Mini leche flan

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. brenda says:

    this one I can really relate because its the only desert that I can make perfectly….. i love leche flan and i can consume a whole llanera in one sitting only… hehehehe

    using this puto molds is really great….and you’re right, at least hindi masasayang pag hindi naubos ang whole llanera after you’ve served it.

    thanks for the idea connie… DA BEST ka talaga!

  2. Connie says:

    Mas cute, ‘di ba, kesa the usual shape and size?

  3. Leah says:

    Hi Connie,

    In the late ’70’s to early ’80’s there was a restaurant/bakeshop on the corner of Recto and Quezon Blvd. that sells a sweet called tocino del cielo (or something like that) that looked like the miniature leche flan that you made. I don’t know if these are still being made in other places in Manila… it’s been a long time.

    BTW, my boss who is of Asian Indian origin always asks for leche flan everytime we have an office party. I think you should try to make the caramel (from white not brown sugar) because I think there is no good substitute for it. In a llanera or metal pie plate, you can melt the sugar directly on it so there is no additional pot to wash.

  4. vicky says:

    Hi Connie..mas okay ang molasses(at healthy pa)..ano ang puwede kong i substitue sa condensed milk? thanks

  5. vicky says:

    oops..worried lang ako sa hard plastic:sad:, is it safe to use plastic in steaming food?

  6. lemon says:

    Belated Happy New Year Connie.

    Your mini flans look so pretty. Now I know what to prepare as dessert for my daughter’s birthday party on Jan. 14. Where did you buy the bottled molasses?

    re:the effort that comes with caramelizing the sugar, tama ka, it’s just too much work. What my Mama used to do was to caramelize the sugar in the llanera itself. How she used to do that without scalding her fingers is beyond me.

  7. Connie says:

    Hi Leah. You know, Nora Daza’s cookbook has a recipe for tocino del cielo. And it is a recipe for a custard. I wonder if it’s really just a difference of size and shape.

    Vicky, re safety of plastic. Well… most microwave cookware is plastic. Applying the same principle… Re substitute for condensed milk. Ah, there is none. You can mix sugar and milk and get the same sweetness but not the same texture. Condensed milk gives leche flan this creamy “malagkit” texture.

    lemon, bought the molasses in the supermarket. baking section usually on the same shelf as pancake syrup

    (and to leah too) re llanera. Trouble with metal llanera kasi: 1) they rust; 2) they get easily deformed.

  8. cynee says:

    my mom makes the usual leche flan in a llanera, but instead of using a steamer, she uses the pressure cooker. she says she can cook the leche flan in 5 minutes!

    connie, what kind of steamer did you use for this recipe? tapos same lang ba ang lasa if you use the molasses?

  9. konjaro says:

    Hi Connie! I’m one of your lurkers who have come to cook some of the recipes you’ve posted. I would have to agree with you on making the syrup. I have tried using honey instead, and the leche flan came out great!

  10. Hush says:

    Wonder if this molasses are family of golden syrup, n honey? ehehe! ‘Coz that’s what I have in my pantry…and if that would be alright. What do you think tita Con? I would have complete ingredients! Buti na lng bngyan kmi ng mum inlaw ko ng mga eggs…fresh frm their chokes =D

  11. Yra says:

    Hi Connie….ano kaya pwedeng gawin sa egg whites na di nagamit sa leche flan? thanks.

  12. Lira says:

    i’m new to cooking and i’m still clueless. how do you steam leche flan?? :oops:

  13. Connie says:

    Cynee, bamboo steamer.

    konjaro, i thought of honey too. i kinda think that pinoys are just used to caramelized sugar but there really are a lot of substitutes available. i bet even maple syrup would work well.

    Hush, molasses — specifically cane molasses — is actually some kind of sugar in syrup form (link to Wikipedia article). :)

    Yra, make puto with the egg whites. Will post the recipe in a bit. :)

    Lira, check out the puto recipe to get an idea about steaming.

  14. vicky says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Connie, baka i try ko rin ang english cream “creme anglaise”(puwede kaya iyon?)….sana ok ang magiging texture…
    I never use microwave oven and plastic(specially in heating the food)’s our choice kasi, I will use ramekins(ceramic molds)….:smile:
    Many thanks Connie for your great website!

  15. Cel says:

    Hi Connie,

    Yummy looking mini leche flan. I remember those molds because my mom used to make puto when I was growing up. I use llanera but they are getting deformed already. I also use my round cake pans when I am asked to make a big batch. We had the last slice of New Year’s leche flan for dessert last night, so I need to make some more for our dinner guests on Saturday. That gives me a little more time to look for mini molds.

    Oh, I substituted pancake syrup once since I was pressed for time and didnt feel like caramelizing sugar. It turned out well, too.

  16. Leah says:

    To Cynee: I just got a pressure cooker for Christmas! I’ve heard of using the pressure cooker in making leche flan but never tried it. Would you be able to ask your Mom if that requires a different recipe for leche flan, and for how long do you pressure cook it?

    To Connie: Because I have no access to it, I don’t use a llanera, but I use a kind of enamelware that comes as a set of three bowls with matching plastic covers. These are resistant to stains and rust and very easy to transport because of the cover. I simply invert the leche flan on the serving plate when I get to the party.

