President Grand Palace Restaurant, Chinatown

We ordered too much. We just had dumplings at Dong Bei not more than two hours earlier and there we were at President Grand Palace Restaurant ordering left and right. My excuse was that the Chinese dinner was in support of my daughter’s education as she was supposed to write a paper about the Chinatown trip as a component of her final exam in a History subject. Lame excuse, perhaps. Maybe, I really just missed good Chinese food. President Grand Palace Restaurant, Chinatown

A couple of years ago, there was rumor that President had closed. If it ever did, it’s open once more and I am very glad. President Grand Palace Restaurant, Chinatown

It’s the same place I remembered. Spacious dining room and Chinese colors. President Grand Palace Restaurant, Chinatown

I wasted no time in ordering half a duck. President Grand Palace Restaurant, Chinatown

The skin was carved. President Grand Palace Restaurant, Chinatown

And served with Chinese pancakes. President Grand Palace Restaurant, Chinatown

My daughter, Sam, wanted birds’ nest soup with quail eggs. So, instead of having the duck served three-way, we had it just two-way as I didn’t anymore ask that the bones be cooked as a soup dish. President Grand Palace Restaurant, Chinatown

The duck meat was chopped, mixed with crispy rice noodles and served with lettuce. President Grand Palace Restaurant, Chinatown

How to eat it? Place a couple of tablespoonfuls of the duck mixture at the center of a lettuce leaf and top with sauce. Roll the lettuce and bite. Delicious. President Grand Palace Restaurant, Chinatown

Of course, we had Yang Chow fried rice. President Grand Palace Restaurant, Chinatown

And a favorite of the girls since they were very young — fish fillets with corn sauce. President Grand Palace Restaurant, Chinatown

Speedy ordered pork intestines, he wasn’t content with the texture when it was served, had it sent back to be refried for extra crispiness and we were all in Chinese food heaven.

The bill was only P1,200.00. Imagine that.

Like I said, we ordered too much. We brought home the leftovers and I didn’t have to cook at all the next day.


  1. says

    we often eat there *since we live near chinatown* and I must say, their food has good value :D oh, if you ask the waiter for 10% off as long as you will pay in cash, they will gladly give it to you :P

  2. Badgie says

    Hi Connie! What is their exact address? I remember eating eel there for the first time. Glad its back!

    • says

      Along Ongpin. Between Salazar Bakery and Lord Stowe but on the opposite side of the street. Almost beside the estero.

  3. frenchadobo says

    for the quality and quantity, the price is a steal ! it’s already included in the “must” list to visit when we come home for vacation. chinese restaurants and other asian restaurants here in paris in my opinion don’t serve authentic asian taste. and the menu is so limited! thanks for the idea connie

  4. emy M says

    That was a hearty meal!Great photos.I can smell
    it here.
    You gave me an idea to make lettuce wrapped
    duck meat w/ fried rice noodles.

  5. Nikita says

    There’s a President na at SM North EDSA Annex; sana they serve the same food and have the same prices. Definitely interested in P1,200 meal that serves duck!

    • says

      P1200 for the entire meal ha. But you have 2 boys so you might want to order an entire duck instead of half.

      • Nikita says

        Yup, P1,200 for the entire meal; definitely not a bad deal. Di masyadong mahilig ang boys ko sa duck; will probably just add a pork or beef viand, cheaper pa I would think. :-)

  6. rea says

    Hi! Just a suggestion, when not in full lauriat mode, you can visit Ying-Ying Tea House on Dasmarinas corner Yuchengco. Just as good, just as reasonable. And same owners too! But yes, El Presidente (what my grandparents used to call it) is still the Best!!! I’m forever making excuses to go there to eat :)

  7. Krista says

    Thank you for this review mam! Me and my boyfriend is planning to celebrate our third anniversary on the 13th. Since he’s a half-chinese, and I’m a girl who wants to try something new, I think this restaurant would be perfect for our date. Thank you again for sharing this.

  8. Rochelle Pantoja says

    wow grabeh food nila sobrang sarap and reasonable nman ung price nila and ung serving nila sobrang dami.small pa lng daw ung serving sb nung waiter pero omg ang dami talga nung serving nila.ummm srap tlga kumain sa president grand palace..and i also suggest sa emerald garden sa may roxas blvd..saarraap din ng mga food nila..

  9. says

    Hi Ms. Connie,

    I am intending to give my Grand Daddy a surprise dinner date for his 77th birthday on Dec 2 or Dec 3.

    How much would it usually cost me if I’d like to reserve for a table for 12-15 people only.

    my budget is just at 5,000. would it fit your menu?