Pepperoni and cheese stuffed bread rolls

Sometimes, you dream up of something that’s great for a meal for one and, at the same time, pretty enough and easy enough to prepare for a party.

What are they? They are what the title says — pepperoni and cheese stuffed bread rolls. Served warm, the cheese is soft and gooey and every bite bursts with the mixed flavors of the pepperoni and cheese.

To make them, cut off the crusts of sliced (loaf) bread. Flatten the crustless bread with a rolling pin.

Arrange a few slices of pepperoni (three is a good number) across the middle of each bread and top with a generous strip of cheese.

Roll up the bread, dip in beaten egg and fry in plenty of hot oil. Pepperoni and cheese stuffed bread rolls

Remove the fried bread from the oil, drain on several layers of absorbent paper towels and cut into one to two-inch slices. Serve at once.