Skinless longganisa

Longganisa is native sausage. The seasonings vary depending on the regional origin. Lucban and Vigan longganisa are garlicky, for instance. Then there is the sweet longganisa called hamonado. Longganisa comes in various sizes as well. Some are made with beef or chicken instead of pork. Sweet or spicy, small or large, longganisa is a popular Filipino breakfast item. If there is a tapsilog for the combo of tapa (fried beef strips), sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg), there is longsilog for longganisa, sinangag and itlog.

Longganisa is widely available in most supermarkets and wet markets. Even the skinless variety is not difficult to find. But the way commercial longganisa is seasoned does not always agree with me. I prefer buying them from the provinces where flavors are more distinct. Otherwise, there is always that option of making skinless longganisa at home. Which is what we did a few nights ago. skinless longganisa

If you intend to make this dish, I suggest wrapping the formed longganisa in kitchen wax paper and chilling them for a few hours before fying. They will be firmer and less likely to crumble in the hot oil.

Ingredients :

500 g. of ground lean pork
3 tbsps. of finely minced garlic
1 onion, finely chopped
2 tbsps. of tomato paste
2 tbsps. of rice vinegar
2 tbsps. of soy paste
1 tsp. of salt
1 tsp. of pepper
4 tbsps. of dark brown sugar
1 tbsp. of fine unsweetened bread crumbs
1 egg, beaten
1 c. of cooking oil
12-15 pcs. of kitchen wax paper, 6″ x 6″ in size

How to :

Mix together all the ingredients except the cooking oil and the wax paper. Divide into 12 to 15 portions, depending on the size you prefer. Form each portion into a log about 1″ to 1-1/3″ thick. Place on a piece of wax paper and roll firmly and as tightly as you can. Repeat for the remaining portions. Stack on a covered container and chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Heat the cooking oil in a wide skillet or wok until it starts to smoke. Fry the longganisa in hot oil until browned. Drain on paper towels. Serve with fried eggs and garlic fried rice.

To make the garlic fried rice :

Drain the oil from the skillet or wok where the longganisa has been cooked until only about 2 tablespoonfuls remain. Gently fry about a tablespoonful of minced garlic in the oil until light brown in color. Add about 5 cups of cold cooked rice (mashed to separate the grains). Season with salt and steak sauce. Cook, tossing, until the rice is heated through.

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  1. clemencia says

    hello, i just loved ur recipes & i actually cried when i couldn’t get into ur site for a few days…i am a grandmother of 3 kids who like to eat delicious food & i’m constantly looking for recipes that are easy to do..the antonette on the email is my daughter..i just borrow this computer when i go to this site..thank u for making my kitchen life easier, & i hope u will make more discoveries of food that r easy to do & the kids love too… am truly grateful…Merry Christmas to you & your family & the staff of this site..salamat po..

  2. says

    Hi Clemencia, oh, I cried too. I thought three years of work just went down the drain. Am still transferring files but everything should be good by New Year’s Eve. And… well, my kids are such “food critics” so the recipes will just keep coming. :)

  3. Leah says

    i first came across your website when i was searching for a recipe for chocolate-coated polvoron. even if what i got is only choco polvoron, i’ve been hooked on your website. it’s really very helpful especially for someone as “dense” in cooking like me :lol: well, the choco polvoron was a success; my officemates are convincing me to make a business out of it. now i will attempt your longganisa recipe. i don’t particularly like “sweet-tasting” longganisa, i prefer the lucban & vigan ones should i do away with the brown sugar so i can have the lucban/vigan taste?
    again thank you for sharing your recipes.


  4. Denise says

    Hi! I’m a pinay living in Germany and stumbling into your website has made me less homesick. I already did your paksiw na lechon recipe (used boiled pork, though) and it came out wonderful! Up next is this longganisa recipe!

    I was wondering, though, if I can freeze the skinless longganisa then fry them one day, since I’m short on time and I have to do a lot of pre-marinating during the weekend and freezing them for the week’s meals. Oh yeah, don’t laugh, but if I can freeze them.. should I thaw them first before frying?

    Thanks again for sharing your fab recipes. Hopefully one day you can also post ingredient alternatives that are universally available. It’s impossible to find ubod here =(

  5. says

    Hello Denise. Yah, you can freeze them. And they can go into the pan directly without thawing BUT they will cause oil splatters.

