Scotch eggs: dinner for two plus midnight snack

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  1. yhonna says:

    I saw this dish I think the other night in TLC when it featured the best diners in the US. One diner has Scotch Eggs as one of its specialties. The egg yolk, though, is still very runny inside that when you cut into the meat cover and into the egg, the yolk would ooze out into your plate. I was playing in my head how I could make the dish my way (hubby loves eggs, in any preparation). Am I glad that you have a recipe for scotch eggs! I will definitely try this next week….

  2. mjskit says:

    I’ve heard of scotch eggs but had no idea what they were. Now I know. These look and sounds absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  3. edith flores says:

    My husband arrives at 2:30 am from work and i want to serve him something different as a late dinner/early breakfast so i tried the scotch eggs last night.Luckily, i have a botttle of Cheez whiz from a Phil goods store here in Japan..It made our early breakfast quite special..A nice way to start our 20th wedding anniversary…..Now i’m browsing through your recipes to prepare a special dinner.. Dinner dates here are usually possible only during week ends…:)

  4. Angela Ubaldo says:

    This my favorite festival food. They have it at ” Charles Dicken’s festival” in Galveston Tx every year. They usually serve it with mustard or honey mustard sauce ( I prefer the latter).
    Thank you for posting the recipe.