Pregnancy test kits are 70% cheaper since I was pregnant with Sam

After my incessant nocturnal food tripping over the past three weeks — from barbecued isaw to hopia to siopao and everything in between — Speedy finally bought a pregnancy test kit before lunch today. He came home still wearing a surprised look on his face.

Ang mura na pala nyang mga ganyan ngayon (Those things are so cheap these days)…”

“Why, how much was it?”

“Seventy-seven pesos…”

Wow, pregnancy test kits have indeed come a long way. When I suspected I was pregnant with Sam (she’s 18 today, so, do the math), I had to go to Makati Med to have the test conducted. With Alex, over-the-counter pregnancy test kits were starting to make an appearance but they cost around two to three hundred pesos per. And we’d usually buy more than one kit. You know, just in case one was defective.

Better sure than unknowing. It’s always better to be prepared. Even before Speedy bought the kit, we were already exploring options. How would the girls react? Where would be put the cot (the spare bedroom is upstairs and too inconvenient)? Personally, I was thinking of where the kid would go to school because I sure as hell wouldn’t choose any of Sam’s and Alex’s old schools. So, there was that discussion again about moving back to the city. More schooling options. Much, much more.

Anyway, I took the kit, made the test and…

Two stripes = positive. One stripe = negative. So, there.

Over on Facebook, to all my wonderful friends who were already volunteering to be godparents, and to those who were already choosing names for the baby, and to the sainted angel who volunteered to be a nanny, sorry darlings, obviously, I was really just going through a serious case of food tripping over the past three weeks.

So, we were wondering about the girls’ reaction if the test proved positive? Sam and Alex, who have been having internet problems at the condo for days, couldn’t have seen the long, long threads on Facebook. I was on the phone with Alex, told her that her father bought a pregnancy test kit and her first reaction was, “What the fuck…???” In those exact words. And how would have Sam reacted? Consider Alex’s reaction a mild one. Sam would have, well… she especially dislikes the thought of having a baby brother. She’d consider the mere possibility a serious threat. So, you can just imagine.