Aristocrat Bakeshop

The Aristocrat Restaurant is a landmark along Roxas Boulevard in the city of Manila. With the Manila Bay in front and the Malate Circle behind, its location cannot be any … [Read more...]

Happy Haus donuts

They look like Dunkin’ Donuts, the flavors sound very much like those of Dunkin’ Donuts’, but these aren’t from Dunkin’ Donuts. Rumor has it that … [Read more...]

Itlog na maalat (salted eggs)

Mallard duck eggs, the same kind used for making balut and penoy, are used for making itlog na maalat or salted eggs. I don’t know if that still holds true today or … [Read more...]


Salted eggs and tomato salad

The Filipino salad of diced itlog na maalat, or salted eggs, and diced tomatoes is the traditional partner of tinapa or smoked fish. Well, I just found a new way to make it … [Read more...]


When we first discovered tinapat� in the Shoppesville tiangge in Greenhills a couple of years ago, my husband and I were immediately intrigued. A pat� made from the humble … [Read more...]