  17. ana liza says:

    hello, nasa houston, texas po ako, saan po bang eksangtong lugar nabibili ang puto molder kasi ipapabili ko lang po sa sister ko ito, halos lahat ng featured recipe nyo na try ko na at lahat nagustuhan ng husband ko. tnks.

  18. Connie says:

    Vicky, is that like whipping cream? Hmmm… that may be good idea indeed (masubukan nga hehehehe).

    Cel, great substitution. Flavored pancake syrups might make the leche flan even more interesting.

    Leah, actually, any heat resistant cookware will do except it shouldn’t be too high. I had an aunt who made her leche flan in pyrex baking pans. :smile:

    ana liza, naku, sa palengke ng antipolo nabili yung molds ko. sa farmer’s sa cubao malamang meron din. happy cooking and regards to the hubby. :)

  19. cynee says:

    to Leah: my mom says she uses any leche flan recipe – no need to alter it if you’re using the pressure cooker. she just places around half a glass of water inside the pressure cooker, wraps the llanera in foil, with a rubber band to keep it in place. put the llanera on top of something metallic (something that won’t melt) to keep it away from the water. cook in high heat. turn off the heat 5 min after the pressure cooker “whistles.” don’t open the lid yet — do so after 5 min or more.

  20. marge says:

    Maam Connie,

    i am new to making leche flan – i would just like to ask para po saan ang lemon extract? pwede rin ba wala nang ganun?

  21. vicky says:

    Connie, nope, it’s a custard, a combination of eggyolks, fresh whole milk and sugar with vanilla(optional)..but I have to adjust your ingredients..whipping cream? aha! that might be a good idea!:grin:

  22. Connie says:

    marge, it’s just for aroma. traditionally, lemongrass is added. but it isn’t really necessary. mas mabango lang kasi.

    LOL Vicky, the more I think of it, the better the whipping cream sounds. :grin:

  23. jherry roxas says:

    Hi! Connie,

    Gandang umaga sayo, may regular cusome ako na laging nag o-order sa kin ng leche flan, isntead of dayap I used lemon skin, halos kalasa rin ng dayap, anyhow member din kasi ang lemon ng citrus family. Paki post mo naman yung puo recipe mo using egg whites, gusto kong matutunan, sayang kasi lagi kong tinatapon yung egg whites, wala kasi akong mapaggamitan, thank you in advance………

  24. Connie says:

    I used the egg whites to make puto, jherry. I’ve posted the recipe already.

  25. rhodora says:

    marami akong memories sa leche flan. noon kasi, may poultry farm kami. pag may mga itlog na nababasag o nagka crack, ginagawa naming leche flan. halos araw araw may leche flan kami. buti na lang di kami nagka diabetes hehe.

    anyway, what i can never forget about leche flan is – siyempre, niluluto sa lyanera. tapos ichi-chill sa fridge. pag bakasyon, kumpleto kami sa bahay. may kuya ako noon na palaging nagbubukas ng fridge. yun pala, kumukuha ng leche flan. nang mahuli namin siya, nag-complain kami – kasi he was eating more than his share. ang sagot niya, kasi, na-deform daw yung leche flan, kaya kinokorte lang niya.. hehehe. malungkot na masaya kapag nari-recall ko ito. that brother of mine already passed away, (kidney ailment) quite young. :(

    i like the idea of placing the flan in smaller molds.. will try it soon. thanks, connie… sorry, naging “senti” pa itong comment ko… hehehe.

  26. Connie says:

    ganun yata talaga, rhodora. there are dishes that spark nostalgia. :)

  27. jherry roxas says:

    yah! :oops:got it, i’ll try to do puto, this thursday, tamang-tama may mga friends akong bibisita sa bahay, may maipapamiryenda ako sa kanila, sana it comes out good, para di ako mapintasan…..he he he he……firstime kong gagawa ng puto using egg whites…. i will let you know the out come…….bye! thank you! & GOD BLESS

  28. Connie says:

    good luck, jherry. :)

  29. Emily says:

    Miss Connie. I check your food blog for recipes all the time! Thank you thank you :grin:

    I’ll try your flan recipe tomorrow. :wink:

  30. lemon says:


    I made mini leche flans yesterday (it’s my idea of relaxation). I forgot to cover the puto molds with foil. Needless to say my flans looked pitiful, with holes and all. But I’m raring to make another batch again tonight.

  31. Connie says:

    You’re welcome, Emily.

    Lemon, i didn’t cover them with foil either… ummm but I did use the bamboo steamer. maybe that’s one factor why they have no holes…?? Still, okay lang kahit may holes leche flan mo basta masarap hehehe

  32. elit says:

    Hi Connie! I have been a lurker in your site for some months now. I really enjoy reading all your blogs that I bookmarked all of them in my favorites. Congratulations on this new Beyond Pinoy Cook blog! More power to you Miss Sassy! On topic….. I have tried cooking leche flan but have not succeeded to find a good recipe so far. Your recipe and method seems easy to make for someone like me who is not really a pro in cooking. Thanks for the tip! I was supposed to ask where to buy the molasses buti na lang I read that someone asked it na pala. :lol:

  33. Connie says:

    Thanks, elit. The whole point of this blog is to demystify cooking to make it understandable and enjoyable :). I hope you feel encouraged to do more cooking.

