My new Tefal blender

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. eiram says:

    can you recommend a cheaper blender? mga below 1k sana….and oh, by the way, can you also feature some baby food recipes you gave your kids when they were babies? tnx, hope i’m not asking too much….

    • Connie says:

      eiram, we had an imarflex for a little over a thousand. it’s not bad but after we got the Tefal, no contest.

      baby food? LOL that was a LONG time ago, ha. I do remember a few. Let’s see… I’ve been meaning to get a flatbed scanner to digitize the kids’ photos… some of those photos are of them eating baby food. When I get the photos scanned, I can post an entry about baby food. :)

      • eiram says:

        thanks… i have a 9 month old baby na medyo pihikan.. sana makita mo mga pix.

        • Kristel says:

          Hi Connie! thanks for sharing this :D did not even expect that you would have something that talks about blenders but glad you did. I appreciate it :)

          question I have is, where did you buy your Tefal blender? I am a fan of fruit shakes and all our blenders before gave up on us because our ice are medium sized ice cubes from our freezer and not the crushed ones . so i definitely need something that can crush ice without overheating or worse, breaking.

          Thanks and more power!

          • Connie says:

            Bought it at Shopwise. :)

          • tina says:

            hi kristel, available sya sa sm southmall if you’re from the south and rustan’s. meron din sa market market appliance center.

          • peasmom says:

            Hi, Connie. I’ve been looking for a blender that can crush ice cubes. Do you put the whole ice cubes into the Tefal blender to blend together with the fruits? or do you crush the ice into smaller pieces?

          • Connie says:

            We use tube ice so we just dump them in.

          • Abienne says:

            Glad to see a bit conversation about blender. I just bought a im@rflex blender last night that cost P1500. I’m very excited to use it and tried it this morning to prepare my baby’s blended apple. I failed to see that it was not well blended. It was my first time to use a blender, i am not so sure if i made something wrong to have that result. I prepare the blender, have a piece of apple, peeled and cut it into cubes(QUESTION#1:or it’s okay to keep the apple unpeeled), put the apple in the pitcher and start push the buttons, at first i try pushing the ‘pulse’ button to control the rotation, but the apple still on it shape, a little part of the cubes only blended and once it stick in the pitcher glass it will not go back to the cutter or blade. Again, i tried another button but same scenario. Then i decided to take out the cubed apple with some blended part and mushed it manually. QUESTION#2: is not possible to blend a piece of apple? (my baby is only a six month old and i prepared 1 apple for her to have another variety)QUESTION#3: do i have to put a water or milk to have the rotation gradually? (i choose to have it purely apple to have the sense of fruits) QUESTION#4: did i got a wrong brand?
            Can you please assist me for this. I am a kitchen lover and of course i love to prepare foods for my baby… we are starting having her solid foods now, and i want her to try and to taste variety of foods most specially fruits and vegetables.
            Thank you so much…

          • Connie says:

            Blenders are designed to process already CUT food. Check the manufacturer’s instructions — it says cut the food to 1-inch cubes or small. And blenders need liquid to work; otherwise, the motor will burn.

            If you want to puree an apple without adding liquid, you’ll need a food processor, not a blender.

            As to apple skin, you’ll have to ask your baby’s pedia if kids can digest that.

          • Abienne says:

            thanks for that…

          • Donnagm says:

            There are a lot of websites that instruct how to prepare home made baby food. Like miss Connie said you need a processor.

  2. aya says:

    How many years did that Oster blender live and how much did you spend for it?

    I want your opinion do you think that going for expensive blenders a good idea? xD I want to buy one so I can make a smoothie in our home there are a couple of dead blenders lying around so I’ll make an effort to buy a new one and that can last thru my families grubby fingers xDDD

  3. softy says:

    ah..Tefal..gone are the days when Tefal products sold in the Philippines were made in France. :(

  4. Yvonne says:

    Hi, would you mind sharing the model of your Tefal blender? and is it of 500w or more?

    Many thanks!