Shaoxing rice wine shaoxing rice wine

Named after a city that became famous for its rice wine, Shaoxing is a superior Chinese rice wine that should not be confused with the Japanese sake or mirin. Shaoxing wine is low in alcohol and is good for drinking and cooking. In non-Asian countries, dry sherry is often the recommended substitute.

Bought the bottle of Shaoxing at SM Hypermarket.


  1. mika says

    Ms. Connie, I have a bottle of shao xing rice wine at home. Unfortunately, I’ve only managed to use it once on hainanese chicken. Can I use this to substitute for mirin or sake to try your other recipes?

  2. Carlo says

    Hi Miss Connie.
    I’m having difficulty looking for this rice wine in some branches of SM Hypermaket.

    In what specific branch did you buy this?


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