Puto maya

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In the comment thread of my Lasang Pinoy 5 entry, Sha mentioned that puto bumbong was not popular in Cebu the way puto maya was. Puto, of course, means rice cake and both puto bumbong and puto maya are variations of the basic thing.

What is puto maya? It is glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and, just like puto bumbong, eaten with a mixture of niyog (grated coconut) and sugar.

The choicest part of puto maya is the tutong–the crust that forms at the bottom of the pan. In the photo above, taken at a potluck Christmas party last week, the rice cakes were moulded and the tutong arranged on top of each cake as a garnish.

My lola (grandmother) used to cook this classic Filipino delicacy often when my brother and I were still in grade school. She would call us (her house was next to ours) when the puto maya was still warm and we would eat with gusto. Haven’t tried cooking it myself yet. I will, though. Sometime.