Peanut butter peanut butter

I don’t normally keep more than one jar of peanut butter but since I started baking again, it’s not exactly fair to tell the kids to please keep their hands of the peanut butter jar because I’ll use it for baking cookies or cupcakes.

So, I have a jar of peanut butter for baking/cooking, the kids have their fancy peanut butter and… I don’t know why there’s a third jar of peanut butter when I took this photo. Perhaps, it’s because my daughter accompanied me to the supermarket and she went on a peanut butter shopping spree.

Some recipes in the archive that include peanut butter among the ingredients:

  1. Self-frosting peanut butter cupcakes
  2. Lumpiang labong (bamboo shoots spring rolls)
  3. Chicken satay
  4. Kare-kare
  5. Potato, beef and peanut pot
  6. Beef with sate babi sauce

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