Small Talk Cafe in Legazpi City: Alex made me drool over the photos

On Monday evening, I posted tons of photos from Alex’s Bicol trip except the ones taken at Small Talk Cafe. I was reserving them for last because I thought they deserved a separate post. Less than twelve hours later, Mayon Volcano spewed ash 500 meters into the air killing at least five people, four of whom were foreigners on a mountain climbing adventure. The fifth fatality was a Filipino tour guide. All died as a result of falling rocks.

It was Speedy who told me the news. My reaction was totally confused. I was scared and relieved at the same time. Less than 48 hours before what Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) executive director Renato Solidum termed as a phreatic explosion or a hydro-thermal explosion, Alex and her friends rode ATVs to the spot called the Lava Wall — less than six kilometers from the volcano’s crater.

By the time Mayon Volcano exploded, Alex was home and sleeping peacefully. If you’re a mother, you will probably understand when I say I couldn’t touch any of the Bicol photos much less upload more. I needed time to internalize how fortunate Alex and her friends had been. They could have been there, posing and taking photos, when Mayon exploded.

It’s been over 36 hours since the incident, my heart rate is back to normal and I’m blogging again. Now, about Small Talk Cafe… Small Talk Cafe in Legazpi City

Small Talk Cafe is located at 051 Dona Aurora St., 4500 Legazpi City. There is a Facebook page. Small Talk Cafe in Legazpi City Small Talk Cafe in Legazpi City Small Talk Cafe in Legazpi City

It’s impossible for me to describe the experience because it wasn’t I who dined at Small Talk Cafe. But I’ve got the next best thing — Alex’s reaction to the food and the tone of her voice and facial expression when she relayed it to us. In a nutshell, “Napakasarap.” Her words, not mine.

That’s laing in the photo at the top of the post. Laing is almost an “official” dish in the Bicol region so it’s not a novelty. Small Talk Cafe in Legazpi City

What Alex raved about was the pasta (below) which is the second item in the menu (above). Small Talk Cafe in Legazpi City

Pasta pinangat/laing: taro leaves and ‘gata’ (coconut milk) blended in white sauce and mixed with pasta. I am so intrigued that I want to try making my version soon. Small Talk Cafe in Legazpi City

Alex said she wanted rum cake for dessert but chocolate mousse was the only cake available. She described it as “okay lang” which really translates to “let’s stick with the pasta.” And so we will. Stay tuned for my version of the pasta pinangat/laing.

Again, thank you Alex, Chesca and Ardy for the photos.