Self-frosting Nutella cupcakes Self-frosting Nutella cupcakes

You like cupcakes and you like them with frosting but you feel you don’t have the time, the patience or the skill to create beautifully frosted cupcakes. The answer? Self-frosting cupcakes. The ones I made, based on a recipe from Baking Bites, were frosted with Nutella. But I bet you can make an equally delicious batch using local peanut butter.

What is Nutella? It’s a hazelnut and chocolate spread. Kinda pricey because it’s imported and that’s why I mentioned peanut butter. If you want to make these babies using peanut butter, choose the kind that gets really soft and almost pourable at room temperature.

Can the same technique be used using melted chocolate? I did that once (see the photo) but the chocolate hardened as it cooled. The cupcakes were great while warm but not after they had cooled.

Now, how to make these self-frosting Nutella cupcakes.

The following ingredients will yield 9 large or 12 medium-sized cupcakes. It all depends on the size of you pan.

Ingredients for self-frosting Nutella cupcakes:

140 g. of butter (that’s a little less than 2/3 cup), softened to room temperature
3/4 c. white sugar
3 eggs
1/2 tsp. of vanilla
1-3/4 c. of all purpose flour
1/4 tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking powder
9-12 (depending on the size of your cupcake pan) heaping tsps. of Nutella

Preheat the oven to 325oF.

First, you need to have all your ingredients at room temperature, including the eggs and the Nutella.

Sift together the flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside. Self-frosting Nutella cupcakes

Place the sugar and butter in a large mixing bowl. With a wire whisk or a mixer, beat the butter and sugar together. Just keep beating until the mixture is light and creamy. Self-frosting Nutella cupcakes

Add the eggs, one at a time, beating after each addition. Self-frosting Nutella cupcakes

Add the flour mixture and mix. The mixture may appear lumpy at first… Self-frosting Nutella cupcakes

… but keep right on mixing until you have a smooth batter. Note that the batter will be heavy and hardly pourable. Stir in the vanilla. Self-frosting Nutella cupcakes

Meanwhile, line the muffin pan with paper cups. Use an ice cream scoop (very practical) to fill the pans until about 3/4 full. Self-frosting Nutella cupcakes

Top with a heaping teaspoonful of Nutella. Take a toothpick, dip into the unbaked cupcake until the tip hits the bottom of the pan. Self-frosting Nutella cupcakes

Using a scooping motion, swirl the Nutella with the batter so that some of the batter comes up on top of the Nutella.

Bake in a preheated 325oF oven for exactly 20 minutes.

Serve warm or cooled.

Edited on April 21, 2010.


  1. says

    my pogiBoy would love this!

    Puno na yung binder ko nang kapi-print nang recipes mo. When is the book coming out? Or is out already and I missed it? waahhh

    • says

      Meron na sa Tastebook. But I’m not so happy about it because the shipping costs more than the book if you’re ordering from the Philippines. :sad:

      • says

        I googled and went to their site but I can’t seem to find your book? Pa-send naman nang link to it. May friend ako sa US pabili na lang ako when she comes over this year.

        Sayang I thought you’d publish locally. I was already planning a trip to National Bookstore hehe

        • says

          Auee, try this link. Someone told me it was out of print and I found that weird kasi nga print on demand yan. That’s the reason why I removed the banner link on the sidebar.

          • says


            Tama ka, mahal nga shipping. Pagdating dito nyan may added tax pa ko.
            I will send it to my friend hehe

  2. says

    Hi Ate Connie,
    I had to give up using Nutella due to it’s partially hydrogenated oil content. It’s addictive and too yummy to keep around the house. I will try the peanut butter version.

  3. cookiemom says

    bonjour connnie ! i have recently tried your nutella cupcakes and they were very good. though my cupcakes were less prettier than yours ha ha ha ! i had visited also the site where you got this nutella cupcake recipe and honestly your cupcakes are more gorgeous than hers ! one of these days , will try the custard cake.

    • says

      Oh, that is so heartwarming. Two years ago, I was such a bad baker that I rarely posted cake and cookie recipes. You inspire me to learn more. Thanks.

      • bebi says

        hi connie,
        it’s my first time to post here but i always visit your site. it’s a big help for me who always go by the book when it comes to cooking or anything to do with the kitchen.
        i just tried this nutella cupcake recipe of yours, and it turned out pretty good.
        sorry if this is an idiot question… for left overs, how do we maintain the crusty outside, soft inside texture/taste.. do we store it inside the ref then reheat when it’s time to eat again?

        • says

          You can’t reheat them because they will dry up. They really are best eaten within a day in which case no refrigeration is necessary. Best to bake a small batch that can consumed quickly.

  4. sherie says

    hi! may i call u ate connie? i’ve been visiting ur site everyday since i came across of your corn muffin a la not a cook nor know how to bake before bt ur recipes are easy to follow..oh i tried this recipe and i quote my husband “masarap pro it’s not enticing” ksi some of the cupcakes sunk in the middle..heheh oh well atleast masarap!
    …thanks for another yummy recipe and looking forward to a new one soon..

  5. Cris says

    Hi Connie, I stumbled upon your recipe and your site and it went straight to my bookmarks. I’d like to bake this for some friends who will be staying over, but I wonder, can I prepare the batter the day before and bake the next morning? If so, how should I keep it? in the fridge or outside? Thanks for you fantastic site and ideas.