  34. ICY says:

    those molds are made of plastic? arent they going to melt ?

  35. Connie says:

    Do ECKO cooking utensils melt, ICY?

  36. jherry roxas says:

    Hi Connie, nag try akong mag luto ng puto last night, but it turns out not god. Bakit kaya? Sinunod ko naman ang procedure mo even the measurements of ingredients, pero wala paing nangyari, matabang ‘sya, then matigas pa. hindi siya umalsa. any suggestions…..pls help me……..gusto kong ma perfect ang puto… Thank’s


  37. Connie says:

    Hard to guess where it went wrong, jherry. Perhaps, the baking powder has expired. Perhaps, the egg white were not beaten until stiff. Perhaps, the bubbles in the egg whites burst when folded with the flour mixture. Perhaps, you had the wrong steamer…

  38. jherry roxas says:

    Hi! connie…..

    Yah! maybe your right. Or maybe the reason kung bakit di sya umalsa, dahil kaya isinama ko sa mixture yung grated cheese? Sa tingin mo, anyway, mag ta-try uli ako mamaya, kailangang ma perfect ko sya…

  39. Connie says:

    mixing in the cheese shouldn’t prevent the puto from rising, jherry.

  40. robh10 says:


    maybe some of you would like to try this out: try cooking the leche flan in a water bath (just like how creme brulee is cooked). the result is fantastic! the best comment i got from a friend was that somehow my leche flan was ‘decadent’! also, try to substitute a really good bitter-sweet chocolate syrup for the caramelized sugar (just slowly pour into your llanera or suitable cooking vessel – it will settle to the bottom) and the common leche flan suddenly becomes uncommonly delicious!

    good luck.

  41. Connie says:

    chocolate, robh10? oh my god. i’m doing it!

  42. Hush says:

    hello tita con! i’m making leche flan now…wish me luck! i used maple as i cant find molasses last sunday hehehe!
    bitter-sweet chocolate syrup?? hmmm better have that in pantry!


  43. Hush says:

    Forgot to mention also tried to make ur puto…my gosh! tita con i never imagined that i could make puto someday! and there u go! its yum! its really yum! hubby loves putting maple syrup on it….hope to hear puto with egg on top someday! ;) u think its also the same procedure?

  44. cocoy says:

    hi connie!!!! i am so happy i found pinoycook….its amazing….I am in 1 year maternity leave, my baby now is 4 months old…im getting bored staying at home not being productive in the kitchen…i love to cook but it seems i don’t have the touch to it…hehehe. Your a heaven sent…your recipes are so easy to follow and ingredients aren’t hard to find ( buti na lang may malapit na fiipino store sa kanto). I have lots of choices na para pabaon sa aking mahal na hubby. I just want to ask, where did you get the plastic puto moldings, we’re planning to come home for vacation this April….i’ll shop for baking gadgets there..Thanks a lot! God bless you and you family.

  45. Brittany says:

    Hi Connie!

    I just chanced upon your site and I found it very informative. Thank you so much!

    I love leche flan and would try your recipe. I just have a question- can you bake it instead of steam it? I live abroad and actually just settled in. And as such, I don’t really have the paraphernalia to steam it. (I just have an electric oven and muffin pan). Is it really a must to steam it? I don’t have a big enough pot to steam the muffin pan. Hope you can help me.

    Thanks again and kudos to your site!

  46. Connie says:

    Hush, maple syrup on puto sounds awesome. LOL I should try that. :)

    cocoy, the molds were from the antipolo market. re pabaon for your hubby hehehe that’s how my husband lost his “figure” LOL

    Brittany, I know that some people do bake their leche flan (with a baine marie) but I haven’t tried it yet. I will though. Soon.

  47. Brittany says:

    Thanks Connie! I’ll keep myself posted on your blog. :)

  48. aileen skryzdelski says:

    Hi COnnie,
    I been looking for right and simple way of making leche flan. It is the favorite of my hubby when we he was in I have to master this one kasi he keeps on asking me to make one. Tks for your site..really helpful sakin dito..diversion ko kasi ang magluto. More power!

  49. andy says:

    if steamed in a traditional llanera, how long do you think it will take, and how much water should be in the steamer? thanks :)

  50. Connie says:

    i don’t know andy. and the amount of water depends on the size of the pan where you place the steamer.

  51. LOIDA says:


  52. Connie says:

    What’s wrong with clicking the link to page 2, Loida?