    Re: ubod. They’re available in jars now. Del Monte, I think. Kinda expensive but I think we’re exporting them now. :)

  6. Denise says

    Hi Connie, I forgot to tell you that I actually made this recipe last winter here in Germany and OH MY GOD!!!!! may I just say that it is much much better than store bought skinless longganisa and noticeably less fatty. I added tons of garlic, upon your suggestion. Even my german boyfriend loooooooved it (and to think this is like sausage country!) He was, however, having longganisa burps till the next day (no kidding!)

  7. says

    Gina, soy paste is think soy sauce. The same consistency as hoisin sauce. If you use ordinary soy sauce, the mixture might be watery whereas the soy paste also acts as a binder.

    That is so great, Denise. That’s why homemade longganisa is so much better than store-bought. You can control the seasonings and the amount of fat. Commercial longganisa these days are 70% fat.

  8. ruby says

    what can i substitute rice wine with? they don’t have it here in mexico and i really want to try to make this longganisa. my mouth waters just thinking about it! thanks.

  9. says

    ruby, you’re in the best position to answer your own question since it is you who knows what is available in mexico. i don’t even know what they sell in mexico, pampanga.

    bhess, the recipe is not very good or you don’t know how to follow instructions? just a thought…

    pchy, i never tried using vegetable protein so i can’t answer that question. if you do try and it works, hope you let us know. might be helpful for other readers. :)

  10. Charie says

    i used lean ground beef instead of pork, ive been looking for ground pork for 3 weeks and havent found it, maybe they dont used much ground pork here in USA, it was good though there no soy paste but its perfect.

  11. qdchair says

    Hi Connie, di ko kasi alam kung san makakakuha nung unsweetened bread crumbs? pwede bang wala nun?
    thank you so much

  12. says

    qdchair, baka hindi mabuo pag walang bread crumbs. saka mahirap i-form pag masyado malabsa. try mo na lang any kind of breadcrumbs. pwede rin flour kaya lang iba magiging texture.

  13. Eric says

    Connie, this recipe is a lifesaver. Been craving for longanisa all these months that im away from the country. I did some minor adjustments on your recipe to suit my taste (more sugar) and since i couldn’t find soy paste, i replaced it with salt. Had problems finding breadcrumbs so i used corn starch instead. Everything turned out well in the end.

    Just 1 question though, what’s the tomato paste for? I can’t seem to detect it’s taste in the longganisa.

  14. Eric says

    Connie, in this case, would it be ok to replace the vinegar with the tomato paste, or does the vinegar add a taste of it’s own (im trying to duplicate the longganisa from macdonalds… just need to tweak a bit more)

  15. Honey says

    Hi Connie, thanks for posting a lot of wonderful recipes and in particular thanks for posting this longganisa recipe. I’ve been trying to find a longganisa recipe for quite a while now but all of the recipes i’ve come across uses prague power and its not available here in Amsterdam. Thanks again. Finally, i’ll be able to satisfy my husband’s cravings for longganisa he’s been at it for like months now. More power to your site :-)

  16. says

    Hi connie,
    marami akong problema parti sa recipe nang longganiza.pwede mo ba akong matulongan.nahihirapan ako sa englisch ko.tagal na kasi akong hindi nagtataglisch.ano ba ang bread crumbs?wax paper pwede bang gamitin yong pang bake na paper?ibig bang sabihin sa ground lean pork is yong tadtad?sorry kong maraming akong tanong.minsan lang kasi akong magtaglisch dito sa amin.tagi germany ako.almost 19 years na.

  17. cecill says

    I really would like to learn the chorizo jamonado. Can you provide the recipie and also the casing i should use. I was thinking of skinless lonzaniza. Would be great if I could get the recipie. Thanks.

    • perla says

      i live in germany. i’m glad your recipe didn’t use saltpeter. but why do they use saltpeter? yon palang hog casing, yen, p’wedeng mabili yon commercially. if you live in a bigger town, merong tindahan ng tinatawag na “Grosshandel Einkauf”. Bilihan yan ng mga merong business like, Kapehan, Imbiss, Metzgereinkauf. Doon mabibili mo ang Hog casing. hindi ko lang alam ang tawag sa german.
      siguro, “Kunstdarm für Bratwurst”. siguro, pag sinabi mo ito, maiintindihan ka nila. Ito kasi ay hindi totoong Casing o tinae ng baboy kundi commercial hog casing. Ito ang ginagamit ng mga metzgerei dito pag gawa ng sausage na paninda.

