Rice pudding with custard topping

Rice pudding with custard topping

It isn’t difficult to do this dish but for someone like me who still cooks rice on a trial and error basis, it took sometime to get it right.

It’s simple enough, really. Cook the glutinous rice in coconut milk with a little salt and brown sugar to taste, transfer to a baking dish, top with the custard and bake until the top is brown in spots. The way it happened, the custard was easier to make than the rice pudding. I don’t remember anymore how many times I had to add coconut milk because there were still uncooked grains after 45 minutes on the stove.

But, whatever, the result was great.

The custard is the same as the one I used for the cassava bibingka except that I totally omitted the evaporated milk and the sweetened condensed milk. Instead, I used honey + pancake syrup.

Ingredients :

2 c. of glutinous rice
about a cup of dark brown sugar
1 tsp. of salt
4-6 c. of coconut milk

For the custard:

1-1/2 c. of fresh milk
1/2 c. mixture of honey and pancake syrup (you can use honey only or pancake syrup only)
1 c. thick coconut milk
2 tbsps. of flour
2 egg yolks

Cooking procedure :

Cook the rice in coconut milk, stirring in the sugar and salt before it starts to boil. Start with only 4 cups of coconut milk and add little by little if 4 cups aren’t enough to cook the rice completely.

Transfer the cooked rice pudding to a baking dish. Do not fill up the baking dish to the brim. Allow enough space for the custard.

Prepare the custard.

Mix together the milk, honey and pancake syrup mixture, flour and coconut milk. Cook over low heat, stirring, until thick. Beat the egg yolk in a bowl, pour half of the milk-flour mixture, beat until smooth, then pour the egg mixture back into the pan. Cook over low heat for another minute or so.

Pour the custard over the rice pudding. Bake in a preheated 180oC oven until the tops are browned, about 15 minutes.

Cool completely before cutting to make sure that both the pudding and the custard are firm enough. The slice of rice pudding in the photo above was cut while still warm and I thought the custard would run down. I was hungry, what can I say? So, if you want better looking slices of rice pudding, wait, wait and wait until the pudding is cool.


  1. Les says

    Hi Connie: your blog is just superb!! what i LOVE about it is your passion for creating and posting everything in your blog. Happy Holidays!
    ps: kindly pls. give an update of your book.

  2. says

    hi ms connie, i’ve been really excited w/ ur noche buena blog… this is it.. and i’ll be trying this one. be w8ing for more of ur recipes… thanks.

  3. grace says

    ok is this more like a “duhh!” question, but i figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask anyway…lol. Could I use long grain rice instead of glutinous?? i’m trying to mix in pinoy and american food into my christmas dinner menu…since i’ll be the only cooking i am hoping i can substitute ingredients here and there…

  4. drew says

    hello connie, i followed the recipe with a little twist with the custard.instead i used evaporated milk and condensed with milk and vanilla.however instead of 15 min it took around 1 1/2 to taste good and my family asked where did i get this idea.thanks to you. but since it’s my first time the sides were a bit dark compared to the center, and the bottom part of the sides sticks to the pyrex. any suggestions for this? and one last instead of baking it can i steam it instead? thank you so much for giving such wonderful ideas for this season.

  5. drew says

    yup,i thought so, but surprisingly it didn’ 15 min the custard wasn’t brown yet.i was poking it with a knife, but the custard was still sticking to the knife..but the bottom part of the rice sticks to the pyrex.maybe i need more practice with baking.thanks a lot

  6. Susan says

    Hai Connie,
    My friend cook the rice puding different way. She cook the glutinous rice with coconut milk in rice cooker the way you cook rice. Then she made the caramel on the stove. When the glutinous rice cooked, mix it to the caramel then you put it in the oven dish. in that way, you don’t have to worry that some part are not cook.

  7. Redge says

    hi connie!
    i made this yesterday and it’s so yummy! i love the custard topping. only thing is my rice became too oily from the coconut milk. i had to place wax paper underneath it to absorb the oil. wonder what i did wrong?

  8. says

    Susan, so there is no topping?

    Redge, if you got oil, that means the coconut milk was cooked too long. Actually, I don’t think that’s so bad. It’s like biko with a custard topping. :)

    Joeann, for about 12 people.

  9. jinky says

    Hi ms. connie,

    i was browsing your noche buena entry and found this one. Here in the visayas we have a dish using glutinous rice called puto maya, it is cooked by steaming the soaked glutinous rice first and coconut milk mixture is poured little by little when the rice is almost cooked. The same ingredients are used except for the sugar, we use white. Maybe the reason why it took so long for you to cook the rice is because of the coconut milk, which delays the cooking. (The oil I think).
    But be sure to add the rice to the steamer when the water starts to boil and add it by batches for faster cooking.
    When its already cooked, it can then be transferred to a dish and add the custard, then baked.
    Pero ang puto maya, wala ng custard. After adding the coconut milk mixture, we steam it for a little while or until the grains are cooked, then its done. Its usually served with tsokolate.

  10. shie of hawaii says

    Hi, Miss Connie!
    I got confused.. Did you just revised your above recipe? ‘Coz i’ve been making this based on your recipe but it was a bit different.. like i remember the custard being condensed milk mixed with 3/4 cups coconut milk then flour but the above recipe for the custard is now different..I also remember mixing butter with the glutinous rice while cooking it…
    Are my eyes cheating me or you really just changed the recipe? Coz now im wonderin if the recipe that i used to cook is the same as this one.. what i mean is if the dessert that i was making based form your recipe is different from the above…
    but i knw it was also a glutinuous rice with a custard topping…
    Sorry, i just don’t have time to check your whole dessert and snack blog coz gotta make this one’s my birthday and im making this for myself since this is one of my faves..hehehehee…just a simple filipina with simple happiness in celebrating her bday…

    • says

      Shie, if I change a recipe — any recipe — there is always a notice that says “UPDATED on (date) @ (time) unless it’s simply a correction of a typographical error or anything that does NOT change the substance of the entry.

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