  53. dhay says:

    ms connie,

    i made the leche flan and the puto recipe last night. the puto was yummy, but on the presentation side, it wasn’t as appealing as yours. i have a small bamboo steamer so the smalll muffin pan did not fit in, i had to improvised, i used a wok instead. i wrapped the lid (flat) in with some cloth, but the puto overflowed and some got into the cloth along with the cheese. but like i said, it still tasted good! hehehe..

    about the leche flan, two things: i put too much lemon extract, i used the cap and just eyeball the measurement. and i noticed while tasting the leche flan, the molasses left distinctive/strong flavour in your mouth, is that how its supposed to taste? i never used if before, so im not sure what the taste like? the leche flan looked good almost the same as your photo!

    anyway, next time i’ll probably skip the molasses and just do the old way and i would probably go to china town and get myself a bigger bamboo steamer! :smile:

    thank you so much, some of the recipes i present at our dinner table are from your generous website, very helpful! more power!

  54. Connie says:

    dhay, molasses would be more stronger flavored than caralemized sugar.

  55. dhay says:

    ms connie,

    i think next time i make it, i’ll try to put a little less molasses instead, maybe then the flavour will not be as strong.

    thanks again

  56. Sarah says:

    Hi Connie,In terms of using fresh milk, can I substitute heavy cream (35% cream) instead? Thanks!

  57. Connie says:

    I can’t answer that, Sarah, since I never made that kind of substitution. Can’t guess what the result will be.

  58. Janemdr says:

    After the success of baking my most sinfull chocolate on saturday, I tried baking leche flan(have to use the eggs before they expired) ala bain marie, using your recipe substituting runny honey for the molasses. I baked it for 35 minutes. It tastes good and looks good as well. Hubby says, di raw siksik. Is it because of the fresh milk?
    Thanks for the recipe!

  59. Connie says:

    “Siksik”? It’s a custard so I don’t understand why it should be “siksik”.

  60. Janemdr says:

    in comparison siguro to other versions na natikman nya. Some friends do theirs super sweet which is less appealing to me.

  61. Connie says:

    ah so it’s about the sweetness rather than the texture? from experience, more milk and less egg yolks = lighter custard. but it won’t be too firm.

  62. rayge says:

    i would like to ask how to make a syrup on a leche flan? tnx

  63. rayge says:

    what molasses by the way, ate con’s…….tnx

  64. Connie says:

    Re #62. Boil water and sugar together.

    Re #63. You know, if you search Google, the Wikipedia article is quite comprehensive. :)

  65. bheng?? says:

    how many serving would it make from the quantity of your recipe??

  66. Jam says:

    Hi Connie! ‘Been lurking your blog for over a year now and i must say you’ve been a lot of help in the kitchen hehe.. I’ve tried some of your recipes, thanks a lot!

    I’m going to try to make leche flan your way. I’m sure it’s better :D Just one question tho’, if i use full cream milk and not the fresh one, would it make a big diff?

    Thanks! :)

  67. Connie says:

    Hi Jam. No, no difference but DON’T use powdered.

  68. beth says:

    hi,connie!i tried your leche flan recipe and it turned out sooooooo welll muy delicioso tlaga.i also made use of d plastic puto molds.i don’t use brown sugar kc parang bitter yung taste nya.White sugar is ok kc parang mestisa lalabas ung leche flan. :) But i think i’ll try d pancake know,it’s more practical to use d plastic molds i have 3 kids who love eating leche flan plus d fact that my hubby also has a sweet tooth.kanya-kanya silang kuha sa fridge!!And mas masarap sya tlaga pag straight from d fridge.

    thanks again,connie,for another yummy recipe!!

  69. Connie says:

    beth, yes, the mini size is less wasteful too. the llanera-sized leche flan, unless consumed in one sitting, well… leftovers don’t look so appetizing.

  70. Elle says:

    hi connie! its me again..ok lng ba kng steamer ng rice cooker gagamitin? will it still turn out to leche flan?hehehe..thanks..Godbless

  71. Connie says:

    Elle, yes, so long as you steam it long enough.

  72. Elle says:

    hey moms and gurls! hehehe..nkabili po ako ng puto molds sa cainta market..near junction..P2.00 per piece..indi ko pa po nattry but will definitely on my bday..hehehe..Godbless all.. ;)

  73. maria says:

    hi connie i just discovered this site and it sound interesting esp. ur recipes but i wanna know how did you steam it?but i used two stainless pots to steam the puto,do i still need to cover a muslin between the lid?thanks

  74. maria says:

    im new in cooking and im still learning…and how much water will i put for steaming?

  75. maria says:

    hi connie its me again,can i used pyrex glass mold?

  76. Connie says:

    Maria, the answers to your questions are all there in the entry with photos to help you better.

    Yes, you can use pyrex ramekins — I’ve done that a couple of times.

  77. maria says:

    thanks for the reply,but im just curious,how many leche flan mold did you be able to make in your recipe?just wondering coz i haven’t tried it yet…thanks

  78. Connie says:

    That really depends on how big your mold/s is/are. Di ba obvious?

  79. maria says:

    its mhe again,is it ok to use the whisk for mixing the eggs,condensed milk and fresh milk?thanks

  80. Connie says:

    yes, it’s alright to use a whisk.