  18. says

    I don’t “give” recipes. I only blog about what I’ve cooked for my family. Mahirap magbigay ng recipe that I’ve never tried dahil kung palpak tapos I’ll be named as the source, eh ayaw ko nang ganun.

  19. says

    i visited ur site and to see the any kind of recipes about longganisa but i couldnt the recipes dat i wanted to know or see coz the website didnt gave me any recipes at all. hope u can email me how i can enter in. i wish to be a member if dats the necessary procedure. pls email me the recipes of longganisa. thanik u vry much


  20. carol says

    ma’am connie i’ve tried ur recipe ok nmn ung knlabasan. dito po ako sa UK for 8yrs now and i’m really thankful dhil andyan po kyo to help us create delicious meals for our family and friends here in abroad. by the way i am from cabanatuan and there is one store there that sells really nice longganisa, her name is ka otya, cguro pag napasyal kyo doon to visit edna’s cakeland try nyo n din po punta wet market to try that, hehehe. tnx a lot po and more power!

    • Fr. Chito says

      Hi, Carol. I miss our native longganisa from Cabanatuan. Just trying if you happen to have developed a recipe that’s close to our garlic longganisa. Thank you.

  21. Trivia Buff says

    One tip that I found useful for making the “sausages” without rolling them in wax paper : use those pastry “piping” bags like the ones they use for icing, but without the tips – I managed to get nice compact longganisa on a tray without much hassle, then I just popped it into the fridge to chill.

    “soy paste” sounds like what they call “dark soy sauce” here – light soy sauce is “our” soy sauce (à la Silver Swan and company), dark soy sauce is thick like hoisin sauce as you say.

  22. JOEY TOSINO says

    ang laman ba ng skinless na longganiza parehas din ng longganizang naka-balot? naisip ko lang ngayon.
    dati kasi gumagawa rin misis ko ng ganyan sa bahay. binabalot na lang namin sa plastic wrap tapos lagay sa fridge.
    close kasi sa lasa ng tosino kaya nagpagawa ako hehe.

  23. Brinda says

    I am so excited to try this recipe! My mother in law is Filipina, and though she’s taught me how to cook many things, there are a couple things she holds secret, like her son’s favorite, pork adobo. This longganisa recipe is one that will impress her the nest time she comes to visit, I’m sure of it!

  24. at0y says

    im very happy that i found ur site, im fond of cooking lol..but i want to ask sumtin cuz this was my first time to read such ingredient hehehe “soy paste” is it really a paste or its a “soy sauce” juz confused of this..well its ralle a “paste” ill try to look for it on the supermarket..anyways thaks for all the recipes ur sharing…

  25. bix says

    thanks for sharing this recipe. i am getting homesick for filipino food…i’ll try this soon.i finally found a filipino online store in the netherlands selling soy paste! (chinese brand, so i hope they have their translation right!)

  26. Mary Joy S. Paman says

    hi! magtanong po ako kung anong dapat gawin sa longanisa na di siya magshrink after cooking i mean same size parin sya b4 and after cooking.

  27. LORDES says

    helo!can u send me recipe of skinless lonnganisa the one that is easy to make coz im not good in cooking tnx!

  28. jane says

    hi connie! i tried this recipe of yours and ang sarap!!!! my husband and i loved it. but prob ko lang, bakit bumubuhaghag yung ginawa ko when freid? what do you think went wrong?


  29. says

    Jane, it might be the texture of the ground meat. There’s coarse grind and there’s fine grind. Very finely ground meat is ideal. And when you shape the sausages, they have to be really, really compact. :)

  30. housekeeper says

    I tried this dish and it is so good! My husband is American and I thought he wouldn’t like it because he is so used to the frozen sausages you could buy from stores, but he absolutely loved this! He ate 6 pieces for dinner, and 8 pieces for breakfast the next day!

