Pili nut delicacies

My husband arrived last night from a five-day trip to Bicol and, per my request, he brought home every pili nuts product he could find.

casaveneracion.com roasted pili nuts

There’s freshly roasted pili nuts.

casaveneracion.com salted pili nuts and pili nuts with caramelized sugar and sesame seeds

Salted pili nuts and pili nuts coated with caramelized sugar and sesame seeds.

casaveneracion.com pili nuts candy

Pili nut candies…

casaveneracion.com pili nuts yema

These triangular sweets (above) are a common sight in Filipino delicacy stores. You will even find them in bake shops like Goldilocks. In the vicinity of the Antipolo Cathedral, they sell for PhP 5.00 per piece. They are called yema, a local candy made with egg yolks and milk. The “commercial” variety contains flour as well. But the yema you see in the photo are not just any ordinary yema. They are made with the traditional ingredients PLUS ground pili nuts. I’m a pili nut lover and a yema lover too. Imagine combining the two in one delicious concoction.

Next time, more Filipino delicacies made with pili nuts.

For more information about pili nuts, you may read an older entry.


  1. dhay says

    oh my goodness! this is the kind of “yema” that i’ve been dying to eat since the day i left phils…the last few times i’ve been back home, i couldn’t find them anymore. i remember back then, i would save my baon so i can buy a whole pack of yema this kind. i remember buying them in our regular sari-sari store. if i were to choose over this kind of yema and the Goldilocks kind, i’d choose the one you can buy in a tindahan, they have that “gawang-bahay” feel/taste to it! the texture is soft and chewy, not too sweet and i like how sometimes when u open the cellophane, sometimes the yema gets stuck in the plastic and ofcourse i just have to lick it i wouldn’t let it go to waste, no way! smile

    Wait, does Goldilocks sells this king of yema too?

  2. Charlie says

    Hi Miss Connie! I always read your entries here at Pinoycook.net and have tried your recipes as well. Theyre really good although on some I have to make variations as some of the ingredients are not available to us here in NorCal.

    My Italian-Mexican husband loves those yema. I used to buy the ones in Tiendesitas and Market! Market! stalls. I buy the caramel ones which is much creamier and sweeter. There’s also the coffee one and the original recipe ones. I hope that when we come back over to Manila for a visit, its still going to be P5.00 a piece.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, recipes and what-nots! Keep it up! As Paula Deen says, “from my kitchen to yours, best dishes!”

  3. Janete says

    Im a Bicolana and I love Pili nuts too!  Yema with ground Pili nuts are really good!! I bought allot when I went home last 2005. May friend ako uuwi this June, maka request nga ng Pili nuts!  Yummy!!

  4. ria says

    yumm! i luv pili nuts too! smile

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