  81. rima says:

    hello, ms.cons…finally stumbled a leche flan recipe from you pa, nonetheless…haay, salamat..i’ve exhausted the cooking sites for a simple leche flan recipe, buti i thought about pinoy they say, save the best for last…i can’t wait to try this…pag okay siya, i’ll definitely give this as my foodie giveaway for christmas. actually, as early as now, i think of easy food giveaways for my hubby’s ofismates, friends and relatives…its the safeest and fun gift….and you get a diffrent high if peolple who tasted your creation give morale boosting remarks… to people out there who are asking for stuff, here are some tips:
    where to buy plastic puto molds – all the palengkes – from farmer’s in q.c., quiapo market, moonwalk market and las pinas market (las pinas area), chocolate lover’s in q.c., sweet haven in pasig, sweet craft in mandaluyong, and finally, divisoria (along the bangketa lang going to new divi mall)….the steamers – all the major malls (all their branches)have it – s.m., robinsons, sta.lucia, and of course, divisoria.
    when mixing liquid ingredients, its better to use a wire whisk to thoroughly mix the liquid. o, wire whisks can be bought at all major malls din…another tip: it would be better to look on your own and NEVER ASK salesladies…they only stand there, but they don’t know their merchandise…these type of cooking / baking gadgets can be found sa cook ware or bake ware departments of most malls….basta kung saan may mga kaldero, mgkakatabi lang yang mga yan…o, ms. cons, para hindi ka na ma-tense sa mga tanong…hehehe…

  82. Elle says:

    hi ms connie! ive tried mini leche flan using puto molds and i’ve used coco jam instead of molasses, wla kc ako nkita sa super 8 pti sa ever gotesco na molasses..the taste turned out great kya lng po mejo indi sya kasing firm ng ginawa nyo (as i’ve seen in the photo)..nasunod ko nmn yung lhat ng lng sa charcoal namin sya niluto indi sa stove..tska ms connie yung condensed na gamit ko is not really that known or local brand lng sya..could that be a reason kng bkit di msyado naging firm?

  83. olive says:

    For those asking about the molds…… we used to improvise by cutting a can of milk in half. Voila! You’ve got 2 molds! I’m sure there are many commercially available molds now….. eh kasi naman, that was in the sixties pa, and with limited finances, we had to think of ways so we do not have to buy! Pwede na rin yan disposable after gamitin…. Hahaha…. your recipe just brought old memories, kaya I naalala ko yung “llanera” namin.

  84. beth says:

    connie,i forgot to tell you that d recipe yielded 18 servings using d plastic molds.connie,i have a question-if i’ll be using molasses or maple syrup for d bottom of d mold, will it mix with d raw custard?bcoz it’s not supposed to be melted,right ? with d white/brown sugar,it’s supposed to be caramelized.i would like to try kc d maple syrup.

  85. Connie says:

    No, Beth, molasses won’t mix in. I used molasses and look at the photos. As to maple syrup, and I’ve tried using it (click here to see photo), it won’t mix in either but because it is not dark enough, it will only make the top shiny but not brownish.

  86. jess says:

    connie(who reacted to vicky…)

    its really bad if you heat resin with steam!
    microwave ovens heat up only water particles,
    therefore the plastic was never directly heated.
    and those cheap resins are made from recycled
    plastic drums used to contain chemicals.

  87. Connie says:

    is that so, jess-mr-know-it-all.

    So that is why there is Glad plastic bakeware, huh?

    “and those cheap resins are made from recycled
    plastic drums”

    Are you specifically referring to the ones I use at home? I don’t believe letting you in and allowing you to conduct an experiment with them to determine their material so where does the conclusion come from?

  88. maria says:

    Ms Connie pwede po bang gamitin yun disposable plastic cups made from the same material as that of drinking cups.

  89. Connie says:

    maria, i don’t think so but then i’ve never tried using them. they’re not hard enough.

  90. mitzi says:

    hi connie,
    can I use maple syrup instead of mollases?

  91. mitzi says:

    ay ang kulit ko! failed to read then above comment bout maple syrup…..sorry

  92. judie says:

    hi connie,

    im a newbie here. and im glad ive found this blogpost of yours. its interesting and i think im learning. :)

    im actually planning to make leche flan this weekend and kept thinking of where to mold it besides llanera, and ive got your idea to use puto molds. thanks! (i kept on thinking the eggshell, but its a long shot, i just have to try it still)

    i used water instead of fresh milk, but i think ill try using fresh milk… maybe my leche flan will taste twice as good! too excited! :)

    thanks again and kudos to your site!

  93. moon says:

    ay naku i stressed about the evap milk eh puwede palang fresh milk, which we plenty of always (dahil my toddler drinks that in lieu of formula).

    thanks for the molasses idea, wala din ako sa mood mag caramelize ng sugar so this idea was really neat

  94. Jaimie says:

    Thanks Connie for the idea of fresh milk for the flan. More healthy!

    I love the idea of using fresh milk as sub for evap. More pratical as well since it will be less expensive than buying cans of evap milk.

    Cheers!! : P

  95. dot says:

    Ms Connie, what will the result be like if reconstituted Powdered Milk is used in place of the fresh milk?

  96. Connie says:

    You know, Dot, a friend tried that years ago. The custard did not take shape. It just crumbled after it was inverted on a plate.

