Pre Christmas callos

Multi-tasking has taken on a new dimension for me this Christmas. Between the huge task of reconstructing this blog after last Sunday’s database debacle, changing the curtains, laundering the seat covers, cooking and having the house ready for family reunions before the New Year, I don’t know how I’ve survived the past week without tearing my hair out. I even managed to squeeze in a trip to the supermarket last Friday. The crowd was unbelievable. The queue at the cashier’s lane was moving so slow. All’s well that ends well, however. I was able to get everything I needed to cook callos. Callos, Christmas Eve 2005

I actually cooked this on Friday evening, the 23rd. And we did have it for dinner. But I cooked enough for two meals intending to serve it for lunch on Christmas day. Like any stew, callos tastes better after reheating. Last Friday, we had our callos not with rice but with focaccia. The photo of the callos that you see above is leftover callos. I wasn’t able to take any photos with the focaccia because dinner last Friday was very late already (it took forever to cook the pork pata) and I didn’t want to cause more delays by taking photos.

I’ve already posted my callos recipe a while back so I won’t reproduce it in this entry. Just click here for the recipe.


  1. Naty says

    Hi Connie,
    Thanks for this recipe. I love callos and I cooked this just tonight.
    It turned out great.

    The thing is… I don’t like garbanzos. So when I was eating the callos, I had to pick out the garbanzos which was a hassle.

    Would it still come out nice if I don’t put garbanzos in? Will the sauce still come out masarap? :)

    • Connie says

      Sure! The garbanzos don’t really add anything to the sauce. Just for contrast and texture.