Crisp-fried bihod (fish roe) and rice

As a child, fish roe was a treat. My father introduced me to the yellow mass and when he saw how much I enjoyed them, he'd give his share to me. In time, all the fish roe went to me since my brother did not care all that much for them.By the time I was old enough to … [Read more...]


I had dessert for breakfast today

It's been a long time since I had breakfast at the traditional breakfast hour. Although I've been getting up before noon these past couple of weeks, my taste buds remain on strike until after I've had my second cup of coffee, checked my email and mapped out the day's photo … [Read more...]


Vegetarian stuffed bell peppers with fresh tomato sauce

Sam's very late lunch yesterday. I stuffed a huge green bell pepper with a mixture of cooked rice, mushrooms, chopped onion, minced garlic, paprika, grated cheese and parsley, put the pepper in the oven then smothered it with homemade tomato sauce. To finish it off, more … [Read more...]


Fried tanigue (Spanish mackerel) with wasabi mayo

While I do occasionally crave for the simplicity and rusticity of plain fried fish, I'm not one to find comfort nor satisfaction in having it served the same way every time. Sure, I like the vinegar and patis dipping sauce with a couple of bird's eye chilies crushed directly … [Read more...]


Butterscotch and chocolate fudge combo brownies

I first published my butterscotch and chocolate fudge combo brownies recipe in October 8, 2007. Seven years later, I've revised the recipe. I made two changes. First, I used a combination of brown and white sugar to make the butterscotch brownies lighter in texture and … [Read more...]


The best beef ho fun ever

I'm not really sure about the spelling of the dish. Hofan? Hofun? Ho fun? The dish itself is beef chow fun but most Chinese restaurants simply list it in the menu as beef hofan or beef hofun.Whatever, really. Everyone who frequents Chinese restaurants know what it is. … [Read more...]


Crocodile meat available in the Philippines

My home office underwent a minor renovation last week so it can double as a small photography studio. To mimic daylight after the sun has gone down, lights have to be chosen carefully and positioned even more carefully. So, we had to shop for new lighting fixtures. We went … [Read more...]


House of Lasagna

Two weeks ago, we were in Greenhills for clothes. Speedy's nephew was getting married the next day and, Speedy, a principal sponsor at the wedding, was picking up his barong Tagalog from his tailor. Sam had nothing to wear so we decided to shop there too. Alex went with her … [Read more...]


Foraging in the garden for lunch

On Nat Geo People, we chanced upon a food show that started with the thesis that more and more farmers are shortening the distance between the farm and the dining table. It's about going local -- buying fresh produce from nearby farms. With less transport time, the produce … [Read more...]