Seaweed noodles from Vigan

On the same morning that we bought balicucha and bagnet, we also bought a pack of seaweed noodles. I was unfamiliar with the product, I had no idea how I should cook the noodles so I asked the tindera (vendor) for additional information.

Do I boil the noodles then drain them before adding to stir-fried vegetables?

Oh, no! They go into a pot of soup! Saute shallots and garlic in annatto-tinted oil, add broth, boil, drop the noodles into boiling soup and cook until the noodles are done. Seaweed noodles from Vigan

I decided I could manage with that information and bought a 250-gram pack. When we got home, I opened the pack of seaweed noodles to make a soup dish.

On closer inspection, I discovered that the contents of the plastic bag was a mixture of dried seaweeds and flour-based noodles. It would have been more accurate if the label said “dried seaweed and noodles” rather than “seaweed noodles.”

I can’t complain about the results though. The flavor of the noodle dish (with sliced pechay and chopped bagnet) was fantastic and the texture of the noodles was such that they did not disperse flour into the broth to turn it cloudy. I still have half a bag of these “seaweed noodles” and I’m thinking of making a stir-fried dish with them.

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  1. emyM says

    It’s getting cold here so I’m reviewing your “soup recipe” posts.
    Akala ko talaga may seaweed noodle! I don’t think we have this here.
    I’ll try to cook the beef tendon noodle soup.I’ve seen this in Chinese
    market but never tried before.Parang matigas at matagal iluto.
    Do you use pressure cooker?

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