A very peachy mess

A very peachy mess | casaveneracion.com

Just because I’ve been cooking for decades doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes in the kitchen. I do every now and then. Last Sunday, I made a huge one. Pity, really, because it was the weekend before Speedy’s birthday, the girls were both home for the weekend and I wanted to surprise everyone. Well, the surprise was on me.

The idea was to replicate Eton Mess using peaches. But, in my excitement, I forgot the basic rules about making Eton Mess. First, the fruit and syrup must be very well chilled before adding to the whipped cream. Second, there must be twice as much meringue as whipped cream, if not more.

I used the peaches straight from the can. I had twice as much whipped cream as the crumbled meringue. But I went ahead anyway. And the worst part? When I saw how the mixture was too soft and liquid-y, I decided that chilling the dessert after assembly would solve the problem. Of course, it didn’t. I kept telling everyone to wait, to be patient, because chilling was the solution and the darn thing just needed time, undisturbed, in the fridge. But… The meringue dissolved in the cream after a few hours.

So, the bloody peachy mess was not edible? It was. But the texture was terrible. I thought it would go into the trash.

Enter Sam who saved the day. She spooned the peachy mess into dessert glasses and topped it with plain corn flakes. Whoa! By stirring the too-soft dessert with corn flakes, it was transformed! The corn flakes provided the much needed texture and body. Too bad we weren’t able to take photos. We were too busy digging in.