. Can u help me what seems to be the problem? Thank u

  98. nanaj says:

    hi, i want to make 100pcs puto. can i use a 2-layer aluminum steamer to make it faster? should i also put cheesecloth on the 1st layer just what you do with the lid?
    thank you.

  99. brenda says:

    looks yummy…. maybe i shld give this a try but i need to buy puto molds first.

    Connie, did you use plastic puto molds? i have some of them but smaller ones, i used them in making siomai. i dont think they’ll do, masyadong maliit, siguro yung next size, noh?

    I’ll try some with cheese and salted eggs toppings… will let you know how it will turn out… am kinda scared doing this kasi baka mapalpak!

    btw, I just made the pork frittata for lunch and the rest was our baon sa work. I used onion leaves instead of asparagus/baguio beans. I made it in my 12-inch nonstick pan and after I slide it on a palte my hubby commented “wow! pizza! *^% toink!!*&^%… heheheeh

    just the same. it was great with my hot and spicy catsup!

  100. vicky says:

    Hi Connie, wow..I was thinking of puto yesterday and voila…parang magic! thanks for your tip to use a cloth for the puto to rise properly.

  101. Cookie says:

    Hi Connie,

    I luv this puto recipe…I’d like to try it one of these days but I don’t have a steamer – the one you are using looks really good. where can i get it in manila?


  102. auee says:

    I searched your site y-day (i think) for dinuguan coz hubby’s bought the main ingredients as a hint (he doesnt know how to cook!). Then I saw your post about the flan & I’ve been waiting for this Puto recipe since!! :mrgreen:

    I will definitely try it this weekend.

  103. symone says:

    hi connie! youre recipes are truly helpful and great!! ive tried the egg pie, and leche flan coz their one of my favorites, 1st try and my husbands family ate all of it!! theyre not familiar with pinoy foods since they grew up here in the US. ill try your kare kare next. keep up the good work. youre heaven sent to wives like me trying to learn how to cook specially pinoy dishes!!

  104. lei of buraida says:

    Hi Ms. Connie

    A very pleasant day sayo, i just kind a dropping by at your website, and truly its one of best sites i’ve found specially in giving us tips on how to improved our cooking, it really helps a lot, may you continue to share you’re great recipe with us, try ko minsan yung egg pie recipe mo, you’ve really done a GREAT JOB MS. CONNIE!!! God bless you always.

  105. Connie says:

    arlene, i really don’t know. never tried cooking puto using a baine marie.

  106. jackie says:


    Where can I buy the mold for the puto?

    Thank you- Jackie

  107. Fe of Tulunan, Cotabato says:

    I am one of those who wanted to be popular in making puto but when I made and follow the recipe, it turned out flat just like pudding. In fairness, it tastes good, only the appearance was so discouraging. Please tell me, how to improve it.
    Thank you very much.

  108. sam of Kuwait says:

    Hi Ms. Connie!
    Medyo hindi pang-puto ang question ko, pero kakanin variety din :D it’s about sapin-sapin.. i’ve been making sapin-sapin here in Kuwait since yun talaga ang maraming order sa kin. The only comment i usually hear is hindi sya firm that when you slice it and lifted from its molder, nade-deform. Yet, they still kept coming back to order kasi masarap daw. i have not seen a topic or a menu of sapin-sapin here in your blog or maybe hindi mo pa na try magluto nun. Pasensya na Ms. Connie ha, I find your suggestions reliable kasi.
    Thanks in advance and more power! :)

  109. Kristina says:

    Hi Connie,

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I just came across a blog which used the same photo you posted here. The first time I saw it, I knew it was yours because I’ve been eyeing your puto recipe for a while now. Then I read the content and it’s also lifted from yours except for a few edited words here and there.

    I’ve notified the admin of the blog and printed a copy in case they take it off before you can see the plagiarised post.

    Warm regards,


  110. Connie says:

    Thanks, Kristina. :) I posted a comment there too. Although it probably won’t get approved.

    I copy/pasted other recipes from the site and searched Google for text strings — at least 10 other entries in that site were stolen from other people’s blogs.

  111. Thank you for posting this very yummy Filipino white cake. I was craving for puto the other day and thought of making one but I can’t find a very nice and informative recipe/website so I kept searching. Until I found yours, I appreciated the tips and the photos are lovely and helpful as well. I will try this today and hoping I could make it right.

  112. Joyce says:

    I was craving for puto with the salted eggs topping…and so I searched here until I saw your special puto…and went deeper to all your culinary expertise…Thanks for this CASA VENERATION website…I will be a frequent viewer from now on…I love everything you have, from writings, recipes…and all!

    From LA with love,

  113. soc says:

    can i use this puto recipe for making puto pao too? many thanks!

  114. Connie says:

    Never tried that but you certainly can.

  115. Anna says:

    Hi! Ms. Connie… ask ko lang po, will the taste & texture of the puto be affected if i opt to use food color? and, pwede po ba mag steam ng puto using 2-layer steamer? if i wanted to cook many puto in single cooking? and last po pls…can u suggest a store where I can buy cooking/kitchen utensils ie. measuring cups/spoons, wire whisk, rolling pin, etc. with reasonably cheap prices..Thanks po…Am your avid fan ms. Connie.

  116. Connie says:

    No, food color won’t affect taste and texture.

    If you use multi racks of steamer you’ll have to cook the ones on the top rack longer after removing the bottom rack.

    I don’t know that you’d consider “reasonably cheap prices.” A fried says baking supplies are cheap in Quiapo but I don’t know about the quality and safety standards.

  117. Anna says:

    Thanks po…
    ms Connie, may i use any plastic container, while i dont have the puto molds yet? like, microwavable containers?

  118. Connie says:

    Those aren’t constructed to withstand the heat in a steamer.

  119. anne says:

    Hi! ms. connie,.
    sobra srap tgnan ng puto!!
    pero nung gnwa ko, di ko alam ano ngyre kht gnwa ko lht ng nbsa ko.. lol
    pero mgttry p din ako uli nxtym.. susundan ko tlga mbute lht ng tips mo..

  120. Connie says:

    Pwede bang paki-spell nang maayos yung comment mo? Wala namang 140 character limit dito.

  121. Hi. Should I call you Joyce or Joynme? :)

  122. Catherine says:


    Hi. I’ve stopped using evaporated milk on cooked food since I started using buttermilk although I never noticed the sour aftertaste evaporated milk leaves. I meant to ask, have you ever used gata instead of milk? I’ve a recipe (adapted from Cecille Esperanza) that I use where gata is asked instead of milk. Any thoughts on that? I like it so far but I have a flu as I made/ate them so I might’ve a biased opinion.


  123. Click this.

    That should answer all your questions. :)

  124. joyce says:

    Hi Ms. Connie, I’ve been reading your blog and tried this recipe for my puto,,,they turned out very good and love the moist and softness of the puto. Pero meron lang po ako na-noticed after I brought them out form the steamer…parang lumiit yung size nila, ask ko lang po sana kung ano reason sa ganito.

    Thank you po ulit.

  125. Ganun talaga yun. Steam pushes the puto up. Pag lumamig na at nawala yung steam, babagsak ng konti. :)