  6. says

    hi ms. connie,
    thanks for the recipe. i just baked a batch of these super yummy cupcakes and they were a hit! :) my cupcakes were not as pretty as yours though. i’d definitely make it again soon as we have an abundance of nutella at home (thanks to my bro-in-law who sends care packages from Australia regularly). I posted about it on my blog :)

    • Sam says

      I’m almost finished making these and I am a little confused why I went to the store and bout Vanilla, being that their are no instructions in which it is put to use.

        • Ikay says

          hi miss connie. can’t help but keep on baking self-fosting nutella cupckes. this is my 3rd time to bake this recipe. Bagong bake palang ubos na, naubos na ng anak ko (2 y.o) at hubby. sobrang sarap……….. we are located here in nEW zEALAND… Thank you and God bless… Thank you talaga miss connie…

  7. Donna GM says

    I made it and it is so heavenly especially with coffee :) I have another bottle nearing best before and will surely make another batch :) by the way sinabay ko cya with onion bread and ambango ng onion bred good thing d nahawa sa amoy :)

    • Connie says

      Good for you that you have an extra jar of Nutella. Rarely happens in our house as the Nutella gets eaten off the jar.

  8. Reich says

    I tried this last night. Unfortunately, they turned out dense and dry. I was hoping for fluffy and moist cakes. I wonder where I went wrong? What is the effect of salted butter on cakes?

    • Reich says

      I just went to the baking bites site and I found this recipe there. I now understand why they turned out dense and dry, they’re supposed to be pound like cakes. Thanks for the recipe. I guess I’ll search for a more moist cupcake recipe and just add nutella on top. My daughter loves nutella that’s why I tried this recipe.

  9. Melissa says

    Just made these cupcakes with my daughter and her friend. While ours weren’t near as pretty as yours, then were sooo good! Definitely a keeper, thanks!

  10. Mommyness says

    Nasubukan ko ito.. Grabe! Sarap yun ang hinahanap kong texture ng cake sa loob at ang nutella ang sarap melted pa sa loob kapag medyo room temp na. 1 dozen nagawa ko naubos ng husband ko at ng two daughters na super liit pa. Uulitin ko ulit ito at ibookmark ang recipe para sa mga nanghihining colleagues ng husband ko. Thank you Ms. Connie :) More Power! God bless.

  11. Noel Cabacungan says

    Good morning, Connie! I’m thinking of making banana-carrot cupcake and top it with your nutella frosting. Do you think the combination will work? Thanks and happy holidays in advance :)

  12. Noel Cabacungan says

    Good morning, Connie! I’m thinking of making banana-carrot cupcake and top it with your nutella frosting. Do you think the combination will work? Thanks and happy holidays in advance :)

  13. Noel Cabacungan says

    We’re also aiming for a cashual photoshoot and brown batter and darkbrown frosting surely won’t look photo enticing so I’m thinking of using another white frosting instead of swirling the batter for marble effect. Perhaps vanila butter will do taste-wise? White chocolate will be more expensive. Thanks!

  14. Noel Cabacungan says

    We’re also aiming for a cashual photoshoot and brown batter and darkbrown frosting surely won’t look photo enticing so I’m thinking of using another white frosting instead of swirling the batter for marble effect. Perhaps vanila butter will do taste-wise? White chocolate will be more expensive. Thanks!

  15. Sarah says

    Hello from Italy! Made these for my OH’s birthday and they are devine!!! We both love them! There are plenty of recipes online for similar cupcakes but the photo of yours attracted to your page. These are super easy and the finished product looked just like yours in the photo.

  16. Mayec Vergara says

    Hi Ms. Connie, I’ve been “stalking” your website, especially the recipes section since September this year (i think) when I was doing research on a recipe for microwave cake/cupcake and I stumbled upon your blog. You are a gem! I’m a huge fan of your desserts as they’re easy to follow – very convenient for a first time baker-wannabe like me =) My kids and I have done both your microwave-cooked choco cupcakes with some success =) As we’ve just acquired an oven this month, I’ve been trying to bake like crazy! I’ve tried your sinful chocolate cake (which I undercooked – but it was truly delicious!) and my kids & I tried your chocolate brownie cake which I seemed to have singed a little on the sides but still tasted really good. Our most successful baking, however, was this self-frosting nutella! I baked a batch just last friday during my kids’ school pajama party where they brought this as their food to share – success!! My little girls related to me how their classmates really liked the cupcakes – ubos po! Again, thank you! May your tribe increase!

  17. Maruh Bordage says

    Great idea!!! i have my nutella spread here so i can make my first attempt to do cupcakes
    thanks again for sharing ur wonderful and very easy recipes!! more powers!!! more yummy recipes!!

  18. says

    I tried this recipe. It turned out well tastewise :) Now for the aesthetics – I think I put too much nutella and did not swirl properly because mine had uneven top. Parts with so much nutella did not rise. I have to try this again :)

  19. angie says

    Hi Connie. I am using a fan-assisted oven. Do i have to adjust the temperature? If so, what should the temperature be? I really hope you reply. thank you :)

  20. Nicole says

    I tried this with yellow cake mix and while they tasted delicious, the batter was much thinner and so the nutella sank into the cupcakes. So rather than self frosted, they were frosted on the inside. On the plus side, it motivated my five year old daughter to eat the cupcake rather than licking off the frosting and saying, I’m done! And we put a candy bear on the top of each to make up for the lack of marbling. Next time, I will try your cake recipe! :)

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