Pork curry empanada

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. natzsm says:

    Empanada dough has sort of become an obsession for me. I failed miserably in making empanada kaliskis before and feel that it is simply to complicated to make. My last attempt to make an empanada was about a month ago. I used a recipe that claimed that it could be baked or fried (using the same recipe) so I made a big batch of crust so I could try both methods and still have some in the freezer for later use. The baked version was only edible straight out of the oven but turned so tough when it cooled that we had to scrap off the apple filling just to salvage what we could and throw away the crust. Not even our cats would touch them. The ones I fried simply disintegrated when they hit the oil! ( I now still have some crust frozen, which I plan to simply throw out or maybe make into a TRICK for Halloween)

    Your crusts look so flaky and light that I feel that my quest for the kaliskis crust is no longer necessary. I am planning to fill my empanadas with ube halaya and might even try a pumpkin pie sort of filling.

    Ms.Connie, I really love that you actually make your recipes before posting them. This assures that they are doable and that your photos are also actual photos of your creations.

    I sometimes feel that some/most recipes out there have never been tested and the accompanying photos are dramatically enhanced by food stylists and Photoshop wizards.

  2. The kaliskis crust is really a Malaysian thing. You prepare two doughs — one with oil and one without. You roll the oiled dough into a ball, wrap the unoiled dough around it then you roll the whole thing flat. :) Someday, I’ll post a recipe for it. When the weather is cooler. hehehehe

    • carl0z says:

      It would be wonderful to be able to perfect the “kaliskis” crust. I’ve seen it in some Singaporean stalls, but the best ones for me are the Negros empanadas, such as the ones Baylon makes. They’re flaky, yet crunchy. The “kaliskis” gives a different texture to the empanada crust1