Oshitashi or goma-ae? Whatever. It’s spinach salad with roasted sesame dressing

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. Catherine says:

    Hi Connie,

    This is similar to the Korean namul (or is it namuro). I found it once in Just Bento. Although that was much simpler and is better paired with some sort of protein, I’ll give your version a try.

  2. Thanks for linking up with my goma-ae recipe. Your Ohitashi looks very delicious!

    The word Oshitashi is some sort of direct but the original word is Ohitashi (‘hi’ instead of ‘shi’).

    Ohitashi comes from the verb “hitasu” which means to soak. So if your dressing/sauce is more like liquid form, then Ohitashi.

    On the other hand, goma-ae or any kind of “aemono” comes from the verb “aeru” which means to mix/blend ingredients with the sauce.

    Sorry it’s kind of long explanation. I thought I should mention since I know the answer… :-)

    Thanks again! Your blog looks wonderful. I’m a new follower!

    • Oh, wow, thank you for all those details. It’s so wonderful to learn something new everyday. :)

      Your blog is awesome. I’m working up the courage to try your agedashi tofu. :)

  3. Agatha Galang- Yamada says:

    Hi Ms. Connie!

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time (even before I got married!) and now living in Tokyo for about 3 and a half years now; with toddler in tow. I remember my first 3 months there I cooked just either adobo/ sinigang/ adobo (yes! I was a poor cook :/) for my patient, discerning husband (lol). I think my Japanese mom-in-law noticed this one way or the other,hehe. And so she taught me all this easy to make, healthy vegetable side dishes- hourenso (spinach) ohitashi included. Just to share, you can substitute the spinach with mungbeans as well as other leafy green veggies similar to spinach (kangkong would definitely do!). The gomaae dressing also goes well with crunchy veggies (cucumber/carrots/celery). What I do is I cut up the veggies in advance, ziplock it and put it in the freezer and just put it out and mix it with the gomaae come meal time. Saves time and energy, and makes for a healthy meal for all of us- hubby, me and our little one included! :)

  4. raqgold says:

    i will definitely try this. we’ve got spinach overload in our garden and i am scouting for recipes!