    Ms. Connie, thank you for sharing your recipes. They are really a big help, especially for new housewives (like me) who knows not a lick about cooking. More power, and more delicious meals!

  31. snake says

    ginawa kuna then gumawa pa ulit ako,sarap talaga,ung mister ko di pinoy pero gustung-gusto,nagba-burp kami amoy bawang lahat,lol,ung anak ko panay sabi gawa pa daw ako,e kumakain pa lang ha?????kaya nagtataka ako dun sa comment nung isa,just wondering,hehehehe
    keep on giving us ms.Connie,nakakatulong talaga at inspirasyon na kita ha,panay ms.Connie na recipes ko,
    God Bless and tnk u very much talaga

  32. ria says

    hi ms. connie happy holidays to u and ur family! i’ve been meaning to do this recipe of urs for a long time but I cannot find soy paste in the grocery, & then I saw in ur asian pantry section the kimlan chili soy paste is that what you used for this recipe? or is it ok to use kecap manis? Its what I have here, & then i saw (kimlan chili soy paste) just like that in ur pantry in makati supermarket and now I really want to do this for my kids they like skinless longganisa very much but I dont buy storebought longganisa anymore because it doesn’t suite my taste sometimes. Thank you for sharing your recipes! and God Bless!

  33. says

    Ria, either will work. The chili soy paste will give you spicy longganisa, Kecap Manis will result in something sweeter. You can even use them together. :)

  34. Mrs. Leah S. Dadivas says

    hi miss connie,

    gud day po sa inyo pwede nyo ba akong bigyan ng recipe ng inyong skinless longganisa kasi baka sa ganitong paraan madagdagan din ang kita ko tnx for your kindness in sharing your recipe to us.god bless you.

  35. jojo sangutan says

    hi madame connie,

    gud day po i just want to know more recipes about longganisa and chicken.hope you can help me.

  36. Aimee says


    paki email naman po ako ng recipe nyo sa skinless longganisa at pati yung with skin na rin kung meron po kayo. Maraming maraming salamat po.


  37. catherine says


    I live in new zealand and I cant wait to make this! I’ve been looking for a place that sell really good longanisa!

    will update you if I make it sucessfully. :)

  38. kimy says

    Hi, just wanna ask from what part of the Philippines po kayo? Kasi I’m from Cebu tapos alam ko magkaiba yung taste ng longanisa ng Manila at Cebu, baka kasi when I try this walang gustong kumain.

    Thank you

  39. hazel says

    tsaka po pwede rin po bang makahingi ng simple recipe for cream dory. pambaon baon ng aking daughter. thanks again…

  40. SAM says

    hi ma’am connie,

    yung mga recipes nyo saan nyo pa nabili yan? sa ordinary gorcery store po ba? how about sa palengke? such as SOY PASTE and unsweetened BREAD CRUMBS.regarding Rice vinegar, does any brand will do?


  41. Sheryll (Germany) says

    Thank you so much for the recipe… i tried it today… cant even wait for 2 hours, to put it in fridge… I cook/fry some of it and it was delicious……mmmmm…. i did add some sambal oelek (chili paste to make it a bit spicy) though.

    Thanks once again.

  42. Kryzta says

    hi miss connie. i am from australia but i live in the suburbs. would love to try this longganisa recipe but i couldnt find any soy paste in the supermarket. can i possibly use hoisin sauce instead?

  43. says

    Hi Ms Connie, Im from arkansas and i really want to try this recipe “skinless longganisa”. Can you please help? Thanks so much and God Bless!!!

  44. isha says

    hi miss connie, ive just discover ur website and i was so thrilled because u have almost every recipe that im looking for.. anyway ive try ur longganiza,i used only a little bit of bread crumbs(cause i have the seasoned in my pantry) and it came out bad when i fry it. Is there anything i can do with my remaining unfry longganiza to make it perfect? i hope u can answer my question as soon as possible. thnks and more power!

    • Connie says

      I don’t know what you mean by “bad”. And, you know, when you deviate from a recipe, for sure the results will be different.

  45. kenshasa jade says

    ahi miss Connie iv been searching for a longganisa recipe… i tried one from a friend of ours who sells longganisa and she said she used Worcestershire sauce on it… ask ko lang po if pwede ko i substitute ang Worcestershire sauce sa soy paste? thanks po….and ilang days po siyang pwedeng i-stock sa frig.?