  97. rie says:

    Hi Ms. Connie!
    THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! for sharing your recipes! I’ts been a lot of help ever since i stumbled upon your site. I’m just a beginner at cooking so i only know a few dishes to cook. I have tried many dishes so far and my husband is pleased with the result. msarap kc mgluto mother nya kya minsan nafrufrustrate ako pg hindi cia nasarapan sa luto ko. and my kids too hindi n me hirap sa pagpapakain sa kanila kc my variety n yung dish n niluluto ko hehehe.. it’s all because of you. Nyway i’ve tried this recipe of yours kc yung niluluto kng leche flan dati hindi firm ang nagiging result ng flan, i got the recipe from a cooking show in tv i dnt know why it didn’t turned out ryt. But this is the best! best of all th rest!! my hubby likes it too we have a sweet tooth kc, i just adjust the ing. kc i used llanera for molding wala kc akong puto molder but im planning to buy 2morrow pra gawin yung special puto m sayang naman kc yung egg whites and i love puto lalo n ung sau, pics p lang i cnt wait too cook n parang ang sarap sarap kulang n lang tumulo saliva ko hahaha!!! my question lang ako ms. connie diko kc ganung nagets yung inst. mo sa puto kc metal steamer yung gnagmit ko tama b pag kakaintindi ko n tatakapan ng katsa yung puto n nasa molder para maayos ang pag rise ng puto? and ms connie i didn’t used molasses, we dont have it kc so i just caramelised 1 cup white sugar with 1 tbsp of water for 2 mins 35 secs in high heat, in the micro mas madali kysa sa pan ma aadjust mo p sa color n gusto m if u want it darker or lighter. u just have to look at it while it’s in the micro kc pag hindi m binantayan pwedeng masunog katulad ng una kong ngawa hahaha!!! nakakatuwa n nakakastress talaga ang cooking experience but try nd try untill u succeed diba ms. connie. Again thank you very very much and God Bless you always!!! andami mong naiinspire n tao through your cooking and your blog.

  98. jo says:

    can i use calamansi extract instead of lemon extract?will that change the flavor of leche flan?

  99. Connie says:

    Sure you can. It’s just the aroma that will be different. Lemon is more aromatic.

  100. tina laceda says:

    ate conie,
    mahilig po ako s aleche plan pero anu po ba yung molases kasi balak ko subukan gumawa ng leche plan.tnk you

  101. tina laceda says:

    mam conie
    anu po ba yun molases

  102. Cathy says:

    Connie, I want to thank you for the recipe. It’s the first recipe I did that was successful the first time I tried. Woo hoo!!! I never been so happy. Hubby was thankful too, it’s his favorite. But he eats it weird, warm instead of cold.

    Again, thanks for all your wonderful and great recipe.

  103. Connie says:

    Cathy, sometimes, we eat our leche flan warm too — when everyone’s too imatient to give it a chance to chill. Many times, as soon as the leche flan is out of the mold, we eat. LOL

  104. theresa says:

    i tried your recipe and me and my family loves it. sabi nga ng father ko mas masarap ito kaysa sa biniili nya sa supermarket fave nya kasi ito dati lagi sya bumibili sa supermarket ngayon lagi na sya nagpapaluto leche flan. i hope di ka magsawa sa pagbibigay ng masasarap na recipe’s thanks happy new year

  105. susi says:

    Hi. Ms Connie. I’ve been an avid fan since I stumbled upon your blog. About the trouble of making the caramelized sugar, you can do it directly on your llanera (of course, those cute plastic cups won’t do). Mula po ng matuto akong gumawa ng leche flan, ganun na yung ginagawa ko. It’s time-consuming though, you have to do it in each llanera. Just put a tablespoon or two of white sugar in each llanera and place it over low heat until it caramelizes.

  106. nina says:

    At home, I usually use evap only and no condensed. I’ve tried market manila’s recipe with fresh milk and cream and it’s good :) Now, I will try this because some of my friends like it with condensed…

  107. naomi says:

    hi ms connie!

    i work in a call center and if we don’t have calls we devote our time to your website. sobrang enjoy kami sa mga recipes mo..

    last saturday i tried your leche flan recipe, at first i tried to use pancake syrup but the outcome was a soggy leche flan so i decided to go with the old fashion way, caramelizing sugar.. and to my delight my leche flan was a success all thanks to you!!

    more power!! GBU :)

  108. Mac says:

    sinubukan ko po yung leche flan pero iba nangyari. nag expand sya at nag iba yung texture nya parang naging powdery sya. wala po ako steamer kaya yung sa rice cooker po ang ginamit ko. ginawa ko po sya ng 2x pero ganun pa din. sabi mom ko ganun din nangyari sa ginawa nya leche flan. ano po kaya problema dun? eto po pic

    • Connie says:

      I don’t recommend the rice cooker for making leche flan. Primary reason, the temperature cannot be controlled. Second, no way for the condensation to escape.

  109. berns says:

    Chef Connie,

    I was so busy all day cooking of your super super yummy Puto Pao & of course the Leche Flan. First timer for leche flan and I did it!The mixture of milk is perfect. Flan is firm but still creamy. Straining the mixture with lampin ng baby ko was very helpful to remove the bubbles,lol…I use Maple Syrup Light, not to sweet just right sweetness i wanted for the flan.

