Mixed herbs, pork steaks and oven – fried potato chips


Sunday is daddy-in-the-kitchen day. Otherwise, we eat out. Not last night though. My hubby cooked pork steaks and I made a side dish of oven-fried potato chips.

Both the potato chips and the pork steaks were seasoned with mixed dried herbs that I discovered at the supermarket a couple of weeks ago.


The nicest thing about these herbs is that the bottles are actually grinders — you know, like pepper mills except that they give you a coarser grind. You just hold them above the food, upside down, and twist.


There are several mixes too. For instance, there is one recommended for chicken (sea salt, dehydrated tomatoes, thyme, oregano, powdered garlic, sage, marjoram, basil and rosemary) which I use for pork and beef as well. The one recommended for pasta, I use for rice and potatoes too. The salt content is rather scarce so I prefer sprinkling the food with salt first followed by the mixed herbs.

The mixed herbs in the bottle-grinder is a product of Spain and the company is called Carmencita.

For the oven-fried potato chips recipe, click here.


  1. cecile says

    I have been looking at these bottled herb for quite some time ( shopwise), but find them a tad expensive. can you help me find the correct combination of herbs with measurements, of course, that i can mix to save some money? i’ll appreciate any input. thanks connie!

  2. says

    Bouie, Julie & Didi, PhP151.00 per bottle at Shopwise.

    Cecile, actually, these mixed herbs turn out cheaper. I normally buy dried herbs separately (still do actually) but the ones not used so often (sage, marjoram) sometimes get moldy if they just sit there for months.

  3. says

    I saw these at Rustan’s Fresh last month and I thought they’d make nice Christmas gifts to foodie friends. Also saw the exotic salts that were on the same shelf :-)

  4. brenda says

    Gusto kong maging friend si Carol para bigyan nya ako nito as xmas gift. hehehehhe

    the potatoes looks heavently… am sure masarap ang kinalabasan.

  5. chunky says

    hi connie, i saw this herb at shopwise libis before but did not take a second look as i thought they were expensive…however, when i saw the Magic Seasoning Blend by Chef Paul Prudhomme Seafood Magic, Ithought about what you wrote about the fried fish which was encrusted with flour w herbs… i immediately bought one and it worked very well with the tilapia fillets, also bought at shopwise libis. thanks for the ideas…

  6. Ebba says

    hehehe, nakakatuwa kayo, ako naman rito sa States mas prefer ko ang fresh herbs which I know for sure mas mura dyan sa Pinas. Here in my kitchen you’ll find so many dehydrated bottled-herbs, kasi talagang crazy ako sa pag-mixed ng different “herbal seasonings” in whatever I cooked especially grilled dishes. Ayun, naka-tambak, medio nag-o-over the recommended date use na nga eh, I have to discard them. And the reason like I have mentioned is that I prefer the fresh ones, and lately I have been finding marjoram, basil (I got my own plant, same with Mint), rosemary, sage, etc. in the produce section, so my bottled ones gets set aside. When I get back to the province in Quezon, I will ask my sister in law to plant some herbs for me.. I already have purchased the seeds.

  7. Ebba says

    Well, I will try to start planting Philippine Herbs then which I was told I can get the seeds from the local agricultural bureau somewhere in Los Banos or Sta Cruz. At I was looking at some Pinoy site and it list so many, and it their uses are not only for adding to the dish but also for medicinal purposes. I am having my cousin to clear a small patch in our farm in Quezon to plant the seeds that I have with me now. Maybe then I can start an herbal revolution? haha.

    I know a story of a Vietnamese family of 6 who migrated as refugee her in Houston, they clear a forested land, plant it with cilantro and mint (only), and got successful, they are now the main dealer of these herbs (they added other vegetables after). The parents were able to send their children to college because of their farm.

  8. Marie says

    Hi Connie very interesting website… i’m single but i love cooking and experimenting with the recipes and i find your recipes very interesting especially with your comments and suggestions in it. I’ll be trying out next weekend your Penne with pesto and grilled fillet of sole and i was just wondering where can i get the mxed dried herbs and what will be the best substitute for that. Btw, i am based in Abu Dhabi – UAE.

    Thanks and God bless.

  9. beng says

    sa mga nghahanap ng carmencita, i bought mine sa landmark grocery. and cost a bit less kesa sa shopwise. 2 pesos difference ata. hehehe.. not much savings pero i swear it makes a lot of difference kasi sa ordinary cooking e. naging spice/herb crazy na tuloy ako. the fried bangus i had the other day is way better than the plain old one. :) use it in your fried rice and panalo sya!

  10. beng says

    i tried this kaninang umaga. the oven-baked potato chips. while baking ang bango bango ng spices! ng maluto, tumba agad sya kahit napaso dila ko sa init! :)

  11. wen says

    hi ms. connie,

    a balikbayan friend got me these bottled herbs with grinder as a gift. unfortunately, those are disposable. are the ones you bought disposable too?
    hehehe typical filipino would just buy a refill and re-use the bottle

  12. says

    beng, LOL lapnos ba? hehehe

    wen, naku, am not sure because the bottles aren’t empty yet. And I haven’t tried removing the grinder part either at baka masira.

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