    • Connie says

      In the first place, there are A LOT of varieties of Filipino longganisa. Try all of them, along with the Spanish and Latin American varieties, to find out how they differ from your perspective.

  46. Glen says

    Hello Connie,
    I used to purchase chicken longganisa that was made locally by a Filipina but her business went under. Her longganisa was encased in a non pork variety. Another company started the chicken version but it’s stuffed in pork encasing. Tried it & it was fine but my family prefers the former. Needless to say, I googled longganisa recipes & found yours. It looks fairly easy enough, but would it work on chicken? Thx!=D

      • Glen says

        thx! I figured as much since the white meat will be much too dry. I did buy some ground dark meat chicken yesterday. I only have to get the rice vinegar then I’m all set to go. Can’t wait…getting excited, already! I’m sure it’ll be a real treat. Once again, merci beaucoup!

          • Glen says

            Hi Connie!

            If I were there, I would give you a big hug! The chicken really worked well with your recipe & it was simply delectable – tres delicieux!!! It tasted so homemade if not, better, much better – a world away from the frozen commercially made ones that we purchase from any Asian superstore here. Once again, thank you! sarap talaga! kudos to you!

  47. KJ Bienvenu says

    hi maam connie, my hubby loves longganisa,, he start loving it when we had him try it during the time were in phil. i just want to ask if what kind of salt should be used. rock or iodized? then can i have it chilled like for 2 days im afraid po kasi na masira po yung longganisa, ok lang po ba yun? thank you po!

  48. Anna Canopen says

    hi ms. connie. what’s a soy paste and what brand did u use? how about the brand of the rice vinegar? thank you. :)

  49. Russel says

    I prepared this the other day and cooked it last night for dinner. My husband, who is German, loved it very much. He said that this is now his second favorite among the dishes I prepared. Thank you for your easy to follow recipes (this was the first time I made longganisa). The only deviation from your recipe was instead of soy paste, I used 1/3 part dark soy sauce and 2/3 part kecap manis and I put a bit more bread crumbs.

  50. Kaye says

    hi Ms. Connie! I have tried this recipe and its a hit! but I have made some tweaks on the recipe.. since im on a diet i used ground chix instead of pork, oyster soy sauce instead of soy paste and cane vinegar instead of rice vinegar. and i fry it pattie style. thank you for sharing this recipe.. now this will be a staple in our breakfast table..

  51. Gracia says

    My husband has been asking me to look for skinless longganisa (his favorite) but for some reason I can not find it here in Toronto. I will definitely give this a try. thanks a lot!

  52. Shirley says

    Hi Connie! I made this last night & we had it for breakfast- ang sarap! It reminds me of mcdo’s longanisa but much better..I substituted soypaste with 1tbsp dark soy sauce & added about 1 more tbsp of crumbs. I ran out of rice vinegar so i used 1:1 white vinegar & water. Thanks Connie!

  53. Gigi Hofer says

    Dear Connie,
    Have no idea why I have discovered your website only now….my lost! ;-). But better late than never, as the old cliche goes! I am trying to make your skinless longganisa, reading your blog and ingredients, I can almost taste how good it’s going to be! Sickening thing is, I discovered at the last minute that that I don’t have tomato paste in the house…grrrrrr! Had to use tomato sauce! I hope I have not ruined your great recipe. Excited to read your old blogs and recipes! Lots of catching up to do!

  54. vien says

    can i use tomato ketchup and soy sauce instead of tomato and soy paste. would it make my recipe runny? thanks!

  55. maria says

    thanks for your recipes…I accidentally found your site, while looking for a workable recipe for crispy pata (i was hosting a brunch for young graduate and post-graduate students currently studying in Germany, and co-alumni from UP, although perhaps a generation younger than me)…it was a HIT! thanks for that east-to-do recipe!
    Since then, I have been consulting your website for recipes from “home”…and today, I plan to try your skinless longganisa.

  56. armi jane says

    ma’am connie…gusto ko po sana tong gawing business habang wala pa akong trabaho…how much po ang aabutin ng isang recipe ng skinless longganisa na pinost niyo..thank you very much.

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