    Your site is always helpful in my meal planning. Week will not be complete without looking on your site.

    Thanks a lot.

  110. angelo says:

    hi tita connie,

    First time I made a leche flan yesterday using your recipe, masarap po sya kaya lang ang problem ko po is yung texture, sa picture po smooth ang leche flan nyo…sa akin di smooth at may mga small butas. I followed naman the procedures, ano po kaya ang problem at solution dito? Gusto ko po maachieve yung tulad sa picture ng mini leche flan nyo.

    thank you so much and God bless po.

    • Connie says:

      DO NOT OVERBEAT the eggs. Just mix lightly.

      • czarina says:

        hi ate connie,

        i tried this recipe last friday and it was really success, i am so happy talaga haha at last nakatikim din ako ng perfect na leche plan and binigyan ko rin ung 2 pinay friend ko kc di rin cla marunong gumawa, and then yesterday i made some again kc may visitors kami ung 2 bestfriend ng husband ko and it turned out much better kc ung friend ng hubby ko na may coffee shop and she’s itallian baker binigyan nya ko ng muffin moulds kc last time ang gamit ko eh ung plastic na tawag nila d2 sa england eh pudding moulds, so yun na nga super sarap daw sabi nung dalwang briton, mas masarap pa daw sa creme caramel ng france haha!! kc last xmas nag attempt ako gumawa kya lang naging yema kc sa oven ko ginawa hehe, at saka pala ginamit ko eh golden syrup and ok naman din sya…tapos tinaried ko din ung puto mejo sablay kc sobrang excited ako di ko na nasunod ung procedure pinagsasama ko lahat ng ingriendts sa bowl haha, but d outcome is ok naman kinain nga lahat ng asawa ko ung puto haha at nasarapan din ako hehe… anyway ang haba na n2 ate connie cnxa na po, naku nalimutan ko pa magpakilala, by d way im czarina from england and married to my british husband.

  111. Mac says:

    how about a native steamer… yung ginagamit sa siomai at siopao pede po ba gamitin?

  112. jenny says:

    hello po, just wanna know exactly how many eggs and milk po ba dapat? kasi before i tried to make leche flan ok naman po lasa but the texture is the problem, di po sya katulad nung sa pic na soft. and how many minutes ko po i – steam? should i cover pa the top of ilyanera with plastic? thank you so much.

  113. Rose says:

    hi miss connie saan po ba supermarket pwde makabili ng molasses kasi po i try sa sm kya lang wala po tlga ako maita…gusto ko po kasi gumawa para sa birthday ng husband ko…malapit na po kasi at gusto ko po kasi eh maging espesyal ang birthday nya kasi matagal nya na request ang leche flan sakin …sana po ma-email nyo sakn …thank you

  114. Cathz says:

    Hello :-) Please let me know where I can buy those nice puto molds? Do you know any websites that I can order it from? I’m in Kansas right now, pero wala sa stores ang ganyang molds. Please? Salamat!!!

  115. star says:

    hi ms.connie,
    i love to cook and leche plan is one of those dishes that really intrigues me cause at times its perfect but most of the time turns ugly like crater filled.i saw in a local cooking show that leche plan should be steam at very low fire or brie here’s my question do you have a technique in cooking your smooth looking leche plan? also i re read your recipe procedure, i don’t know if you covered the leche plan with alum.foil or something.
    my experience in cooking is that even if one have the same ingredients and measurements two people would have different result cause of different procedure/technique.
    please share how your leche plan turned so smooth and do you use alum.foil to cover it while steaming.
    many thanks…

    ps i’ll truly appreciate if a copy of your answer be forwarded to my email…

    thanks so very much

    • Connie says:

      DO NOT overbeat the eggs so that bubbles do not form. For best results, strain the prepared custard mixture before pouring into the mold. Steam over simmering, not boiling, water.

      • star says:

        ms.connie did you cover the mini leche plan while it was cooking?what do you recommend?

        • Connie says:

          I use a bamboo steamer and it comes with a cover. If you’re using metal steamers, you may have to cover the leche flan with a cloth to prevent the condensation from falling into them.

  116. Rose says:

    Rose says:
    July 16, 2009 at 3:02 pm
    hi miss connie saan po ba supermarket pwde makabili ng molasses kasi po i try sa sm kya lang wala po tlga ako maita”¦gusto ko po kasi gumawa para sa birthday ng husband ko”¦malapit na po kasi at gusto ko po kasi eh maging espesyal ang birthday nya kasi matagal nya na request ang leche flan sakin “¦sana po ma-email nyo sakn “¦thank you

  117. Macy says:

    Is it possible to over steam a leche flan? Kse instead of puto cups, I used 4 mini pie llaneras siguro mga double the size of the puto cups. What will happen po kung nasobrahan kayo sa steam? like 30mins to an hour?

    • Connie says:

      I don’t know. I’ve never oversteamed mine.

      I’m curious though as to why you would overcook your leche flan for that long.

