Pan de coco pan de cocoFilipino pan de coco is a roll with a filling made from a mixture of brown sugar and grated coconut. It is not a familiar bread from my childhood. I was not introduced to pan de coco until I was married when friends put up a small bakery and brought samples of their home-baked breads to our house one time. The pan de coco was still warm from the oven. The bread was soft and the filling was chewy. Being the ultimate coconut lover, I was smitten.

I searched Google for “pan de coco” and was surprised that the bread’s name is not unique to the Philippines. Of course, I am aware that pan de coco is a Spanish phrase but I somehow thought that the bread was indigenous to this country, coconut being one of our most abundant and important agricultural products. Not so, it seems. Mexico, Honduras and the Dominican Republic have their own versions of pan de coco.

Duyan has a recipe for a very Americanized version.

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