Pianono from Shoppersville

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. Gail says:

    Na-try mo na yung sa Baker’s Fair? Masarap rin pianono nila.

  2. susan f says:

    hello connie,

    eurobake has an outlet in greenhills dun sa may fastfood area just across the pearls selling area. nasa gitna siya. they also sell the special ensaymada with itlog na maalat…the size of the ensaymada is as big as a plate. they have other goodies but their ensaymada and their inipit are their bestsellers.

    at dahil natakam ako sa pianono photo mo, i will try the pianono at shoppersville tomorrow. salamat connie.

  3. Michele Logarta says:

    There used to be a eurobake kiosk in megamall food court but it seems to have disappeared. Eurobake also has an outlet along filmore avenue across cash and carry. Perhaps, it is more like a store selling Eurobake inipit. I hope it is still there.

  4. Ellen says:

    oh gosh! it’s been awhile since i had pianono =( mahirap ba gawin ‘to? baking is not one of my strong points. to be honest, i actually quite suck at it! haha! do u have a recipe for pianono connie? i’d love to bake my own..it might work..hehe

    I love ur pics! it always makes me hungry =)

  5. ruby says:

    i miss filipino desserts. this photo brings back memories of my childhood. huhuhuhu!!!

  6. Boo says:

    Hi Connie! To be very honest, I’m no pianono fan, but when I say this entry, my mouth started to water! I will definitely try this when I go home in December. Have you tried their chocolate cake? it’s to die for!!! It’s right up there with Polly’s Chocolate cake (from Shell’s Magallanes branch). Aaargh! I wish I was not so far to enjoy all these things.

  7. Ube says:

    Looks divine. Very different from the one I grew up with sprinkled with sugar.

  8. brenda says:

    uy, peborit ko yang pianono, since childhood pa.sad thing is you cant really find a good pianono here in Cebu. there are some sold in bakeries but they were like those you describes with a thin spread of butter and not custard. Another addition to my list of “to buy” when we go to Manila this Oct. Sarap nyan sa coffee lalo na pag umuulan-ulan… hayyyyyy… ang tagal ng October!

  9. Connie says:

    Ellen, I’ve never tried baking pianono. I’ll have to gather enough courage first. LOL

    Boo, chocolate cake from Shoppersville? YES! I have tried it. I especially love the custard filling between the two layers. Delicious!

    Brenda, Cebuanos have napoleones and piaya. You can’t have it all, I guess, and you have to go to Central Luzon for good pianono. hehehehe

  10. macris says:

    hi connie,

    Since we lived in the same vicinity and went to the same grade school, guess our families patronized different bakeries. We used to buy pianono from the bakery near the old caloocan market. The pianono there was really tasty. It was light brown sprinkled with sugar and the filling was custard. Anyway, I will try Shoppersville’s version. Will buy some later before picking up my son. Best regards.


  11. brenda says:

    Cebu is best known for Otap, while Napoleones and Piaya is from Negros. And I promise I’m gonna get some Pianono from Shoppersville when I go to Manila.

  12. Connie says:

    macris… as in macris from grade school??? wow, hello! re the bakery… this is the one on the corner of samson road and dagohoy street. we had their pianono forever when we stayed for a while at my uncle’s house… sila rhodora.

    Brenda, oh yes, that’s right. And to think that I have napoleones and piaya entries LOL. Thanks for the correction.

  13. Jane says:

    Nakakaingit po kayo. I have been looking for a recipe but can’t find how the custard or the filling is made. I believe it is out of condensed milk. Please send it to me if you find one. Also, in the 70’s I remember a smaller version of pianono (single serving, 2-3 bites) but the filling is red beans. It is also rolled in sugar. Yum and salamat.

  14. Lorna says:

    Di lang pianono masarap sa Shoppersville – i like their cheese cupcake too…

  15. yette says:

    yes – masarap ang inipit sa Eurobake – taga-Bulacan kasi ako kaya ko alam. Natry mo na ba ang pianono ng Liliw – saraaaaaaaap din. -:)

  16. Lisa says:

    Diagonally across Alfredo’s on Tomas Morato, about 25 years ago, there used to be a “Jaredy’s Bakeshop” where I had my first taste of what I knew to be ‘Pionono’ — and heavenly bliss!

    If anyone here knows those guys, bug them for the recipe, do the world a favor and publish it. I have never tasted anything as good ever since!

  17. chick says:

    that looks good! fortune bakeshop’s pianono is also yummy.

    i love the one from bicol though. the custard filing has ground pili nuts! :D

  18. annie straub says:

    Hi! komosta na kayong lahat diyan, Merry Christmas sa inyong lahat. you know I really like & love to be apart of your website. you guys are great and have a lot of good recipes, so please if you dont mind send me some of your wonderfull recipes like pianono, siomai,siopao and how to make cream cheese filling,please?

    ” love you much”

  19. jing says:

    That’s my fave too at shoppersville bakeshop! Yum yum! I also love their banana cupcakes and cheese cupcakes. :)

  20. bambi says:

    ms connie,

    i just have to share a pianono related experience. Back when I was still a new promdi in metro manila, my siblings and I live in the Kamuning area. And the Kamuning Bakery sells one of the most best tasting “Juan de la Cruz” pianono in QC. So one early morning on my way to a client-related outing, I decided to please my client by serving early morning breakfast in the van with pianono bread. So bumili ako ng marami sa Kamuning Bakery. After buying, I took the jeep going to the hospital where I will meet our doctor-client. Wala pa akong company car. I had 6,000 pesos in my wallet intended for our outing that morning. Ay naku, na pick pocket ako sa Cubao-Kamuning jeep na yun. Nawala lahat ng pera ko para sa outing na yun dahil lang sa pianono. Pero natuloy pa rin kami.

    I think the bakery is still existing to this day. It’s along Judge Jimenez street. Simple lang siya na neighborhood bakery. But their bread is good.

  21. u8mypinkcookies says:

    try the Yema Rolls from Dolor’s Kakanin (the stall selling the best sapin-sapin too!).. it’s so good! :)