Rare, medium rare, well done

casaveneracion.com fried eggs, sunny side up

When grilling steaks, there is rare, very rare, medium rare and well done. In our house, when frying eggs sunny side up pretty much the same principles apply. I like my egg rare (runny egg yolk and slightly runny egg white), Speedy prefers medium rare (runny egg yolk but well cooked egg white) and Sam only eats her egg well done (fully cooked egg white slightly browned and crisp along the edges and fully cooked egg yolks that don’t drip at all). Alex? She likes her egg scrambled.


  1. Trosp says

    About a month ago,I’ve encountered one recipe of fried egg. That is by topping the sunny side-up with chopped spring onions, dashes of oyster sauce, and chopped chilie pepper (Kylie Kwong’s recipe). Superb!

    As for the stake, even a Monterey’s porterhouse can taste like the real thing if you’ll massively salt it rock salt 15 minutes to one hour before grilling. Rinse and pat dry and you’re ready to grill. That is from http://steamykitchen.com/blog/2007/08/28/how-to-turn-cheap-choi… and I’ve tried it. Magnifico!

  2. Ria says

    Haha same as in our house. That’s why when I cook eggs for breakfast, I ask each one exactly how they want their eggs as it usually changes depending on their mood. :/