The perfect barbecue sauce / marinade

The photo below is the braised pork spare ribs we had for dinner on Sunday evening. To braise means to cook in very little liquid. It is my ideal alternative to marinating and ... (more)


Jars of dried herbs and spices

I love herbs and spices. I especially love picking fresh herbs from our backyard. But, alas, in a country where the typhoon season can last up to six months, fresh spices ... (more)


Boiled vegetables with butter and thyme

I was going to pan fry the vegetables in butter until they were tender crisp then serve them as an accompaniment to the braised pork spare ribs. But I wanted to add some herbs ... (more)


Outside the supermarket

There were two reasons why Market! Market! used to be such a magnet for me. One was the potted herbs; the other was the array of regional delicacies sold in stalls beside the ... (more)

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Chopping boards — wood or plastic?

If my father were still alive and he had a chance to read this entry, he would be smiling from ear to ear. My father used wooden chooping boards -- only, exclusively. We would ... (more)

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Smoked porkloin and cheese cupcakes

I was thinking of making some oatmeal pancakes but my husband gave me a stand mixer for Mother's Day and I so enjoy using it. Pancakes do not really require the use of an ... (more)