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In the comment thread of my Lasang Pinoy 5 entry, Sha mentioned that puto bumbong was not popular in Cebu the way puto maya was. Puto, of course, means rice cake and both puto bumbong and puto maya are variations of the basic thing.

What is puto maya? It is glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and, just like puto bumbong, eaten with a mixture of niyog (grated coconut) and sugar.

The choicest part of puto maya is the tutong–the crust that forms at the bottom of the pan. In the photo above, taken at a potluck Christmas party last week, the rice cakes were moulded and the tutong arranged on top of each cake as a garnish.

My lola (grandmother) used to cook this classic Filipino delicacy often when my brother and I were still in grade school. She would call us (her house was next to ours) when the puto maya was still warm and we would eat with gusto. Haven’t tried cooking it myself yet. I will, though. Sometime.


  1. says

    ito sa amin not bumbong
    nag umuwi ako namatay na pala yong suki namin
    in many ways when I was young I was much pretty much aware of other regional cuisine kasi every year we were in Manila….

  2. says

    Agnoramous talaga ko… akala ko pang-harot (tease) lang yan nung bata ako. Alam mo yunng chant–“gaya-gaya puto-maya”?

    Pagkain pala!

    Yung inangit, love ko yan sa ginataang bilo-bilo.

  3. says

    LOL Auee, pagkain nga! :lol:

    Actually, it’s very similar to inangit. Or they’re the same. I have a suspicion that they’re just called by different names in different regions.

  4. says

    Oh Puto Maya, how I miss you. Di ba’t I mentioned I went home last year? Hehehe, I was planning to shed off some pounds there pero hanggang plano lang ako. Dahil takaw sa native foods. I went to the market almost everyday, very early in the morning dahil talagang presko pa lahat ang bilihin. My reward at the end of pamalengke ay ang pumunta sa isang turo-turo in the market and ordered Puto Maya with hot native chocolate.

  5. says

    ganyan din ang puto sa dumaguete. nakaka-miss nga. i’ve tried making my own here, and it’s pretty good. i’ll try to post a recipe on my food blog as soon as i can. :-)

  6. says

    Beng, wala yatang on vacation na nakakapag-diet. :lol:

    Sige, Gelo, para we can all learn.

    No, leng, it’s just food color. Using ground ube will turn it into halaya.

  7. ivy says

    gurlzzz you rock!!! soo true went for 2 months vacation with my family in Ilocos and my my!! I came back 15 lbs heavier he eh he our pinoy food rocks for sure!!!

  8. says

    hello guys,

    it’s nice to know that a lot of people still likes to eat our very own ‘filipino desserts’, kahit pa marami na dyan na foreign ‘sweets’, the likes of krispy kremes etc. for the past few days i was really surfing to death on ingredients and procedures to cook puto maya. i am planning to prepare this for easter sunday, lam nyo yun, after salubong and mass, sarap di ba? lalu na with a ripe mango. i am originally from dumaguete and everywhere in dumaguete you will see puto maya (though we call it puto lang talaga sa amin) and tsokolate talaga everywhere esp sa mga public markets. nakak miss talaga….i went home a couple of weeks ago, pagkatapos ko matali sa work dito sa makati for 2 years. yup, after 2 years pa ulit ako nakauwi. and know what, sa airport pa lang pagkasundo sa akin, nagbilin na agad ako sa lola ko na magluto kami kinabukasan nang puto maya and i want to see how its being cooked talaga. wow kinabukasan ginising nga ako so early in the morning and nakita ko nga pano cya gawin. prob ko is, wala kami steamer so i need to buy one anytime this week. Holy Friday pa naman so gudluck di ba? sarado ang mga mall. I just want to like verify the procedure, might see something better or shall i say something easier online hehehe. Sa amin kasi, ibabad mo ang malagkit overnight. drain mo cya den sa steamer, yung upper portion mo cya ilalagay with dahon nang saging. the second layer is for water na dapat ay kumukulo. yung malagkit, hahaluan mo cya nang gata every now and then, mixed every now and then and tikim din every now and then , you would know if its luto na naman di ba? so madali na yun. ganun lang….wish me luck na lang hehehe

    isa pa prob ko…dont know where to buy the ‘tsokolate’. though may idea na ako to use hersheys, gusto ko sana mas native pa…idea anybody?


  9. Charles Patrick Estupin says

    may ingridients bakau ng PUTO BUMBONG
    sa sAPIN SAPIN


  10. says

    I am trying to create a list of good and tasty recipies so that when I go back and stay most of the time in the Philippines I could cook for my friends.Can you kindly give me the recipe nang original na puto maya and its cooking procedure.thank you

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