      • Macy says:

        Was thinking kse po since my containers were bigger than what you indicated, the amount needed to cook would be longer. Meron po kseng instance before na mejo nakalimutan kong balikan yung niluluto ko kaya muntik muntikan ng masayang (tho not leche flan). Pumasok lang din po sa isip ko kung anong pwedeng mangyari. :D Thanks for the reply Ms. Connie!

  118. KPR says:

    Hi Connie! I tried to make leche flan and it did not actually turned out nice. It has lots of bubbles and it’s not “that” firm. How do make perfect leche flan without the bubbles? By the way, I tried making one with egg white and evap. Does it have to be pure egg yolks and fresh milk? Does it affect the smoothness of the leche flan? Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks and more power!

    • Connie says:

      Re bubbles: Do not overbeat. Straining also helps. Firmness is affected by the proportion of eggs to the liquid. If you use small eggs and retain the amount of liquid, the result is a less firm flan.

      Omitting egg whites makes a creamier leche flan but if it’s just the bubbles that you’re worried about, inclusion of egg whites is not the problem.

      • KPR says:

        Hi Connie! Thanks for replying. I read a portion of this thread. I was using a metal steamer. Maybe it also contributed to the bubbles. I was actually stirring the eggs gently and not beating. I tried using big eggs with 2 yolks inside. It tasted like leche flan kaya lang it was not smooth. I’ll try to make one again…still using a metal steamer pero I’ll try to cover it with cloth.

        Thanks again & more power!

  119. lee says:

    hi miss connie…

    i would love to do this mini leche flan… ill use honey maple flavoured syrup,,, hope it will work too… anyways can I use the silicon thing? i have silicon cupcakes like yours… can i use theme for these one… thanks a lot and my 4 egg yolks are wating coz i use 4 eggwhites for baking my cherry cupcakes.. thanks…. hope to hear from you soon….

    • Connie says:

      Yes, silicone would be ideal. :)

      • lee says:

        oh thanks a lot! ill be doing it tom… one last thing.. do i have to cover the silicon with foil or put a cloth to the lid… im just steaming them in my rice cooker..:-)thanks alot really…

        more power…..

        • Connie says:

          Cloth would be useful. Not foil.

          • rye says:

            ,tita connie, i’m doing some experiments about leche flan and i wonder why the leche flan with whole egg(as in egg white and egg yolk) did not taste as good as the leche flan with egg yolk lang. why is that so? tas hindi din maganda yung texture ng flan na whole egg yung ginamit kaya iniisip ko kung bakit. another thing pa po pala, naging watery po yung flans namin…bakit po kaya ganun? is that because of the precipitate on the cover of the steamer? feeling ko naman po kahit balutan ko ng foil magkakaprecipitate din yung foil. may i know why? sana po matulungan nyo ko.thank you po.

          • Connie says:

            All your questions about why it turned out that way has only one answer: because you included the egg whites. :)

          • rye says:

            ,eh, what’s with the egg whites po ba? bakit po nakakapangit sya ng texture tsaka lasa ng leche faln? thank you po sa pagsagot… :-)

          • Connie says:

            You’ll have to do your own research on that. :)

  120. rheiz says:

    tried this one last weekend! naubos agad ms connie! and everyone loved it. the best ka talaga ms connie! thanks much for sharing your recipes! :)

  121. yen says:

    Thanks for this wonderful recipe. My hubby says its very delicious, it melts daw sa mouth niya unlike ng mga ibang commercialized leche flan. I used an evaporated milk and condensed cream milk, and also the last two eggs I added, sinama ko yung egg whites. Niluto ko sa rice cooker with steamer,cover the llanera with foil, it turns out fine but I have to check it with toothpick hehehe until it totally cooks almost 30minutes din.

  122. wena says:

    Hi Ms. Connie, I’ve been trying different recipes from your site and they’re all good. I want to try this leche flan for christmas, but I can’t find a llanera here in our area. Can I use foil baking pan instead? Thanks! God bless! =)

  123. gee says:

    tried this again, it’s still a winner!!! thanks ms. connie ( ^ ^, )

  124. Mik says:

    I was craving leche flan the other day but didn’t have all the ingredients so I kept looking for recipes that I can “adapt” to what I had on hand :D Your tip in place of caramelised sugar was something I didn’t think I’d find, though :) so instead of doing the (dreaded) caramelising, I used “golden syrup” -ingredients cane sugar and water haha and I think I will be using this in the future :)

  125. ijnwaa says:

    ok ba gamiting steamer ang rice cooker pag nagluluto ng leche flan? wala kasi akong steamer eh..

  126. pia says:

    I tried using the rice cooker to steam the leche flan. Just make sure to keep the temperature in WARM mode and cover the steamer with foil before putting the lid. Mga 1 hr. ang inabot but the result was okay!

    Thanks Ms. Connie for sharing your recipes! God bless you more.

  127. juvy says:

    hello po! saan po pwede maka bili ng puto mold thank you!
    dto po kasi ako sa u.s.a gusto ko lang yung maliliit na hulmahan

  128. kaitlynn says:

    Anu po gamit pang hiwalay ng yolk pati ng egg white..??tnx po