Patani patani

I couldn’t find it’s English name or its scientific name. Just in case someone asks what patani is after I post the recipe that includes it among the ingredients, I am posting this photo of the patani for reference. They are light green in color and a common ingredient for making fresh vegetable lumpia (spring rolls).

Any information about this vegetable’s English name, scientific name, or what it is called in other countries will be very much welcome.

P.S. According to Pinoycook readers, they are called lima beans. Check out this comment thread.


  1. maris says

    i think the english name is “lima beans”.
    i also add it to pakbet or just plain sauteed.
    it tastes like sweet potato. however, it must be cooked well because otherwise, it could give out some (bad) gas.:)

  2. Rin says

    Hi Connie. This is what I found re patani. Plant originated from Lima, Peru.

    pat´ani’ n. lima beans, kidney beans

  3. nel says

    here’s some info on the lima beans…my mom adds it to fried rice and pakbet.

    Lima beans, native to South America, are ancient legumes that are sometimes referred to as the aristocrat of beans. The climbing plants on which limas grow were already in cultivation when Columbus arrived in the Americas, and archaeologists have discovered 7,000-year-old limas in Peru. Generally whitish in color, flat, and variably sized, they turn pale green when cooked and have a mellow, creamy flavor.

    Limas are members of the kidney bean family and are predominantly available as two main types: large, “potato” limas and small, baby lima beans, which are half the size of the large variety. Another, less common, variety is the large, speckled Christmas lima. The colors of lima bean varieties range from off-white and pale green to red, purple, brown, and almost black.

  4. anna s. says

    i was going to say they looked like lima beans to me..and since everybody said it is, so i guess they are..hehehe :razz:

  5. keithchiko says

    finally found someone who is familiar with patani! i can’t seem to find it though here in metro manila markets. in pamganga we usually use it in making sinigang na baboy sa kamatis. yum

  6. says

    keithchiko, i agree that they’re a little hard to find in wet markets; i found this bunch in the supermarket.

    Sorry, Kats, hindi eh. :sad:

  7. mAjAm10 says

    hello everyone!! anyone knows where we can buy PATANI LEAVES.?? for research purposes ASAP! pm me fast anyone who knows.. thanks ahead