Pizza pan de sal: good as snack or appetizer

In the Glad bakeware entry, I mentioned that I made some baked macaroni which my daughter brought to the class Christmas party. What I didn’t mention was that I stayed up all night to make sure that the baked mac would be ready when she left for school yesterday morning. More importantly, I wanted the baked mac to have cooled a bit before fitting the cover on the baking dish. As a result, by the time the sauce was done, I felt famished. So, there I was at 3.30 a.m. feasting on pizza pan de sal. pizza pan de sal

This is such a simple snack to make (a heavy one though) and kids love it. Had my daughters been awake at that ungodly hour, I’m sure they would have shared the pizza pan de sal with me.

Ingredients :

pan de sal, split in halves
2 tbsps. of pasta sauce for every half-piece of pan de sal
chopped onions, optional
chopped bell peppers, optional
grated cheese

Assembling the pizza pan de sal:

I don’t recommend ready-to-pour pasta sauce in pouches. If you don’t have a tried and tested pasta sauce, you may this or this.

I don’t recommend either that you go through all the trouble of cooking a pot of pasta sauce just so you make make some pizza pan de sal. When you make pasta sauce, make a lot and set aside some to make pizza pan de sal.

Chopped onions and bell peppers are optional because home made pasta sauce has enough onions and bell peppers. Add them only if you want some crunch in your pizza pan de sal.

Toast the split pan de sal in the oven for about two minutes. You have to pre-toast the bread so that they form a crust on the surface. Remember that unlike uncooked pizza crust, you are using ready-to-eat bread. Unless you toast the pan de sal, they will get soaked with pasta sauce and they will turn soggy and difficult to handle.

When you’ve toasted your pan de sal, spread the pasta sauce over them. Top with chopped onions and bell peppers, if you prefer, then add the grated cheese on top. Toast for another minute or just until the cheese melts.

Eat as soon as they are cool enough to handle so as not to burn your hands and mouth. :razz: