Microwave rice cooker

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. Ken_L says:

    I cook rice in the microwave by first bringing the water to boiling temperature. Then I add 1 cup bigas to every 1.5 cups water, with whatever flavourings (salt, lemon, star anise etc) I’m using, plus a slurp of oil or knob of butter. One more minute on high, then 10-15 minutes on lowest cooking power. Leave for 2 minutes then stir and serve. I’ve used this method with several different ovens and once you learn the idiosyncratic power settings, it works like a charm. Much nicer kanin than slow-boil-in-the-pot rice cookers, IMHO.

  2. natzsm says:

    I have the exact microwave rice cooker and I have been using it everyday since 2003 together with another slightly larger one when we need more rice.

    This will cook THREE cups of raw rice almost to the top (we use either Dinorado or Jasmin so it doesn’t rise as much) but we cook only two cups more often than not measuring the water the old fashioned “pinoy” way using our finger as the measuring tool. Cook it on medium for 20 minutes (we own a 900 watts microwave oven) and leave it in the pot covered for another 5 minutes. PERFECT rice.

    My mom never has a problem with the starchy rice over flowing but I sometimes have some spillage so we put in a microwavable plastic “catch basin” to save us from the clean-up just in case it over flows.

    This makes perfect PAELLA or JAMBALAYA too. :)

  3. I followed Ken_L’s formula, still a little spillage (I many using more water than needed for the rice variety we currently have) but, otherwise, the rice was perfect! Thanks, Ken_L!

    Faye, the 9-year-old “About” page has always been clear about how I learned to cook. My mother had nothing to do with it. :)

    • mamsi says:

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  4. lynn says:

    Hi Ms.Connie,

    We cook our rice using the microwave with no issues (well, except for the spilling of the starchy water every now and then.) I put in 1 cup of rice + 2 cups of water (I do the same when using the rice cooker) and cook it for 10mins. Every additional cup of rice, add 5mins to cooking time. :)

  5. Beatrize says:

    Lately we’ve been cooking our rice in our stainless steel cookware and super-tipid sa gas! It’s just on low fire setting when you begin cooking and then on an even lower fire when the rice starts to boil. We’ve been so satisfied with this performance that we’ve stopped using our electric rice cooker ever since.

  6. Ken_L says:

    Covered, but reducing power to the minimum after the water is boiling seems to prevent spilling. Maybe the oil/butter also helps. My first efforts long years ago to cook on full power were a catastrophe.

  7. I’ll try that tomorrow. Thanks!

  8. Marvin says:

    you working on a sewing machine?
    utang na loob. i cannot imagine.
    pang MAC and Canon ka madam.

  9. Ooooy, ano ka! I made my wedding dress ha (pati dress ng flower girl ko!). And most of Sam’s and Alex’s dresses until they were about four and five (example and another example). Ano sinabi ni Martha Stewart? Well, ok so, I suck at floral arrangement…

  10. mommy says:

    hi connie, i use a microwave rice cooker just like yours. what i do is i cook it on high for 5 minutes, then cook it on 50% for power for 10 mins. then let it rest for 5 mins. (though minsan i don’t let it rest lalo na pag gutom na, pero it is still thoroughly cooked) i followed the instructions from America’s Test Kitchen. if you cook it that way daw, you are giving the heat some time to penetrate and cook the rice throughly…
    yun nga lang i don’t know why the water on yours spilled, wala akong problema na ganyan sa akin…

  11. Crisma says:

    Hehehe… sinilip ko both examples… and they are so cute! May K na magsabi ng “Oooooy, ano ka!” ;)

  12. hehehe Ngayon di na kailangan imagine-in ni Marvin. Kita na nya. Mac, Canon and Singer, o, di ba? hehehehe

  13. faye says:

    I thought your excellent cookings skills came from your mom. Your family is so blessed to have you. My first to see a woman who’s excellent in cooking and making dresses. As in nakakagawa talaga kayo ng dress ng kids nyo at mismong wedding gown nyo? Galing talaga! Sana ganyan din ako..

    BTW, I am a mother to an 8 y/o girl and like you, I am not into heeled sandals and funky dresses for my girl but sadly, most of the shoes and dresses esp. those skinny jeans @ the children’s dept. haysst! so hard to find the “real” shoes and dresses for kids… and oh! you look like cynthia luster pala during the 90s ; )

  14. Dave says:

    If you use the little cup that came with the rice cooker to measure, you should be able to set your microwave to cook on HIGH for 3 – 3 1/2 minutes then power down to 20 – 30% for another 15 minutes. Remove from microwave and let sit for a few minutes. Makes perfect rice every time. My microwave is 1100 watts so set times accordingly if you have higher or lower wattage.

    The thing I have always wondered about is why is there an inner lid for these cookers. Anyone know? Thx.

  15. Ok, let me try again today.

    I thought the inner lid is some sort of double insurance against spillage?