The meat counterpart of the vegetarian spicy tofu in coconut cream (Bicol Express-style)


If not everyone in your family is vegetarian and you want to prepare a non-vegetarian dish for the omnivores without too much additional work, here’s a tip. This dish starts with a the vegetarian spicy tofu in coconut cream that I cooked for Sam. But it wasn’t the only dish that came out of my effort.

First, I multiplied the amount of ingredients except the tofu and the cooking oil in which the tofu was cooked. In my family, there’s one vegetarian and three omnivores, so, I multiplied the ingredients by four.

When the vegetable mixture was almost dry, I divided it into two portions with a 1:3 ratio. I added the first portion to the tofu; I added cooked pork to the second portion.


I let both mixtures simmer for a few minutes.


And, voila! Two versions of the same dish — one, vegetarian; the other, with meat.

If you want to cook this meat and vegetables version with no vegetarian counterpart, use the recipe linked to above but skip the part about the crumbled tofu.

When the vegetable mixture is almost dry, add cooked cubed pork. Or chicken. Or beef. Or even seafood.